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Propaganda style poster for everyone’s favorite huge alien woman who definitely wants to beat them up. As commissioned by the fantastic & patient Sarah who didn’t give me her tumblr name…

★ Available on RedBubble as a poster, tshirt, mug, etc.

svt on a snow day
  • s.coups: trying to calm down his children at first but he's the one who starts a snowball fight
  • jeonghan: also "trying" to calm down the kids (he's just worried about his hair getting messed up)
  • joshua: the one who actually calms everyone down but is internally screaming bc sNOW
  • jun: walking around like its a photo shoot, gets hit with a snowball and starts to throw hands instead of snowballs
  • hoshi: assembles boosoonseok and they are literally screaming and running the whole time theyre outside, he makes a snow dance in which he uses it for the next comeback
  • wonwoo: with mingyu making snowmen and snow angels #meanie
  • woozi: makes a snow castle? and also wins the snowball fight
  • dk: the one screaming the loudest and that results getting hit in the face with a snowball by woozi
  • mingyu: with wonwoo trying to take candids of him but always gets caught which makes him giggle #meanie
  • the8: petting all of the dogs that pass by and then flips over the snowballs being thrown at him
  • seungkwan: running around trying to sing english christmas songs but trips over wonwoo making a snow angel
  • vernon: trying to catch snow in his mouth and eating snow from the ground and then accidentally eats yellow snow
  • dino: is a scared baby who doesnt want to slip and fall but successfully hits coups with a giant snowball
2015-2016 Cosplay Progress

The cool thing about cosplaying #my girl Morgan so often is that it ends up encapsulating my cosplay progress. It’s getting to the end of the year, so I thought this might be cool to take a look at~

First picture is October 2015, middle is April 2016, and last is November 2016

(my observations about each year under the cut)

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December 4th-10th || This week I had a three day long school trip which was really fun! (though now my entire body is sore from hiking) Also, during the week my math teacher decided to add to the math assignment we have so I had to improvise and add another math tracker.
P.S Please excuse the level of trash that I am as I post ANOTHER Seventeen related Bujo spread, but OMG DID YOU GUYS LISTEN TO THE ALBUM IT’S SO GOOD

arayasun  asked:

The Supercorp domesticity post was so cute! Amazing job. I would love if you would do Maggie and Alex.

okay only doing one list bc i have supercorp writing priorities and these posts can get LONG

  • big spoon/little spoon: littlest spoon maggie sawyer, as if it could be any other way. alex loves holding her, is always touching her when they’re together but when they’re in bed alex clings a little because maggie smells so nice and having her pressed up against alex’s front makes alex feel all warm and fuzzy. but also maggie finds alex up against her back to be very comforting.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: SOLVING NON-ALIEN CASES, which alex doesn’t really get to help with officially but maggie brings her work home all the time forever and alex steals her case files as soon as she sees them. i mean maggie does already have a partner but alex is so much more useful and a lot prettier especially when she’s walking around the apartment in her pjs waxing on about a suspect’s flimsy alibi.
  • who uses all the hot water: maggie, she has a lot of hair okay, it takes a while to wash it but also she uses hot showers to de-stress after rough days at work. alex also does that sometimes but she lets maggie get first dibs because a beer does just as well. plus maggie enjoys tipsy alex so it’s a win-win scenario.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: alex’s penchant for take out food probably. alex is not a cook, she is an eater and all her regular take out places know her order by heart so when she’s feeling lazy or having a shitty day she gets take out which maggie just doesn’t understand. how can a woman so smart be so bad at cooking??? “it’s a science, alex. you’re a nerd, you like learning, learn how to cook.”

