Meet Ade Hassan, Owner of Nubian Skin Lingerie for Women of Color

UK entrepreneur Ade Hassan set out to redefine “nude” for women of color and created Nubian Skin lingerie (available for purchase online, at Nordstrom and ASOS)! 

We recently sat down with her for more on her journey with Nubian Skin, future goals, and more. Read the full interview HERE.

Minoritize Community Crowdfunding

Minoritize Community Crowdfunding helps you raise funds for creative projects, school expenses, medical expenses, charity, and any noble cause! We offer one of the lowest fee on the market and advocate for your campaign.



This is hella dope! For all the people deciding between GoFundMe, Kickstarter etc. check out this site that is black owned. 

6 Top Motivations That Drive The Best Entrepreneurs

Some of the most effective and intrinsic motivations for today’s entrepreneurs would include the following:

1. Making a difference in the world.

2. Find personal meaning from building a business.

3. Satisfaction of doing something great.

4. Personal growth and accomplishment.

5. Seeing the real value of one’s beliefs.

6. Helping others achieve their goals.

The primary message here is not to hide your real motivation from yourself, your team, or your investors. Read more >

anonymous asked:

Hi Kelly, I'm sorry to bother you but I know you give out good advice so I've got to ask cos nobody else seems to understand. I graduated recently and I need a job but I can't seem to get over my anxiety enough to actually be able to apply (it's my first time), I was wondering if you had any advice cos I really need to start earning money but I'm terrified of applying and of interviews. I don't even know what to put in a cover letter. Hope I'm not bothering u but any advice would be appreciated!

Some good things to do in an interview are the following:

When the person interviewing you asks if you have any questions, ASK QUESTIONS. It shows that you’re interested in the job at hand and that you’ve been paying attention during the interview. Doesn’t matter if you think the question is dumb, it’s not. Ask it, they’re be more than happy to answer. 

One good question to ask is: “Where do you see the company in five to ten years?” This is a good way to weed out companies you don’t want to work for, actually! Pretend like the job you’re going in for would be extremely lucky to have you. If the person interviewing you goes into detail about job growth and expansion, you know you’ll be among others with a good work ethic. If the person interviewing you says something along the lines of downsizing, you probably don’t want to run the risk of working there.

I’ll tell you a secret. Most people don’t bother with cover letters. I mean, yes, they look good, and they’re necessary, but I’ve never heard of someone not being hired because a cover letter wasn’t pretty enough. You can go here for some great examples of cover letters.

Resume’s are another one of those things that may or may not be looked at. It really depends on who you’re interviewing with. Best to have a nice cover letter and resume just in case. They don’t have to be fancy, just neat and precise. Don’t expect your resume to be impressive, either. You’re just starting out. It’s going to be a little bare. Avoid stuff like “Woks well with others” and etc because it sounds like something you found online and plugged into the document. Focus on what makes you unique. On my resume, for a while, I had ‘Won first place in the ‘Test Your Fire Alarm’ art contest held by the such-in-such Fire Department and was featured in the local newspaper.’ That brings a little more flavor than just ‘I draw and I’m good at it’. 

Dress smartly. While you may look really good in a church dress, aim for something more business casual. A pair of slacks and a nice shirt works fine. You never know when the job your interviewing for will need you immediately. My mom was hired immediately and made the mistake of wearing very high high heels to the interview that day.

Shake hands. And have a firm grip. Look the interviewer in the eye when you shake their hand. This gives off an air of confidence. 

Don’t be late for the interview. Get there at least ten minutes early. This shows initiative. 

The most important thing is: it’s okay to be nervous. Most people are. You get used to interviews after a while, and it gets to be run-of-the-mill, like driving a car. But your first interviews are not going to be your best. Just accept that. You’ll get better the more interviews you do. And the company you’re applying for NEEDS you. Remember that. They need an employee. You’re not a bother whatsoever. So just remember that.

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Poison Apple Cosmetics grand opening has kicked off with the First Collection and Organic Lip Scrubs in three flavors!!

Poison Apple Cosmetics is an Independent Cosmetics company based in SoCal. We create all natural and organic Makeup, Hair Care, Nail Polish, and Skin Care.

Over the next couple months we will be expanding to accommodate more in the following categories: Nail care/ Polish, Makeup/Eyeshadow, Skin Care, and and Hair Care.

Follow us on our Social Media for updates, promotions, and everything PAC!poisonapplecosmetics.com

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Yeah, alright.


Or, you know, we could do…something else too.


Hey guys!! Me and my bud Wrabbit are gonna have a table at Anime California! :D Finally the dream is real ahhh *u*

We’re gonna be selling tons of prints, charms, buttons, and shiny stickers all featuring some of your favorite fandoms and characters! :D Like, A LOT haha Not only that, but some there’s gonna be some rad bundles ;)

Make sure you stop by to check them out or to even give a hello or have a chat! Please don’t hestitate omg I’d really love to meet you guys!! See you there!