........ nobody cares

You’re one of those damn books that I just can’t seem to put down.
—  im addicted to you

me 1-2 months ago: oh my god i can’t even look at a pancake without crying i cant eat pancakes i cant stomach theM THEY REMIND ME OF MY SON AND HE’S NOT OKAY I CANT EAT HIS FAV IF HE IS NOT OKAY

me now: yeah i could so go for some ihop pancakes rn fam ngl

i have this really annoying habit of interrupting people when they’re talking. i don’t even mean to do it but if a coversation is going on and i want to say something, i try and jump in and say it before someone else talks and the conversation moves on. i try and time it so i start talking as soon as the first person stops but i always end up judging it wrong, interrupt them and then have to go “sorry i didn’t mean to interrupt you!” and i just look a bit weird.

basically i’m socially stunted and i should just go live alone in a cave somewhere.