Here, we have two articles about the death of the previous owner of Fun Society Amusement LLC. The top one is a screencap from the pilot and is dated Tuesday, August 6, 2013. The bottom one is from whoismrrobot.com, and can be found in the “articles” folder. It’s dated November 9, 2013. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but the top is from the Daily News, the bottom the NYT. 

Anyway, a few things strike me as off here.  First, it’s odd that the Aug 6 article wouldn’t mention the second victim - dude plunged 20 stories! Second, the Nov 9 article suggests that good ol’ Clyde has just been indicted. But in his description to Mobley, Romero said Clyde was arrested right after the incident. Pretty sure Clyde wouldn’t have been held for 3 months without charge. Third, there’s a discrepancy in how the gunshot murder occurred. Aug 6 article says 3 times in the back, Nov 9 article stays silent on the particulars but reports a single gunshot was heard by witnesses, while Romero says dude was shot in the face. It all just seems really fishy…any ideas?