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me when someone tells me shit like “you know all these meds are actually worse for you they turn you into a zombie ://”, “you should try yoga”, “why dont you exercise more”:

Faraday’s a fucking loser who refuses to believe Vasquez could ever like him and so he pines away like the damn lovestruck fool that he is and it frustrates the shit out of their friends to no end

Liam Imagine- You Don’t Scare Me

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Can I get 45 and 46 together with Liam and the reader is Scott’s gf and like a mom to Liam and maybe it’s during a training session? Thanks x

Word Count: 284

“you don’t scare me.”

“it’s okay, i’m here.”

I watched as Scott and Stiles started to throw stuff at Liam.

“Back to basics, huh, Scott,” Stiles laughed as he pulled out lacrosse equipment.

Scott just smiled and nodded again. “Definitely.” He then turned to Liam. “This is how I started, you need to learn control. Keep your heartbeat slow and stay in control.”

Liam nodded looking a little scared. His eyes widened as Scott started to the lacrosse ball at him. He ducked and screamed at them. “What are you doing?”

“Focus,” he said while throwing another, hitting him in the stomach. I cringed as I watched, not wanting to be there in the first place. They continued to chuck them at him while Stiles watched the monitor. It was working pretty well until he started to pay less attention.

I stood up immediately when I heard him yell something as he bent over. My eyes widened as I watched his nails grow. I sprinted across the field to him.

“Y/N, what are you doing,” Scott yelled at you as he watched.

You ignored him and dropped down beside Liam.

“Hey, hey, calm down. Breathe, c'mon.”

He looked up at you with a pained expression. “I-I can’t control it, you have to go. You can’t see me like this.”

“Hey, you don’t scare me, now come on. Focus.”

He nodded slightly and began to slowly calm down. You pulled him into a hug as a tear slid down his cheek.

“It’s okay, I’m here,” you whispered as he cried.

“Why can’t I control it,” he cried.

“You’ll figure it out. Gosh, it took Scott forever. You just gotta find your anchor.”

“What if I don’t have one.”

“Then be your own anchor.”


not today mv thoughts

so ive seen a few ppl wondering abt what was happening with the whole gunshot thing and members dying and why jk is the only one who didn’t get shot …. so here i am offering my take on the whole thing:

lets rewind back to run. jk in run was often singled out and alone, especially at particular two scenes that could relate to not today. there was that one scene where the camera zooms in on jk is sitting at a party w/ the crew but then it zooms out and he’s alone. 

additionally, at the end of the run mv, ot7 (minus seokjin) is walking away from the camera, but jk turns around and looks back and smiles.

okay so back to not today. i feel like the hooded figures symbolize the members’ own issues they each deal with. so in the mv, the hooded figures are always behind bangtan, and bangtan is seen running from them. 

this could represent the universal struggle that is dealing with your own issues and fears and inner demons, if you will. while every individual faces differing personal challenges, the ubiquity of the experience lends to the fact that all members are being chased by the same group of hooded figures rather than different members being chased by different hooded figures.

and then there’s that part with the gunshots and the members falling, leading the audience to believe they’ve been shot. (refer to gifs up top) this part is what namjoon’s probably referring to with the lyrics in the beginning “a day may come when we lose”. this to me is like the members getting pulled under by their fears and succumbing to the pressure of their hardships.  and jk isn’t shot bc his specific fear is losing his hyungs, his family. so you can see the panic in his eyes when he turns around to see his hyungs falling to the ground. 

but then it cuts to them dancing and still being “alive” because they aren’t dying today…. hence……Not Today. and when they link arms at the end and kind of corral the hooded figures behind them it’s like they’re willing to stand strong together to prevent that from happening. this is reinforced by the lyrics emphasizing that you won’t fail if you work together.

tldr: bangtan lean on each other to get through difficult times and situations and they really are “1 heart shared by 7 boys, a boy that shares 7 hearts”

gifs by the lovely @bwiseoks