Reluctant soulmate!AU??? Person A is a dreamer that’s been thinking about soulmates their whole life and person B is a cynic that thinks soulmates are bullshit. Person A and B meet and get off on the wrong foot. They become “enemies” despite being soulmates (whether or not they know that right away is up to you) and they ever so slowly fall in love and realize they mean the world to each other and it has nothing to do with the birthmarks or the ink that’s been staining their skin since birth.

It’s the complete package! You’ve got your enemies to friends to lovers, your soulmate!AU, and your slow-burn! Throw in a fake date somewhere in there and everyone will probably die!

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It's weekend! And I'm feeling really great today!So there is not one word, there are (oh, can you here the drum roll?).....Three words for day three!

And here they are: beautiful,wonderful,magical 💞

okay here it is. 

Harry snuck into the auditorium after the lights have already gone down, letting out a long sigh of relief when he realized the concert hadn’t quite started yet, even though the children were already lined up on the risers on stage.  He slotted himself in with the other latecomers standing along the back wall, unwinding his scarf from around his neck and letting his i’m-gonna-be-so-fucking-late adrenaline drain out of his body.

“Don’t worry,” the man to his left whispered, his eyes crinkling up at the corners when Harry turned his head, “you’re basically right on time.” The man nodded toward the choir director up on stage. “Mr. Janis always likes to give a very thorough introduction to the year’s music.”

Harry huffed out a soft laugh, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his overcoat and trying not to sneak another sideways glance.  The man next to him was attractive – very attractive – his flawless cheekbones thrown into sharp relief by the light leaking in from the hall.    

He’s probably a parent.  A very married parent.  Harry chastised himself, balling up his fists inside his pockets and making sure to pick out his niece, Evelyn, from amongst the sea of faces before the singing began.  

“Our journey this year has been…” Mr. Janis paused, placing a hand over his heart as though overcome by some serious emotion, “beautiful… magical… wonderful…”

Harry smiled at the ground when he heard the man next to him snort and then whisper the next few words along with the choir director, mimicking the sweeping arm motion that accompanied them. “And we’re so glad to get you share it with all of you…”

Cheekbones kept Harry entertained for most the concert, making very quiet, but snarky asides about Mr. Janis and his entirely too predictable program choices – “he alllllways does carol of the bells” –  and biased solo distribution system – “oh wow, another one of the good-looking teens, who could have predicted!”.  What got Harry the most, though, were the sheepish half-smiles they shared when they made eye contact during the gorgeous, multi-layered arrangement of Silent Night and realized they were both teared up.  

Harry’s heart flipped over in his chest when the lights came on after the final bows, and it turn out Mr. Attractive was even more attractive than he’d even realized, his bright blue eyes smiling up at Harry as people filed out of the auditorium around them.

“I’m Louis,” he said, extending a hand.  

Harry swallowed and took it, hoping his palm wasn’t too sweaty.  “Harry.”

“You got a kid up there?” Louis asked.  

“Yeah – sort of.  I mean, well, no – yes,“ Harry blushed, watching Louis’s eyes crinkle up again, amusement clear on his beautiful face. “A niece,” he coughed into hand, “my niece.”

Louis smiled.  “What a good uncle.”

Harry shrugged, rolling his eyes at himself. “Barely made it on time. “

“But you made it…” Louis pointed out, still smiling.

They stood together in silence for a few beats, and Harry’s heartbeat accelerated every time Louis shifted his weight.  

He’s gonna leave.  You are too awkward.  He’s gonna leave!  Harry’s mind was going a mile a minute, but he couldn’t seem to find a single thing to say.  Questions.  Questions.  Ask him questions.   

“Why are you here?” he demanded, his eyes going wide with horror as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

Louis just burst out laughing, putting a comforting hand on Harry’s forearm in response.  “I work here,” he said, his smile turning into a grin, “and I went here.  And my siblings go here.” He rolled his eyes, shaking his head.  “I practically live here.  That’s why I’m here.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “Okay.”

“Yeah,” Louis said, laughing, his body was curved toward Harry’s in open flirtation.  “You wanna get some punch before the kids come out and drink it all?”

Harry nodded, flushing like he’d just been asked on a date.  It really felt like he’d been asked on a date.  

“Great,” Louis beamed, like Harry had just agreed to one.  

They kept sneaking glances at each other as they wended their way through the crowd, and Harry only came back down to Earth when they got to the refreshments table and he remembered why his sister hadn’t already accosted him.  She was serving punch.     

“Well, well, well,” Gemma said, her eyes sparkling and flicking back and forth between Harry and Louis.  “I see you met Mr. Tomlinson.”

“Yep,” Louis said, proudly, “Yes, he did!”

percy: i still don’t think i’m good enough for you but i want to reach the point where someday maybe i will be, if you give me the chance

vex: percy you’ve always been good enough.

percy: i mean ;;;;; okay

vex: tbh sometimes i’m scared i’m not good enough for you


vex: percy that is literally exactly how i feel about you

percy: oh 

Okay so essentially 3 weeks since starting this blog in an attempt to come back to Tumblr has come by (about to be a full month), 60+ pages of content & a lot of friends made later, and hOLY SHIT THERE’S AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED OF YOU. First off I want to say thank you all, and second off  after I get done with special mentions (people who have really helped me/people who I have close ties with) I’m listing all of your asses under the readmore. So let’s get this started


@gxrdenkxxper : I’m not sure where this person has gone, but they deserve a spot on this list because they were one of the first friends I made & one of the first people to follow me. I love them a lot, and I really hope wherever they may be that they’re alright and having life treat them well.

