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Please tell us a bunch of ur SouHaru brotp headcanons!! (Esp if tyey involve Rin too) ^^ hee theyre so great, Im glad you like their interactions too!

I think a lot about Iwatobi and Samezuka boys going to a carnival with lots of games. And at one point, Rin and Makoto go off to buy food for everyone, Nagisa and Momo drag Nitori and Rei into a haunted house and Haru and Sousuke are left behind.. awkwardly standing next to each other. One of the people at the game booths sees them and calls them over to try  a shooting game. At first Haru and Sousuke aren’t interested or taking the game serious but when Haru notices that Sousuke has more points than him he starts trying harder and when Sousuke notices it he starts trying harder too so now they’re going back and forth with each other spending all their money on this one booth trying to beat the other. Makoto and Rin come back with food later and when they call them over to eat  Haru and Sousuke together say, “In a second” but it’s not a second, it’s hours. So basically Haru and Sousuke spend all their money and the whole day playing this one game trying to beat the other. ahaha I think about this a lot. 

Or all of them on a roller coaster and Sousuke and Haru get seated together and while everyone’s screaming their guts out, Sousuke and Haru are trying so hard to hold back any sorta scream so they have their mouth closed tightly together and their eyes are wide open trying to suppress! conceal! 

OHHH. Sousuke and Haru in a MAZE! Sousuke would be the one to say “let’s follow this path I don’t want to be stuck here all day” and Haru just goes along with it till he realizes that this path looks familiar.. he’s seen that same bush before…and all you hear is Sousuke saying shit to himself when they’re at another dead end. And now they’re arguing about it because Sousuke had no clue the whole time where the heck they were going and probably got them even more lost than before. Haru closes his eyes  then stares at Sousuke intensely, “If you want to make it out alive follow me”  They spend the next 3 hours trying to find their way out, Sousuke following Haru. 

and yeah, I JUST WANT THEM TO INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. OF COURSE I LOVE THE DYNAMICS TO THEIR I dunno what to call it. I’m always down for any brotp Sousuke Haru headcanons, ahah. 

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Gray, considering how much Juvia has been around, would you feel a draft where Juvia would be if she were to leave? And Juvia, where would you go if you had to go somewhere and couldn't tell Gray?

“I guess I would miss her if she wasn’t around….”

“Juvia really doesn’t know….Juvia can’t imagine leaving Gray-sama…”