...............this was fun though

Okay, so, @rah-bop’s awesome fanart got me reading @asidian’s FFXV fanfic Running Behind, and now I arted too. I also put rah’s chocobo shirts on my Christmas wish list, because… well, look at them

I’m cursing my non-functioning tablet computer because I can’t use Clip Studio Paint to pretty this up. It’s just a pencil sketch. That said… I learned a lot and got practice using references and making likenesses (I’m especially bad at getting likenesses right) and I feel like I Learned Something*, which is not a bad thing!

*One of the things I learned is that I Have No Patience for drawing Gladio’s tattoos. -_-

Day 17: Danger

My laptop was destroyed by water yesterday, so today we get angst. Don’t worry, there’s only so far I can go in 500 words or so.

Warnings: Drowning (temporary), blood, hypothermia.

“Todd! Don’t move!” Dirk stares over at him with huge, terrified eyes.

Todd looks back in confusion. “Ok?”

“Todd,” Dirk breathes, “the ice.”

He looks down at his feet. 


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@actualhumansunshine mentioned in their tags that I’d picked the creepy bits of the Closer to the Light video, and that gave me an idea for an even creepier gifset.

I just think this video would make for a great horror movie, in which Niall accepts to stay in this super creepy house off season, and slowly gets consumed by all the dark memories still trapped in those walls. Possibly, he gets possessed by the spirit of one of the old inhabitants. He stops going out, stops answering the phone, he just spends his days walking the dusty hallways and strumming songs he’s never heard on his guitar, trying to understand why they sound so familiar.

When the house staff comes back to prepare everything for the summer, Niall’s not there, nor is there any trace of his ever being here, apart from his guitar, lying on the couch, covered in dust.


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well is a silly comic.. but  i was thinking in how did King Dice started to suspect the Cupbros were up to something else; you know that they were not going to deal with the devil once they meet him again

so i though at the Die House II, these dorks don’t know how to hide their enthusiasm that they are going to kick King Dice and the Devil’s butt XD thus the King starts to suspect… hehe

also sorry if the english is bad.. X3

[shows up late to the garrison sheith manip party]

Since people are asking, here is the original version of that manip I made for the second gif in this set

This fandom makes so many awesome Sheith manips I thought I’d join in and I’m kind of proud that it came out not too bad for my first try but anyway this was a lot of fun to make and I love them so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure

There was an…incident…involving the cat jumping onto my desk straight into my mixing palette of liquid ink, and me dropping my brush right into the middle of this…

[I’ve decided not to kill myself trying to keep up with inktober - I just have too much going on right now <3]