.... that is


An Idol. A Rapper. A Producer.
An Artist. A Genius. An Inspiration.

For giving us songs that are the musical equivalent of a warm hug… Thank you, Min Yoongi-ssi.



so– i now know that the type of dance this game is based upon is swing. the one and only reason why i mistook it for tap is bc of this little gem right here. thewholesingingintheraindeal. and i can only imagine that (at least) some others caught the same vibe i did when first seeing this image

that being said, i’m not trying to be hateful about it

there was an art contest that the meatly held, picking 3 winners to have their work featured in the second chapter of the game. this one in particular was made by an artist by the name of poppy may, and it really is cutesy! bysayingonceiwasabletoactuallylookatitstraightimeantthattherubberhousestylestillcreepsmeout, but yeah

DS by me


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvm0of3iDUU)

New hero for Overwatch, finally.


westratenick: One day til the end of #TurnAMC and damn was it a PARTY. Here’s our cast on our last night in Richmond- an incredible evening. Me with the two men without whom none of this would’ve ever happened: Craig Silverstein and Barry Josephson. And one shot from our last week of shooting at our favorite Richmond diner. Miss all of you. Let’s hang out tomorrow, please.

ADHD Lance idea

Idk, but I could see Lance and Keith sitting next to each other during downtime or a mission briefing or whatever and Lance just braiding little Hiccup braids in Keith’s hair without thinking about it.