every westallen scene ever (120/?)

oh holy jesus fuck Ryan Mason is in hospital after the Chelsea-Hull match. beat Cahill to a header but came off worse in a horrible collision of heads (x) - was on the ground for 9 minutes and left the pitch on a stretcher with an oxygen mask and neck brace. makes me go cold. really hope he’s OK, bless him, sending all my good wishes

I have never been more excited for a show to return than I am for Teen Wolf.

We will get some of this:

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And some of this:

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And some more of this preciousness:

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This cutie:

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And what I am MOST looking forward to are the scenes between these three:

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I love them the most because they have been together since episode 1 and to see the way their friendship has evolved is a beautiful thing.


farewell degrassi tng meme [3/10 friendships]: Jimmy Brooks & Spinner Mason

“Wait a second, you think your parents would adopt me?” “Uh, no. They already have another son. Spinner.”

I just remembered how Katniss and Johanna teamed up to rise themselves up after all what happened to them and started taking care for each other and training together and push each other to the end of the line and how they managed to overcome some pretty shit together like Johanna helping Katniss coping with some of her traumas and Katniss helping Johanna train under the rain after she developed a terribly fear of it after her being tortured by the Capitol and I will never forgive the movies for not showing any of that

I made this thing of the Unwind characters’ handwriting, thought it was a cool idea! 

On the brightside- Peter and Theo are having the most awkward meet the parents moment on the other side.

“Hello Sir, I’m your daughter’s boyfriend.”

“No he’s not, he shot her.” -Melissa

“And killed my girlfriend, our packmate- twice-, after bringing us back to life.”

“He also killed Scott. I saw him die myself.” -Mason

“You killed Scott? Fascinating…. So- how did you and my daughter meet?”

WONDERKID is a 20-minute short film that follows the inner turmoil of a young unnamed gay footballer as he comes to terms with his own identity, struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his issues with alcohol and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

so i’d assume that avery made a love potion on accident. basically, graves you need to stop leaving your employees unattended.

(drawing meme from here)

bonus graves

the poor guy is too old for this


Elsa Kirsch asking the important questions - Mason Hewitt giving the answer we were all thinking

“We said you could tell them not bring them into the inner circle.”