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Flour (College!Jin)

Plot: #53: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” with college student!Jin

Word Count: 649

A/N: so since it seems to be mid-term season rn, I figured this post was fitting and I was just in the mood to write something for Jin today, idk why but I just really wanted to so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, the link for this post should be college!Jin but I haven’t written it yet, I will be doing the college series soon maybe that can be the next series bc I’ve been wanting to write it for so long so hopefully that’ll be up within the next few weeks!!

Your friends all handled stress differently. Yoongi and Jungkook turned to their music, putting in their earphones and blocking out the chatter around them as they tried their best to study for the mid-terms. Hoseok and Jimin turned to dancing, spending the few hours of their free time in the dance studio across the street from the apartment complex you all lived in. Your boyfriend turned to cooking, baking, anything that would keep him distracted long enough to calm him down. You had woken up at three in the morning to find him in the kitchen with just an apron and his boxers on, making the largest stack of pancakes you may have ever seen.

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ya’ll mind if i

do a blog of the month for may cause im itching to do one and it seems fun

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Hey! I'm a big fan of your art for starters, but I'm not here for that, Oh, no. I'm here for.... a recommendation! You should totally watch the anime 'Assassination Classroom'. Based on what you post about, I think you'd like it! IDK your life, but I liked it so there ya go amiga :)

HEY THANKS! OH when I searched bnha, that anime came up as a recommendation :0  And I mean that’s already compelling me to watch it ahah, I know absolutely nothing about it but I’ll give it a try!! thank youuuu <3


161030 1pm - i finished up this weeks spread at breakfast this morning !!! idk how i feel about this bc it got really cramped, but i like the layout idea a lot and ill probably try it out again closer to the holidays !! next week i think im going to try for a more naturalistic (??) style haha (not pictured: the lasagna at caffè habitū that made me cry for home cooking again)

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a - age: 12
b - birthplace: angeles city, philippines
c - current time: 0:52 (lmao i should sleep)
d - drink you last had: milk
e - easiest person to talk to: Isabel
f - favourite song: rn Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara
g - grossest memory: idk xD
h - horror yes or horror no: yes
i - in love?: yupp
j - jealous of people?: mhmm
k - killed someone?: no, never will
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: both
m - middle name: castro
n - number of siblings: one
o - one wish: always be happy
p - person you called last: michel (best friend)
q - question you’re always asked: “are you really 12?”
r - reason to smile: all the ppl in my life
s - song you sang last: Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by Ed Sheeran
t - time you woke up: 5:30 AM
u - underwear color: white
v - vacation: anywhere in europe, maryland, philippines, or canada
w - worst habit: singing randomly
x - x-rays: none
y - your favorite food: stroopwafel
z - zodiac sign: scorpio

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alright alright sappy Aleeza time here bc I’m currently studying about a really horrid topic & its reminding me of how short life is AND HOW WE SHOULD BE APPRECIATIVE OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. anyway, this is a call out post for the people who have stuck by me through all the shit that’s happened over the last few months and helped push me out of my depressive state: @jikookiees @leehyvnwoo @minsyoonji @whistlc @pcrksjimin @ivywrites @sugarps @vngel @miinsyubs @tcmpests. tbh I wouldn’t even be here without you guys???? I probs would’ve left this website a long time ago and idk where I’d be rn so THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for giving me something to look forward to every time I wake up and log onto Tumblr. you guys are super chill and have helped find the real me and stopped me from letting my head get all messy. and another call out to the ones I’ve been speaking to ever since I made this blog: @rapnamu @kthish @ksjknj @jjilljj @rapdaegu (I love talking to you guys & i suck bc I keep forgetting to answer IMS rip ALSO you guys make great content and I love your gifs so so so much) AND another call out post to those who always reblog my things and write all those cute little tags bc they just make me over the moon okay.

u know ur depression is rlly hitting hard when ur actually annoyed by thr amount of posts for your special interest that are on ur dash. like im genuinely unfollowing a shitton of mcelroy/taz blogs cuz i just. cant. look at it rn. and i dont know why. im just so annoyed and frustrated w everyone. i should like…probably just log off tumblr for a whilr tbh idk why im so irritated lately…


oooo he mad, maybe he’ll regret it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I am actually in love with @reynaruina‘s Little Monsters AU its really really good yall should go check it out  👀 

I really didn’t expect to even end up as far as I did on that comic so I’m really gonna have to condense the links to the other pages on all the posts… It’s hard to keep up with them and keep editing but I will try fffff

Just not right now….

(also I actually had one other page that I did but idk if I’ll post yet… It’s a bit longer than the others so idk if I should post on its own when they’ve been in pairs but then I also just… don’t want go back on all the other posts again rn just to post it ffff)

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HEY :3

3. How old do you look: 12 to 13? idk //slapped
4. Have you ever made me laugh: GIMME A PUN RN
5. Have you ever made me mad: n o
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: na h
8. You’re my: pug lover
9. Name in my phone: pug-melie
10. Should you post this too? if ya want to.

guys……… i love them

for those w problems reading pics!! i just realized i should prolly do this more idk

me: like seriously its so intense rn its like 1 ½ yrs of suffering being able to be let out to u why r u so good ugh

me: so yeah tbh i kinda dk how to deal from now on BUT SHUCKS RLY CNT BELIEVE U DIDNT ABANDON ME.. LIKE I WAS SO READY EXCEPT I WASNT

me: BUT LITERALLY MY MENTALITY WAS LIKE “yeah i can do this im ready i am so sad and empty rn that ill only feel the pain and loss like next week prolly”



fp: fuck you i love you dont take that lightly i know im an ass but you mean a lot to me


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1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.” Eli to Maki for Nico?