@noelspraesieo // nolenspraesieo : Okay so Riley is fantastic?? They’re one of the first people to have ever followed me on here. They’re amazing at playing Tom and even starting to get me into Designated Survivor despite me not being able to keep up with episodes as much as I could be ( in fact I kind of keep up with the episodes by looking at their blog so I know what kind of is going down ). I also love our Vampire AU with these two; seriously, it’s great and I love it a lot. They’re a really chill person and I really love how patient they are with me because I’m very forgetful.

@ignatiius // @vicemirrored // @ogilmartin : Kyra is a precious human being. I really applaud her for being able to roleplay the muses she does & sticking to their personalities. She’s a great person to have on my dash and she hasn’t been feeling well lately, but she really is somebody I’m glad I became friends with. We toss back & forth headcanons about Frankenstein characters a lot and I’m always excited to hear the differences/similarities between her headcanons and mine. She needs all the love she can get too okay like seriously?? 

@utorid : KRIS IS SUCH AN ASS but no we met each other in a group chat like what?? A few months ago?? I don’t even remember but they’re a part of my family and I love them; I love their muse(s), and holy hell do I love their taste in video games. They’re such a fun person to talk to, really, and they’re pretty helpful in making sure you’re taking care of yourself and giving advice. I don’t know I love them a lot okay

@sakediet : A mention here because while I know we haven’t interacted on this blog much yet, Nox is basically my second parental figure. They’ve helped me a lot in the two years+ I’ve known them and we’ve interacted so much. I love their portrayals; their characters; everything and I love them as a human being. They’re one of the friends who has really stuck with me and I couldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

@obsccurial : Charlie’s awesome!! I love how he portrays Credence, and I love the cute son & mother relationship Victoria and Credence have developed/are developing. We haven’t talked a whole lot OOC but from what we have he’s a super sweet person and I’d be happily willing to talk to him more.

@bleedsroses : Casper’s great!! He’s the one who inspired me to make my Justine blog and he plays an amazing Daniel! Plus his FC help is amazing, and he’s just really nice as a whole. I can’t really say much else which makes me kind of sad because he’s a great person and I really hope we can talk/interact more in the future!!

@criticalevil : Isabelle is great and I’m pretty sure she’s got mad scientist in her and I think that’s fucking amazing because I do too. Her muse is super cute and also potentially super deadly, and I love how she plays them. I can’t wait for when Victoria and Maddie schemes start popping up either because these two could get into such deep shit and I’m loving it. Plus that zombie AU we talked about A+ good shit.

@avidskiier : Keets gets a mention too because I love them and their Holtzmann. I love when they come on my dash & I love how they kick ass at their education because I’d probably die if I tried double majoring anything. They’re super nice OOC too and I can’t wait to seen Teen!Holtz and Teen!Vic’s relationship develop more because crazy scientists are the best scientists and even more so when there’s two in the room who get along pretty damn well. 

I could add more but this list is already getting pretty long so I’m sorry if I didn’t give you a special mention!! Everyone who follows me is underneath the cut <3

There’s a LOT OF people under this cut, and if you’d like to be unmentioned because it’s cluttering your activity please let me know and I will follow through with doing so. I re-read everyone’s rules to make sure it was a-okay to @ them in something like this, but that was a lot of rules pages, so I’m EXTREMELY sorry if I forgot anyone’s particular rules!!

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im really sad now because of jongs second apology (im glad he apologized) but like he mentioned something like he said he was straight and im just...i love jong for many reasons and one of them being that he might be part of the lgbtq+ community and like hes been fine with saying he thinks guys are attractive until now like did someone(SM) yell at him???? im so :(

i said this in a previous anon and ill repeat it again (and probably again) but we All have to consider that jonghyun is not in a situation where he can openly talk about his sexuality if its anything other than straight. if he wants to engage in a conversation Openly about his sexuality hes not really afforded that option. its one thing to dance around the topic and another thing to Officially Come Out and tell everybody that he is genuinely romantically attracted to people besides women. again!! we have to remember!! there are very, very few idols who have really and truly Come Out and its because they exist in an environment where it is dangerous to do so. and by very few i mean theres really one i can think of and he was treated Horrifically post coming out so like. 

this is my own particular and personal experience as a queer person but like. ive definitely been in situations where i am Hyper Aware of my sexuality and ensuring that i dont say some really gay shit and out myself u know. ive been in situations where ive Purposefully presented myself as straight to avoid suspicion when it comes to discussing certain topics. he also mentioned that he said it initially with the ‘intent to avoid controversy’ while he was looking at a male fan, so it just seems like an interaction hes put some thought into when it comes to how it will be perceived. ksdlf i remember i would constantly bookend conversations about lgbtq stuff with Yeah , I’m Definitely Straight, but lsiten,

i dont believe this is uncommon among lgbtq people. and the pressure i imagine is significantly more concentrated when ur a Person of Public Interest and u have literally thousands of people looking into the words u say. the closet is still absolutely a thing that exists and idols, more than anyone, are in situations where it would be potentially be Life and Career Damaging to come out. 

i also think its kind of interesting that he like… brought up something he said Literal Years ago wrt sexuality where he misspoke that he apparently still remembers and wished to demonstrate how his opinions have evolved since then.

my point is!! well my first point is wow i talk a lot. and my second point is its pretty ridiculous to claim this Must Absolutely mean hes straight, bc it would take ignoring the environment he lives in. until the worlds at a place where ppl can freely come out w zero repercussion we cant ignore this.