.... he is a boy

Happy Birthday to our favorite big boi~~ 2017

Please do not repost my artwork, thank-you! 

  • me: wow, it's a real shame that we didn't get to see much of will byers in the first season of stranger things, he seems to be such a sweet kid. i'd love to see him take a bigger role on the next season!!!
  • netflix: :) :) okay
  • netflix: *drops trailer showing will crying and suffering with his struggle to readjust to his normal life*
  • me: wait no

What’s under the bag?

this drawing got so out of hand… oh well it was still fun

I just realized that if something happens to tony in infinity war peter would lose not one- not two- but THREE father figures. his dad from when he was young, uncle ben just six months prior, and then a high chance that tony will. when will marvel give this boy a break?