When I watched this scene as a kid, I keep thinking: Did Yami Marik left the sink on? That is truly EVIL!

let me be completely real: as someone who is VERY competitive and who is a performer

if i starred in or worked on a piece that was pretty but not a game changer, something straight and incredibly white

and that piece lost an award to a piece that was well done and beautifully gay and black


y'all are like “i feel sorry for the la la land people who thought they won” and you know what? i don’t

because if they’re awesome people they will be happy that something this good happened, and fuck the disappointment

an undeserved win is no win at all

disappointment is nothing in the face of something so very good

'Supergirl': Kara Faces New Threats as Lynda Carter Returns

Even though Mon-El told his parents to pack up and leave Earth, well, they’re not going to, and the threat of the Daxamites looms large on Supergirl.

It seems like suspicious timing, then, that a bounty should be put out on Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) head during Monday’s episode. “Supergirl thinks she can handle anything, so it doesn’t phase her at first, but they quickly realize it’s a lot more dangerous than they think,” Benoist tells EW.

Whether the Daxamites are responsible for the bounty or not — Cadmus is still out there, too! — costar David Harewood cautions that Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and Lar-Gand (Kevin Sorbo) are not to be trifled with. “These are serious people, and perhaps the strongest villains that we’ve seen on the show so far, so it’s not just an individual that we’re fighting, it’s a whole planet full of people,” Harewood says. “This isn’t just one bad guy, it’s a whole bad guy army.”

The hour also features the return of Lynda Carter as President Marsdin. Last seen in the third episode, POTUS was revealed to have a secret as it appeared she could possibly be an alien herself — one who could shape-shift. It would possibly explain why Marsdin was so intent on signing the Alien Amnesty Act. “We’re definitely going to learn a little more about who or what she is, which we’re excited about,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “Lynda is so lovely, and it’s not often in life you get to meet your heroes and have them turn out to be as charming, giving, gracious, and wonderful as you would hope that they would be, but Lynda is all that and more.”

Supergirl airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.