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AU where autocorrect exists in a galaxy far, far away and the Falcon’s comm keeps correcting “smuggler” to “snuggler” and Han Solo is slowly losing his mind and also his reputation

eurgh my coworkers are going out for breakfast tomorrow and i’m p. sure i’m just gonna skip it bc i just don’t like them at all?? like, i feel kinda bad, but then.. they’re nice to me, but they’re just not nice people in general??

Like the other day  they were talking about how comfortable they felt with each other because they ‘don’t judge anyone’ and i’m just sitting there silently like you literally spent an hour last week mocking someones appearance because they accepted the invitation to the christmas dinner that you sent to them?? And just here’s a select few other things they’ve said that make me just want to delete myself off the face of the earth and never return (putting this under a read more bc it’s kinda long and horrible):

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[Preview] Daesung on Yasutomo no Doko Iko!?

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  • Steve : So, Barton and his wife are going out of town this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of the kids.
  • Tony : Whoa, whoa, whoa, that is a big responsibility. What do we know about children?
  • Peter : I am leaving. Spider suit?
  • Tony : (hands Peter the suit) I swear you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. (To Steve) I don't know the first thing about taking care of a child. (To Peter) Where is your jacket? It's cold outside.
  • Peter : Forgot.
  • Tony : Here take mine. (To Steve) Kids are a lot of work.
  • dean: *runs through purgatory looking for cas and praying to him every night*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *gives up an entire army of angels for dean*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *risks his life for cas*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *hugs dean with longing all over his face*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *calls cas sunshine*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *is told dean is his human weakness*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *gives cas a mixtape*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *tells dean he loves him*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *sucks off cas' dick*
  • spn writers: platonic

august 16, 2017

some really Bad trig notes I took the other day ft. my favorite flowers!! LMAO it’s literally just an introduction to the inverse functions bc I wanted to do at least something before school starts?? anyway idk why i like doing math in pen bc it always turns into a Mess with the whiteout ashahah amazing. 

[taken from my studygram]