.... the stain


Another collected post of Stained Glass art!

Featuring Night in the Woods, Until Dawn, McCree from Overwatch, Red XIII from Final Fantasy, a Series of Unfortunate Events, and Overwatch.

The single character ones were commissions, and I still offer them, check out my page for more info if you’d like a stained glass commission! I also a couple of the group ones on T-shirts!

How to make friends: Featuring Shigaraki Tomura

Let’s start

That didn’t go well. Let’s try again.

Maybe with a little more of practice…let’s keep trying.

Ok maybe making friends is not your thing.

Shigaraki please stop!

It’s ok Shigs, making friends can be hard. Maybe you can get the hang of it later, just don’t do anything weird like kidnaping people and trying to convince them to be your friends or something like that…

Tomura what the hell?! That’s not how you make friends!

See, that’s what you get.

Aww. But seriously stop, just stop, don’t make friends EVER.


Haven’t made any art in a while hhhhh. but anyways, here’s @blueswapuniverse Blue Pearl! tried doing a stained glass style thing? (it took longer than the paper style orz) Couldn’t decide which one was better, so posting both! doesn’t look the best on desktop by the way (aka best viewed on mobile!)

Edit: Holy cow this blew up! Thank you everyone for the likes, reblogs and nice comments, really appreciate them <3