...... i'm actually drawing her protecting him from (it's a surprise)

Monster (Pt. 1)

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader
◊ Summary: Werewolves aren’t meant to be messed with, but unfortunately, you don’t really have a choice.
◊ Genre: mature 
 Warnings: nothing much in this part, though that will change later
◊ Word Count: 2,218 

|Chapter 1

You tapped your pencil against your desk in a steady rhythm, the sound of your professor’s voice droning on in the background. You couldn’t bring yourself to pay attention today.

Your eyes wandered to the other side of the classroom where the floor-to-ceiling windows revealed the view of the sunny courtyard beyond. It was a nice day for autumn, and you would much rather be spending it outside than in this stuffy classroom. Unfortunately, there were still thirty minutes left of class, and then you were going to head to the library after to study.

And, as it usually went in this class, your eyes wandered to the boy sitting next to the windows.

You didn’t know what it was about him, but somehow he always caught your eye. Never once had you spoken to him – or even heard him speak, for that matter – but he was absolutely captivating. You’d never really gotten a good look at his face, but from the glimpses you caught he was extraordinarily handsome. He was tall as well, but other than that, you knew only one thing about him: his name.

Oh Sehun.

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cr-yptid  asked:

I just found your blog and I'm in love with your art! Especially the next generation of my little pony!! It's so cute and sweet! I was wondering how the next generation all got their cutie marks? You don't have to draw a comic or anything, I'm just interested because you're so creative with the stories that go along with this AU I'm addicted!!!

Aw chucks, thank you! Glad to know you enjoy my Next Generation art and the stories I come up with for them (sometimes I wonder if they aren’t too lame).

Sure thing. Here we go then! This will be sort of long so I’ll keep the info under the link.

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stanleyraymondkowalski  asked:

have you ever written about what you like about 616 steve and wanda as a romantic relationship? vision/wanda is my otp of choice but your commentary is always interesting to read and I'm curious to know what about steve/wanda draws you to it.

I talked about it a little bit here and about their friendship here, but I suspect neither of those are what you’re looking for. Trying to come up with an answer that isn’t “everything” or “Avengers Vol. 3 #59″ has proven more difficult than I thought, which is why it took so long to answer this. Then I got that other ask earlier today, and now I look like a bitter ship blog, which I am not (!!!), but I decided to answer this publicly, and this is a run-on sentence.

I feel like the appeal of this ship is super obvious, and it goes something like this: He’s nice to her, and a lot of other people are not. He stuck by her, and a lot of other people did not. He is protective of her without acting like he owns her. He understands her. She is way more powerful than him, and he finds this impressive and not threatening. She has a different worldview, but she can disagree with him without things getting heated (unless Jim Shooter is writing in which case chairs will be thrown). She doesn’t care that he is (or was) Captain America. He isn’t some mythological figure from her childhood. They’re different and similar at the same time, and in ways I find interesting. This earnestness that they both have makes their interactions easy and natural and honest, even when things are going unsaid. There is no co-dependence or melodrama, but there is tragedy. They never quite officially dated, which means they haven’t had terrible canon romance shenanigans thrust upon them.

And part of the appeal is in those faces he keeps making.

This is going to get long.

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Under the Rabbit’s Moon 3


Sakura slept so long and so deep. Sometimes she slept for days. She was never beyond the point of being able to wake, but if someone didn’t disturb her she could sleep for almost a week at a time, just storing chakra in her seal. Others around her worried at first, but she always seemed stronger after a long rest. The longer the better, so they let her be.

“What do you dream about when you sleep that long?” Aoi the sentry asked her once.

“The beginning of the world, the end of it, and everything in between,” Sakura once answered before sleeping again.

No one asked her any more than that, but kept a reverent distance and respected her slumbering.

Another month after Tobirama and Sakura perked up at the sound beyond her hedge. She could feel a presence out there, and then there was another. She held her breath as she counted two different presences she almost recognized. As adults they had seemed so different, but the core of their essence remained the same.

“Nothing rouses you like the prospect of playing with children, does it?” another midwife asked her as she helped Sakura into a simple cotton yukata. “Why don’t you have you own?”

“Not as enjoyable and too much work. Besides, its more fun to steal others.”

Sakura pulled her hair up into a bun with her nails and pinned it into place with a wooden pick so simple she could have been a present for not the state of her skin and teeth. The bandages on her hands didn’t even slow her down anymore.

Madara and Hashirama were smart enough to work together in trying to dismantle her traps and genjutsu. They came closer than all the others, mostly because when one started to get trapped, the other would wake him and dispel that layer of illusion.

As a duo they were quite formidable. It was interesting to watch. What would have happened if they never broke their friendship? How much stronger could their empire be?

“There’s someone here with us.”

The tiny Madara was dour as he turned slowly and let his red eyes rove, searching for where she was hiding. She didn’t move when he zeroed in on her location and didn’t even bother to hide herself in the layers of the illusion anymore. She smiled wide when he found her and waved.

Madara cursed. “It’s a peasant.”

Hashirama pushed his friend aside and waved back. “Hello miss!”

Madara glared hard, likely not trusting her but not respecting her enough to consider her a threat. She was still a girl and the Uchiha were famous for their woman hating, traditionalism even in her time.

‘Uchiha never change, do they?’

Oh, this could be fun.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely loved, The Last 100 Years, and I was wondering if you thought about writing something about Caroline and Kol's adventures together! I really enjoyed how you wrote their relationship and that wonderful scene of vulnerability between them! I'm curious about how Klaus felt when he learned about how long they've been traveling together lol! Your writing is wonderful!

I’m so glad you enjoyed Surprise and The Last 100 Years. This prompt actually fits well with a requested outtake from Istanbul, when Klaus healed Caroline’s werewolf bite and discovered her friendship with Kol. I am so sorry that this isn’t exactly what you asked for, I just don’t think I’m up for a direct sequel to the other stories. I like where they’ve ended right now (though I will never say never when it comes to future inspiration).

Anyway, I hope this is a satisfactory substitute, and that you enjoy it just as much as its predecessors! Your compliments are truly an honor, and I hope I do them justice. Thanks for the prompt!

Five Years a Secret || Klaroline

Klaus took care to shut the door quietly, though Caroline was already sleeping peacefully. Her eyes had been listless when he pressed his bloody wrist to her mouth, too near a miserable death for his liking. She didn’t latch onto the wound right away, and he feared his late arrival had accomplished the unthinkable until he finally felt her draw from his veins.

Relief flooded him as he cradled her gently to his chest. Caroline drank slowly, but he could see her color returning as the blood healed her. Coming to awareness, her eyes raised to meet his concerned gaze, and Klaus allowed himself a deep breath in a release of extreme tension.

She was going to live.

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