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What's your opinion for the cast of Mars ? Do you like it ?

Well, I think Kubota Masataka is excellent for the role, I’m ok with Iitoyo and I did like the way Fujigaya portrayed Rei in the first episode. However, after reading the manga I couldn’t help but imagine someone like Miura for the role of Rei, I mean, those two have so many similarities, don’t they?

Miura Haruma in Last Cinderella

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16 Struggles Anyone With Asian Hair Will Understand

16 Struggles Anyone With Asian Hair Will Understand

Straight talk.

1. Having the most untamable hair as a baby…

External image
instagram.com 2. … And as an adult.
External image
instagram.com 3. Only being able to choose from a limited number of hairstyles in the morning: straight or straight.

The problem with #asian #hair It is so damn straight, I only used a comb & I look like that…

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