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i’m…dying… @aki_the_geek on twitter was live translating ep 12 overview and kubo’s interview for this month’s spoon.2di magazine and several IMPORTANT things have been said:

  • it’s confirmed yuuri is in st.petersburg and practices around yurio and yakov with victor still as his coach.
  • victor knows fully how difficult coaching and returning to competitive skating is going to be
  • kubo said she made sure to include many moments before the kiss in episode 7 before STRIKING when emotions were high. she also said this was her most memorable moment that was animated and was surprised she was getting so much response from international fans on twitter afterwards.
  • she also commented she found it funny overseas fans needed a confirmation that it was a kiss but japanese fans didn’t need any (HAH!!)
  • she said in regards to ep 12 yuuri and victor can’t live without each other or think about seperation so both had to revise their initial plans in the end.
  • for victor, yuuri was someone that needed him in a new, fresh way and he’s incredibly happy about their bond. he thought yuuri needed his presence too so being told to “end it” shocked him. (regards to ep 12)
  • after victor became his coach, a new emotion was born in yuuri - the need to show someone else’s existence through his skating
  • yuuri wanted victor to stay as his coach but didn’t want to hold him back anymore that’s why he decided to end it back then
  • in regards to yurio, she said that it seems like couples keep popping up around him. yakov and lilia even seem to be getting back together -not saying that they WILL. then there’s the way yuuri and victor act, and then mila is starting to get into otabek, please don’t forget about yurio everyone!
  • they (yamamoto and kubo) decided on yuri not winning gold from the beginning.
  • they wanted to include the pair skate from the beginning
  • as of this interview a sequel isn’t confirmed but she really wants to do it. tbh it’s probably going to happen 95% sure even the jp fandom knows this. they encourage good sales for BD/DVD to make it happen!

i only compiled victor/yuuri parts of the interview and although i tried to be as accurate with my words as possible, please head over to @aki_the_geek on twitter to read the original translations and more in detail, about other characters too! and don’t forget to thank them for sharing ^^

the interview is from January’s spoon.2di issue. buy it if you want to read for yourself!

about galra Keith

so does anyone else see Keith being galra as a little bit of a metaphor for being gay?? I mean it’s something he thought about for a while, but could only recently put a name on (which is similar to my experience). Some people didnt accept him at first, namely Allura. 

He also has some quotes that a lot of gay people can relate to, specifically “I didn’t just turn galra!” which is really similar to the “i didn’t just turn gay.“ When Keith rescues a soldier in episode 9 and that soldier turns out to be galra, Hunk asks “so do you all just know each other?” which i thought was really funny because keith’s face afterward was a face i had both made and seen when asked the same question about being gay.

all in all i related to keith’s experience figuring out that he was galra a lot related to my own experience finding out i was gay

You know what I just realized

Everyone who is going to see the Lego Batman movie is going to see a trailer for the Lego Ninjago movie.

That means that EVERYONE who sees the Lego Batman movie is going to be introduced to Ninjago.


I mean, like comic book nerds, families, kids, teens, adults, celebrities….

And only a really small percentage has seen Ninjago.

This is the first time a ton of people will be introduced to the world of Ninjago and the characters we hold dear to our heart.

Warner-you better not screw this up.


a relationship like no other

If someone ever tells you that Ryan is only talking about homophobia because 2016 is the year of ‘political correctness’, please shove this on their faces! Ryan Reynolds had a great interview with the filmmaker John August for The Advocate, back in 2007. Yes, 2007. 

 “Reynolds offers up this tale about an early incident on his sitcom Two Guys and a Girl: “I remember once I did this improv where I grabbed one of the actors and gave him this kind of Looney Tunes kiss. The audience loved it, and I thought it was a really funny moment. I’ll never forget—this other actor cam up afterwards and said, ‘What are you doin’? People are going to think that you’re gay.’ And I remember just thinking that’s just the most profoundly idiotic thing I’d ever heard.” 

 Reynolds says he wasn’t concerned about the gay aspect of The Nines, unlike other actors who auditioned: “Anyone who is homophobic—they’re triggered on some level by something within themselves that they’re desperately afraid of. More obvious news later in the program.” 

 He also offers a candid answer when August asks him if he were a gay actor, would he come out? “I don’t know if I would. I haven’t spent 23 years with a conflict within myself that is localized to just that. I certainly have my own versions of it, but none of those are as stigmatized as being gay, so I don’t know. Would I feel a certain obligation to? I honestly don’t know.” 