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  • Ryder: What are you doing?
  • Friend: Taking your picture.
  • Ryder: Why?
  • Friend: Because when I’m old and wrinkled, I'll look at it and think "I bet that bastard didn't age a day yet".
  • Ryder: *laughs*
  • Friend: It’s weird, you know. It’s not like I can write you or call. You'll be out of my life forever.
  • Ryder: Stop being so maudlin. It's my farewell party, not a wake.
  • Friend: But how I would survive without my best wingman?
  • Ryder: Oh, I'm sure you'll manage. Less competition for you, anyway. I wish you could come with, though, it would've been fun.
  • Friend: Yeah, me too. But doctor orders...
  • Ryder: Wait, what? You applied?
  • Friend: Sure. Like I'd let you have all the fun by yourself if I could help it.
  • Ryder: So, what about the doctor, it’s nothing serious, right?
  • Friend: Nah, don’t worry about me. Just less likely to live through 600 years of stasis. Their requirements are pretty high.
  • Ryder: I can’t believe you hadn’t told me you were applying in the first place.
  • Friend: Thought I’d surprise you with a good news, but... Oh, well. Where’s you better half, anyway? I wanted to say goodbye...
  • Ryder: Keep you hands off my sister, she’ll kick your ass. And she's probably still packing. I have no idea how she’s managed to get so much stuff with us moving around all the time.

mkkingart  asked:

So how did you find out youre gay

It just..happened eventually.
I’ve always felt like I was different , especially when puberty hit and all my female friends would talk about guys and I’d be like"eh…“. For the longest time I thought it was just me not interested in romance yet I was constantly confused. I even got to a point where I just didn’t want to make friends with other girls cause I felt weird around them xD(had crushes on them haha)
Sadly this confussion led me to make some mistakes with a really bad person which at this point I don’t even want to consider it “my first relationship” cause really it was just traumatizing, especially for a 14yo.
So I shut myself down for like 2 years until again I felt something for another girl and I accepted it…couldn’t deny it any longer
I had a really bad time coming to terms with it. My classmates would make fun of me for that even though I didnt come out to anyone at the moment,I guess they just knew and it was too obvious.
And anytime I liked a girl things wouldn’t go to a possitive way. I’d always face rejection xD even if they weren’t straight. Sometimes I’d hurt my friends in an emotional level because I’d have crushes on them cause I couldn’t cope with the fact that rejection happens. I used to think that I was worthless and doomed to be alone, I even got to call myself a monster and such things. Edgy™

mostly cause after suffering abuse from someone I..thought I was becoming them? That I was creepy and all that stuff?

So I….gave up on it? Basically I found a way to shut down my feelings and along other things I got to just cope with it.
On a good side I was feeling “better”. I was no longer hysterical and crying every night hating myself for being who I am, and if I was I found a way to hide it xD I began to feel more confident and act more like myself
Though on a negative side I felt more apathetic, and basically….became Sans xD with long naps and everything. And the low self-esteem was still there.

So yeah. It’s not a happy story to how I came to be in peace with my sexuality. n.n

But the good things are going to come x3 thanks to that certain someone :3c
electrostatic potential (19/?)

ten/rose. teen-ish this ch.
please see notes on ao3, as they’re somewhat lengthy.
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
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Rose must be knackered, because as soon as he’s promised to stay, she sighs with relief and her eyelids flutter closed.

Intoxicated as he is by the bonding hormones saturating every cell in his body, he doesn’t think much of it, at first. He’s too busy replaying the last couple hours in his mind. Even his superior Time Lord neurobiology couldn’t process all of it in real time. He spends several minutes floating amidst the bright memories and emotions, drinking in each precious second like a luscious elixir.

Eventually, though, the pleasant inebriation begins to wear off.

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Bittersweet - When Hux covers a kids class for one of the new ski instructors on his day off, he can’t help but be annoyed. Once he meets her though, he finds it’s hard to stay irritated.

thewinterotter replied to your post “You know how sometimes you joke to yourself like, oh, what if a…”

lolllllll you played yourself but also we’re going to benefit so I can’t really laugh at you to be honest. :D

Honestly I should just never joke about anything because I think I first joked about spideytorch back in 2008 and now look at me

Hotel Fun

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ghWg94

by daisiesonice

Before the Final in Barcelona, Yuuri and Victor have some fun in their hotel room. Though they had pushed their beds together, Victor didn’t expect his lover to be so bold.

Words: 965, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ghWg94

“Only Shooting Star wasn’t sold.”

