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saving you from your read! If you could write one story plot that you haven't already, and it would just instantly spring from your head fully formed what plot would it be?

um um um um ok! idk if this is what you asked but this just…happened because im obsessed with supercat

picture weight lifter kara danvers (no superpowers) in college with TA, journalism double major cat grant, who is more ruthless than the actual professors (and who dresses better than half of them)

kara’s had the biggest crush on this girl because cat’s somehow the TA for two of kara’s classes and if there’s one thing that she’s learned about cat is that she leaves big, scary, gay impressions on people.

or kara’s heart

anyways kara’s got a competition that friday and a twenty page essay due that she’s been revising and editing for over two weeks, and she’s sent an email to the professor because she’s somehow less scary to deal with than cat. except the professor sends back ‘please turn it in to miss grant before friday’ because apparently, even teachers are scared of cat grant???

so on wednesday, after the professor’s fled the classroom and cat’s packing up her papers at the very back of the classroom, kara straightens out her cardigan and says

‘cat, dr. sanders said i could turn in my paper early?”

and realizes that her first mistake is calling her cat, and her second one is forming her sentence like a question

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ive been saying i was gonna take advantage of my college’s counseling center since i started here as a freshman and i finally, in the spring semester of my junior year at 21 years old, made my first counseling appointment and am taking the first step towards improving my mental health and im so proud of myself im sitting at my work desk tearing up because im finally taking this step for myself wow

Evelyn huffed and crossed her arms like a little kid, something she knew she had to stop doing. “ I am not a kid, and I am not that innocent.” She sighed, rolling her eyes before she thought of an idea. She wanted to stop being so innocent, feeling like everyone judged her for her childlike actions. “ I’ll prove it to you, come closer. “ She replied, giving a small smirk before she pulled the person infront of her into a deep kiss.

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do you support bellamy's actions in the latest ep??

I will always support Bellamy but that doesn’t mean I agree with his actions. I don’t think he can think straight atm, all the things that happened the last episodes have clouded his head, so on one side I can understand why he’s doing it + you gotta see that pike is good in manipulating people and Bellamy is confused and hurt atm and pike says the right things on the other side I do not agree with what they’re planning to do it’s gonna be awful :( I’m just so sad the writers make Bellamy go that way, I do believe he’ll get back on the right way soon because hello were talking about bellamy blake. And he will make things right again! I’m just super worried about what happens between my Blake siblings :/ idk but I have a bad bad feeling about this :(

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Seeing some twitter rumors about something big happening tomorrow for the fandom. Idk what big things would go down on a Saturday but let's hope


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what happened to Wick? idk if I missed something but there was definitely something about to happen in Raven and Wicks last scene in S.2 and now he's gone ??

the actor is a raging asshole and they fired him lol

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This is the anon who asked about stydia yesterday. So recently I was looking at stuff about Malia because while I haven't actually seen any of the eps w her she seems great. Some people though are saying she raped Stiles the first time they had sex (though it wasn't portrayed as rape), is that true? Like idk exactly what happened but it was at the Eichen (is that how it's spelled) house and he was under some drug and she wasn't. They said shes a rapist and I was wondering if that's true?

That’s definitely not what happened and I’m surprised that people are making that argument because for a while people were making the opposite argument that Malia wasn’t able to consent to sex because she “had the mind of 9 year old”, even though the show absolutely at that point portrayed her as being cognitively the actual age she is.  

Actually, that’s my favorite under-explored thing about Malia that they kind of touched on when they were presenting her as basically a 2015 version of Anya (because we will never be free from Joss Whedon’s pernicious influence).  You know that whole “reviving Ophelia” stage of teenage girlhood where you learn to self-censor and hate yourself during the ages of say, 9-16?  Well I love that Malia spent those years living in the woods and ripping small mammals apart with her teeth.  And that’s such a good update to a Chris McCandless story:  find a young girl and in the moments before society destroys her self-confidence, send her to live with coyotes instead of middle schoolers. She will be happier and freer.

And I think those little moments in the fourth season are what inspired the fandom backlash that comes down to “Malia is a sexual predator because canon says she tops.”