• Peter:It's a brand new belter, the song we've never been able to write. It was jointly written- so beautiful, the big moment on the album- and we were supposed to be singing a verse each. [Flaring up at Carl] Then you were avoiding me, and I had to learn from the engineer that you'd already done the fucking vocal take on your own. [To Q] He took advantage of me sleeping in, and he sang it so well, there's nothing i can do.
  • Carl:I was making hay while the sun shines.
  • Peter:I just want a bit of communication.
  • Carl:You think I'm not communicative?
  • Peter:No, you need a coffe.

Us 12 hours ago: *shocked and appalled at how Audrey’s game has gone SO wrong*

Us now: *realizing that every single thing she said she wanted to do in her pre-season interviews is happening right now bc of this fallout and that she probably orchestrated this entire goddamn thing*