Can’t have an Alcor without a Mizar. (Well, you can, but then you’d end up with a Dipressed Dip-Dork, and that’s no fun.) I used this for the base, though the original poster of the image changed their username, so I updated the watermark. 

Heeeeere’s Dipper! And a guide to put it together.


Edit: I forgot to add a stand. From experience, these are usually top-heavy, so draw a circle and doodle something inside. You could draw whatever you want; a shooting star, squiggles, bunnies, Waddles, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, anything. Or, if you could try making a Waddles or find an animal/pokemon cubeecraft template and tape her on top of that so it looks like she is riding it. I haven’t tried this, but it will probably work.

anonymous asked:

I would love to meet you! Hugs would be exchanged fan art would be given! It's a shame that I Live in in New Zealand... You coming here anytime soon? Also what country are you from p? American right?

awwwwww that would be so nice!!!!! my heart!!! ahaha if i ever had the money i would go! always wanted to visit Hobbiton too ohhh fun fun it’s so pretty! i can only dream though lol

Just some very early concept doodles of Gumm that I never posted. The main feature of her outfit was originally a very large poncho, and she was also gonna have a much rougher appearance with longer, messier hair, like a wandering traveler or something, but then I doodled the smaller picture right next to it and I ended up liking that version a lot more. If anyone ever wondered what her top was supposed to be, it was basically a poncho that I shrunk considerably and ended up turning it into some kind of shirt. A lewd shirt that doesn’t cover much, but a shirt. I still wanna do something involving her someday, but currently other more further-along projects are taking priority. She’s still really fun to draw though.

Things Said/Heard at the Costume Shop Holiday Party
  • “Don’t worry, I brought mashed potatoes.” 
  • “I was fully clothed, at least.” 
  • “Good for you, champ. Good for you.”
  • “Now you have a great story to tell for the rest of your life.” 
  • “Are church parking lots consecrated ground?”
  • “Was it fun, though?” 
  • “Mashed potatoes and Raisinettes, the traditional holiday meal.”
  • “I know you have very strong feelings about this, but I, on the other hand, don’t.”
  • “Have I become a cliche?”
  • “So now you’re single and ready to mingle! Can’t help you with that.”
  • “Do you think I should start a cult? Or maybe just a commune. Cult is a bit strong.”
  • “I’ve plateaued on attractiveness.”
  • “You’ve never even seen my vagina.”
  • “Death. I wish death on you all.”
  • “I’m just trying to pretend to be a cat here. Please leave me alone.”
  • “This is the dance move for ‘grave.’”
  • “Sparkling grape juice in a green Solo cup. Classy as hell.”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m just looking for more in a man than having seven cows.”
  • “I would be an excellent matchmaker in 18th century Russia.”
  • “It’s not that I’m particularly strong or anything. I just shout a lot.”
  • “It was like a middle school dance. A middle school dance with hardcore grinding.”
  • “If I have to hear ‘It’s Cold Outside’ one more time, I am doing something drastic to the speaker system.”
  • “The party don’t stop until I take my mashed potatoes and leave.”
  • “I don’t go to confessional. I do stand-up comedy.”
  • “You brighten my life, I want you to know that.”
  • “Should we leave these lights up year-round? I vote yes.”
  • “That is the most seductively I’ve seen anyone eat mashed potatoes.”
Reasons why I love having a Shih Tzu pupper.

They’re so smol you can just do whatever with them!

XD she fell off me in this one.

They’re playful. My pupper likes climbing onto my back when I pick her up.

Simba. That’s all I have to say.

Their tails are long and fun to braid(be careful of the tailbone, though. Don’t mistake it for very thick, stubborn fur).

They’re smol and can be treated like babies for like, all their lives. 

Also when they get sleepy it’s super cute!


Layla Shepard Tropes

The sublime @slothssassin tagged me to do the OC + TV tropes meme! I couldn’t make gifs for this, so I just made do with crappy photos-of-my-TV screen. I do love TV tropes, though, and it’s always fun to find new ones that fit Layla. I’ll tag: @labucheronne, @cactuarkitty, @nix-shiva, @mordinette, @onderon, @erubadhriell, @badwolf626 and anyone else who would have fun with this.