.... and then they start talking on the phone or they look at each other across a room

Mutant...Part 4

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None of you bothered to check into the hotel first, opting to take your travel bags straight to the police station.

You found it more of them trying to call your bluff than them wanting to get started to soon on the case.

As Aaron and the Captain find each other and begin talking, everyone else piles into the room as they look on into the interrogation room, the wild woodswoman handcuffed to the table.

“Doesn’t look like she went quietly,” Morgan murmurs to Rossi as they take in the leaves in her hair and the scratch across her cheek.

But you just chuckled to yourself as your phone started to ring on your hip.

“Y/N speaking,” you say lightly, your positive tone of voice startling everyone in the room.

“Hello, my luscious new agent!  I finally got into the mutant database, which is housed behind more firewalls and protocol than our own Pentagon, might I add, and I figured out the powers that our former mutants possessed.”

“Hit me,” you breathe as you pull out a sharpie from your pocket and roll up your long sleeves.

The mountains were brisk in the beginning of November.

“Alright.  David Morris had some serious strength.  Kyle Johnston had something called “chameleon abilities”, and Tyrone Davis was a jumper.”

“Of building or through to other parts of the world?” you ask for specification.

And it was the first time Garcia had ever fallen silent on the other end of the phone line.

“Garcia, the distinction is important,” you implore.

Listening to her tap away, you hear her take in a quick breath as she says, “of buildings.”

“Great.  Thanks,” you say before clicking off the phone call.

“So cool!” Garcia squeals as you hang up the phone call.

Stuffing it back into your pocket, you hear the room door open as Hotch walks in and stands beside you.

“I think it’s gonna be better if you interrogate her,” Hotch murmurs as he crosses his arms.

Staring out of the room as you roll your sleeve back down, you hear a voice pop up behind you as you stop in your tracks and turn around.

“Maybe I should go in there with her,” Prentiss pipes up.

“Not until we know what’s going on.  It’s too dangerous,” Hotch implores.

“But Y/L/N can keep me safe…right?” she asks as she looks over at you.

“What are you doing?” you breathe into her mind.

But you watched her shake it off and turn her eyes back to Aaron.

“You’re never gonna be able to trust her until you see that she’s on our side,” Prentiss emphasizes.

“And you trust her?” Hotch asks, now stepping in between your eyesight for Emily and hers for yours.

“Hotch.  We’ve always been the kind of team to trust until we have concrete proof that we can’t.  If anything, her being a mutant on this team makes her the most trustworthy one out of all of us because she possesses the most ability to protect us,” Emily reasons.

“And she can turn on us on a dime,” Hotch murmurs lowly.

“So can any of us on each other,” Emily implores.

Pieces were beginning to fall into place, and your confusion when it comes to Prentiss was slowly beginning to make sense.

“I’m going in there with her,” Emily states.

“Prent-” Hotch starts.

“And while we’re in there,” she interrupts him as she stands beside you, “you might wanna ask yourself if you really are as unbiased as you say you are.”

And as Emily turns her gaze to yours, your head cocking off to the side lightly as the two of you step outside of the door-frame, you begin to talk towards the entrance of the interrogation room as you put your hand on the doorknob.

“You sure?” you lull lowly as you flicker your dark gaze over to her, “Because this could…become revealing.”

Emily knew what you meant.

And as she took a deep breath, calming her mind while her gut churned with nervous energy, she nods her head as you swing open the door.

“Hello, Claire,” you lull with a smile.