I could have gone a few different directions with this, but i decided that I’ll save my Strange aus for later when im not on prompt time and just give you some nice canonverse Happy stuff! *sets off a party popper* woo!! finally some priorities!! I hope you enjoy, anon! there isn’t a lot of dialog but im hoping u still get enough gay for ur buck u feel me

It was the little things, in the end, that ended up making Maki realize just what kind of feelings she’d stumbled upon. For all the talk in books and movies of a grandiose, life-changing romantic revelation, being blown off her feet in only a few short instants just wasn’t something that happened. It took time. Searching. 

So maybe, she didn’t pick up on it right away when she finally started to find the catchphrase endearing, just a little. And maybe she was a little slow to realize that the happiness she got from seeing Rin versus her were two different things. 

Maki could take the blame for those kinds of small oversights. 

But eventually it was other things, too, until every time Maki so much as blinked in the direction of Nico she was finding another reason to believe that yeah, she might be having a bit of a crush. Because her hair always felt softer, because their phone calls were always more entertaining, because sharing food with her made Maki Suddenly and Strangely get over her ‘thing’ about spit for long enough to argue an indirect kiss or two - stupid things like that. 

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it’s so weird to me that people just ~~forget~~ (read: don’t care?) that some people don’t eat certain food, like. once, an old class mate told me, casually mid-conversation, that she doesn’t eat ham bc she doesn’t eat pig. i will remember that shit until the day i fkn die? like, y’all should learn your friends’ food habits, allergies, diets and shit like they’re your own, especially when y’all known each other for more than two years. im side eyeing girl squad a lot rn

hi guys!! im so sorry ive been ghost these past few days, i should’ve said something like i shouldve done a semi-hiatus or smth even if it was just a few days but idk i just.. slumped and slumped hard and shit with my family was difficult and i also have uni work to do and i didnt even have the energy to come online at all so thats why i disappeared for a bit. im not gonna b posting or replying to anything rn bc its like 11pm and im exhausted lmao but tomorrow i will definitely reply to all my anons and catch up on got7! again im so sorry i love u guys and got7 thats all that matters lmao

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hi sunbaenim!!!!! so i want to ask you something.... have you seen few days ago kaisoo? where they both use red-stripped shirts and when kyungsoo backhugged jongin? i noticed... jongin want to pull soo's hands so he could fully hug him but soo's restraining and jongin let his hands go... did you see it too? or is it only me who get delulu;_; and when it comes to skinship in front of airing camera, sometimes kyungsoo seems always restraining, am i right?

ey there!!! you’re talking about this one right?

and yes, i have seen the video (when kaisoo was about to do their thing, the video stopped), it seems jongin wanted soo to fully back-hug him but soo was like ‘no we’re on public lemme just put my hands on your waist to satisfy our thirst for each other’

“and when it comes to skinship in front of airing camera, sometimes kyungsoo seems always restraining” yes anon, i feel the same, and the reason (that i believe) is not bc soo isnt fond of skinship with jongin or not bc ”kaisoo is one sided” (it’s not. never will and never was one sided - soo has been koala-ing on jongin since the start of exo, just look at their predebut picts) but bc ksoo is more aware of his surrounding while (sometimes) jongin isnt 

now lemme show you few examples of kaisoo and the camera

soo noticed the camera while jongin didnt (he grabbed soo’s hand while talking to baek, so he was kinda preoccupied to notice the camera was there in front of them) 

idk if the look soo had on his face could be counted as an uncomfortable expression bc imo he didnt look troubled imo, he looked a lil bit shocked (like ‘aw shit they see us’) mixed with a lil bit of shyness[?] but not uncomfortable, and it seems he was kind of enjoying the feeling of jongin’s hand on his skin and body (also look at the prev gif, he grabbed jongin’s hand with the both of his hands at the same time he made eyecontact with the camera, then the second gif he kind of leaded their [his and jongin’s] hands lower, like he was trying to hide it under the table so the camera wouldnt be able to record it)

jongin stopped rubbing soo’s ear when he noticed there was a camera filming them (and it seems soo didnt notice the camera bc he let jongin touches him and he didnt make ‘oh no they see us’ face)

then he quickly covered it by moving his hand off from soo’s ear to soo’s shoulder so it would seem as if he touched soo just bc he needed the leverage to change his pose/stance

my point is, i think both of them are the same (trying to restrain themselves from touching each other if there is camera filming them), but (imo) jongin seems a lil bit unaware of his surrounding when he is around soo (he sometimes forgets there is a camera in the room / they are in public place), but also at the same time i feel like he does this [touching soo] on purpose, not for the sake of fanservice (bc it’s too subtle to be recognize as one) but for the sake of telling the prying eyes (cue to soo’s thirsty fanboys - lemme throw a fact that soo has gathered more fanboys with his acting skill - and the fanboys im talking about not just regular fanboys but those who have the access to see/talk to soo irl not just spazz over him on internet/tv) something 

prob im just seeing things (since im deluded biased trash with with no credibility whatsoever), prob SM has planned all of this (yeah right /roll eyes/ if SM did plan all of this kaisoo whole thing, they should plan the world domination), idk, but honestly this is how i see them

as always, sorry for the late reply, since im in exam week rn (fortunately this hell will be over soon)… and sorry if it’s long and bothering y’all especially non-shippers who browse tumblr via phone and get annoyed bc they have to scroll down skipping this bullshit post 

mmm… should i wait to post my writing until school hours are over in america or should i post it right now? (or as soon as possible because the mcfucking wifi at my house here sucks so bad and i can’t even pull up fucking google on my computer, let alone post on tumblr… i’m confined to mobile)

i’m really proud of what i wrote but idk if i should wait or what so :/