Okay guys, so I was thinking…

In the beta works Kohei Horikoshi made before Kirishima became the Kirishima we all know and love, there’s something about that he resolved to be a hero for the girl that he likes.

And there are speculations about how he was an emo kid, or some bad reputation, maybe he was in a gang or some sort. 

So what if, he knew a girl from school and she was talking about the hero Crimson Riot. Mentioning him to Kirishima, how manly and cool the hero was and that they sorta looked alike! (So Kirishima is natural red-head) So Kiri must’ve liked this girl and felt flattered. They became friends and the girl was a fan of the Crimson Riot and telling him she wants to get into U.A. so she can become a hero as well.

Fast forward in time, Kirishima made some bad decisions in middle school. Getting new friends, dyeing his hair and style, hanging out with some bad people, skipping school (what ever you prefer. if he was an emo, a delinquent or a gang member.) The girl confronts him about this. But a villain comes to interrupt and attacks them, the girl gets hurt and that makes Kirishima feel horrible about himself because he couldn’t protect her. Because he was weak.

Maybe she even got paralyzed and she is in a wheelchair now - to make things REALLY dark.

Just a thing that has been in my mind for a while after the latest chapter of the manga. Maybe even fanfic worthy?

“I have nothing to hide” Asks

(For those daring enough to reblog)

1. What are 4 tabs that you have open on your browser right now?

2. Have you ever thought about seriously harming someone?

3. How are you feeling emotionally right now?   

4. What type of place(Like building) are you in right now?       

5. Does anyone know your deepest, darkest secret?

6. Have you ever tried to feign mental illness for personal gain?

7. Do you have any enemies?

8. Do you have any people you only pretend to like?

9. What is one item that you never let anyone besides yourself look at or in?

10. Do you have any talents that people say you have but you don’t believe you actually have?

11. Something you like that other people generally do not like?

12. Are you a Virgin?  

13. Is there anyone that your grandma would hate that you are subscribed to on youtube?

14. Introvert or extrovert?

15. What is the most used application on your device?

16. How much fan fiction have you actually read?

17. Worst Fears?

18. Biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

19. Worst lie you’ve ever told?

20. Do you consider yourself a trustworthy person?

people who need to drop an album in 2017:

  • Lorde
  • lorde
  • Lord with an E at the end
  • Ella O'Connor
  • Miss O'Connor
  • the girl that sings Royals
  • 20 year old New Zealand born singer-songwriter, Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, better known by her stage name, Lorde