That’s all. Fresh news for people who didn’t know, especially deadpool’s fanboys. Ryan has done it countless times, since the 90’s. He’ll never not be an ally of LGBT causes and Women’s causes as well. He did it way before the internet and he’ll probably keep doing this forever. Bye ;)

jace goes shopping with isabelle and tells her his honest opinion when she steps out of the changing room, nods out of approval “yes yes that colour looks fantastic against your skin” or shakes his head “ … it’s too frumpy the pattern is awful….. try it in green … maybe”. isabelle forcing jace to try on shades with her and them posing and laughing nearly getting kicked out of the store for knocking over mannequins. them going out for pizza afterwards at their fav restaurant and jace making funny faces with bread just to make izzy laugh “stop … sTOP you look like a .. walrus”. jace cherishing the time they spend together because it reminds him that people love and care about him. isabelle buying jace a gift when he goes to the toilet and surprising him with it when they go back to the institute … jace grinning from ear to ear at how much isabelle knows him “ I saw you eyeing it I know how much you lovee leather jackets” and look I got myself a matching one. jace making jokes about how cheesy that is but loving every second of it.

Close Call - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: I’ve read so many fics about Jason saving the reader so could you write one where he almost drowns and she performs CPR and saves him and afterwards he says something funny/cheesy like “you know, if you wanted to kiss me you could’ve just asked” 😊? (requested by anon)

You watched in slow motion as Jason was knocked unconscious and fell off the boat and into the water. You quickly disposed of the asshole who was fighting you and ran to the railing

“JASON!” You cried over the side of the boat searching desperately for him to resurface. “Son of a bitch.” You swore to yourself and nervously ran your fingers through your hair as you considered your options. You didn’t have any.

“Fuck me.” You growled climbing over the railing and preparing to jump off the yacht. “Arsenal! Bring the boat around. Now! We’re coming in hot.” You ordered into your ear piece before diving into the churning waters. The frigid waters pierced through you like a shit ton of knives.

“Jason!” You called out again, when you didn’t get an answer you dove into the water and searched for him. When you spotted Jason’s unconscious body floating in the water you resurfaced briefly for air before diving back in after him. You pulled his unconscious body to the surface and tried to keep his head above the surface at all costs.

Shit! He’s not breathing.

“Jason! Jason!” You cried in a panicked voice as you heard Roy’s boat approaching. “Hold on Jay! Just hold on!” Roy spotted you in the water and pulled the boat around.

“Holy shit! What happened [Y/N]?” Roy asked as he helped you pull Jason’s body onto the boat before helping you up. You were immediately at Jason’s unresponsive side.

“Shit, fuck, fucking shit, Jesus fuck. Please Jay, wake up!” You pleaded patting his cheek. “Fuck.” You groaned when he remained unresponsive and started performing CPR.

Come on, come on. Breathe god damn it!

Every couple of chest compressions you leaned down and breathed air into his lungs. You continued this process and with each pump your anxiety grew.

Come on Jason. Don’t you fucking leave me, you asshole!

You leaned down to breathe more air into Jason when he came to and started coughing and sputtering up sea water.

“Oh thank fucking god.” You breathed out a sigh of relief. Jason groaned and continued to cough for the next few minutes. Once his coughing subsided he rested his head against the side of the boat and smiled weakly at you.

“You know, if you wanted to kiss me you could’ve just asked.” He mumbled trying his hardest to crack a flirtatious grin but it just came out exhausted and weak.

“If you hadn’t almost just died in my arms I would so fucking punch you right now. I still might.” You threatened.

“Aw, so you do care.”

“Don’t push your luck Todd. I’ll still throw you back over the side of this boat.”

“Promises, promises.”

You just let me leave. You didn’t think twice, you didn’t even blink. You just told me I was right, you couldn’t handle it and you just let me leave. Like we didn’t have the spring.. like we didn’t have all those summer nights on school benches and all those rooftop smoke sessions. Like you forgot the love we made in the backseat and all the dreams our hearts poured into each other afterwards..all the heavy stares, all the funny words.. and all the pain we swam through just to even get here. Like the world wasn’t already against us.. like my mind wasn’t already plotting to kill me. Like it was all just nothing. Like I was nothing.
—  Loners Club


Special guest: Jacksepticeye!
(Since I draw him a lot and the photo works good to explain things.)
Photography is used with permission:
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These are just a few and rough examples and my english sucks so hard because I am thinking in complicated german and it’s hard to translate.
I don’t always use refrerences, but it helps indeed.
If I can think of the pose by myself then I’ll try it without, but if it fails I use one afterwards.

As funny as it may sounds, but nude models help a lot more (you can get a lot of art reference photography on the internet or proper artists websites).

Next tutorial (?): How to draw without references

I have a bunch of drunk birds in my yard. 

The juniper berries have fermented apparently and there’s a ton of robins that keep accidentally flying into the windows. Don’t drink and fly, kids! At least they don’t hurt themselves too bad (they fly off just fine afterwards).

It would be funny if they didn’t make such a startling sound when they hit the windows. Ajax and I were trying to nap!


Floor on her role in the new album (x