.... um wow

I just watched the EVEN clip and his video for Isak and I just can’t even begin to tell you how happy I feel right now. Those two videos have saved my goddamn life. Their natural chemistry literally blows my fucking mind. I’m speechless.

And seeing Isak through Even’s eyes. Um, wow? Everything I knew it would be and more.

Clarke: I want to make sure that everyone is saved! We will all survive together! Let’s share the bunker!

Grounders: Nah. Let’s have a conclave instead and whoever wins gets the bunker for their clan.

Octavia: *wins the conclave* We are one clan! We will all share the bunker! Together!

Grounders: Okay! Let’s do it! Hey Clarke, we wanna share the bunker with you now!


Flag Football
  • Bitty: [completes TD pass to Jack]
  • Jack: [slaps his boyfriend's butt]
  • Jack: Nice play, Bittle.
  • later
  • Lardo: Wow.
  • Ransom: Um. That was weird, right?
  • Holster: No joke. That was the most precise and least sexual butt slap I have ever seen in my life.
  • Ransom: ...Incredible. He's perfected it.
  • Lardo: Purely functional. Congratulatory. Efficient. Masculine. Terrifying.