.... fall

ready for autumn asks

i’m really missing autumn so i wanted to make this ask to get people in the spirit since we’re only about a month away from september now.

1. apple 🍏: do you typically go to the apple orchard in autumn?
2. pumpkin 🎃: how do you feel about the psl and pumpkin spice flavoring in general?
3. spiderweb 🕸: what is your favorite autumn weather?
4. bat 🦇: did you buy or make your costumes as a kid?
5. owl 🦉: what is your favorite autumn candy or dessert?
6. ghost 👻: what is your favorite horror movie?
7. spider 🕷: rank the seasons from best to worst.
8. leaves 🍂: did/do you like back-to-school time?
9. crescent moon 🌙: what is your favorite fall clothing item?
10. skull 💀: do you have good autumns where you live?

i am so bored; please leave some of these in my ask. i’ll be leaving asks for as many people who reblog as i can keep track of.


all things dreamed by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
Image made with my Nikon F100.

a misty morning. soft rain sifts from the dark clouds making the brilliantly colored leaves dance. creaky trees bow to the winds, ripples in the water echo in out, and smoke billows from a nearby chimney. it’s early october, just before jack frost paints the forests and the mountains shimmering white. all is calm and quiet.


Guys, it’s that time of year again… where we get to freak out about bath and body works dropping fall scents! If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know I’m a b&bw hoarder, so it brings me great pleasure to present to you the first of the b&bw fall collection (as of July 26th) !! So far we’ve got mostly 3 wick candles and wallflowers in the same scents (as well as some wallflower fall classics like Cranberry Woods and Fresh Balsam) Take a look! What do you think of this year’s packaging? Are you hoping to see some more unique scents added to the line up? I know i sure am! And they better bring back pumpkin cheesecake! What’s one fall scent or product you wish Bath and Body Works would introduce to this year’s collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts!