NYPD says King’s claims of 14 missing girls are false • Bronx Times

The DCPI office refuted notions that these girls could be linked to sex trafficking or prostitution rings.

According to officer Sophia Mason with DCPI, some parents of the girls are upset with the councilman that their daughters faces and names were linked to prostitution.

Mason also said the NYPD usually does not release names of young girls connected to sex crimes in an effort to protect their identity.

She said if a young girl is connected to those types of crimes at a young age there could be a negative stigma that follows them through their life.


Fourteen teen girls from the Bronx—all young women of color, ages 12 through 19—have gone missing since July 2014, according to New York City Councilman Andy King. He worries that their disappearances indicate the presence of a prolific youth sex-trafficking ring operating in the area. “Every other week our young girls are just vanishing off our streets,” said King at a June 29 press conference, explaining with creepy gusto that the missing Bronx teens had all been “attractive girls.”

There’s just one problem with the councilman’s lurid speculation: The vast majority of those 14 missing girls have already been reunited with their families.

The day after the New York Daily News reported on King’s fears of forced prostitution and widespread teen abduction, the paper ran an update with input from the New York City Police Department (NYPD). According to NYPD officials, 11 of the 14 Bronx girls who had gone missing are now back home.

“Not all names were removed from the missing persons list, which is how the confusion arose,” the Post reported.

At King’s press conference, he and other demonstrators held signs featuring photos of the girls (photos that have since been spread widely by the media) and information about their disappearances. Apparently, however, King hadn’t bothered talking to the families of these props teens before sounding the alarm about them.

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the fact that jenellle is laughing gloating about nathen being arrested and beating jess (allegedly) kinda proves to me that noone has ever given her a smack, i was in a dv relationship and as much as i hate my exs new wife and would love for him to pay for what hes done, if i read that i would not be gloating i would feel sorry for her, jenelle has no empathy i truly belive she has never gone throu any kind of violence or neglect, shes a spoilet immature kid .. and lets not forget the mason jar

She’s disgusting. Also she seems to forget that David was convicted for the very same thing.

[TEXT] Sam/Santana
  • Sam:Update time: Karaoke could have been involved. A microphone is in Blaine's possession and could help. Further assistance is needed. Your time and help has been invaluable. I need to sleep and try to get these songs out of my head.
  • Santana:Yeah, that it's the most obvious answer because everyone is fucking singing. Do you know who sang last night?
  • Santana:The one who aren't affected by this are you, me, Sebastian and Quinn.
  • Santana:And the ones doomed to sing forever on a weird musical are Elliott, Ryder, Madison, Tina, Jake, Marley. Rachel, Kurt, Spencer, Blaine and Mason.
  • Santana:Also I remember Strando sang too, at first? And you know Strando always means bad news. I bet that fucker did something.
  • Santana:I will try to contact Blaine, then. Do you know where his room is?
  • Santana:"Invaluable" I hope it means I'm going to get a lot of good stuff for this and not "you did so good we can't pay you enough so we won't pay you". By the way, did you already sended the 50 dollas to my account?

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can you do an elsa x mason drabble??? (also i love your plot bunnies!!)

(thank you so much x)

“Elsa…please?” Mason was practically begging by this point. He’d already asked her seven times, and she’d already declined seven times, but as they said, eight times the charm. “It’s just one dinner, you don’t even have to wear a skirt if you don’t want to I just thought that maybe it would solidify the look you know?”

“The hetero look?” Elsa raised a brow, Mason thought for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, no thanks.” 

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today log
-freed myself from the nauseating clutches of this 3 day long anxiety attack by eating food and drinking water, science is amazing
-spent about two and a half hours in the car because mason lives in fucking renton now, also exercised my Buff Muscles™ by helping him and dorian move all their stuff into their new place
-didn’t cry even once
-learned there’s some cafe somewhere that makes hot chocolate using melted chocolate from a cauldron
-i just realized that esther made me an entire mug of tea this morning and i only managed to take one sip before we had to go, damn it
-we had a sleepover at red base last night and it was nice and i wish it had been under better circumstances although that makes it sound ominous?? i wish we had been feeling better
-im so glad it wasn’t 90+ degrees out today or else moving things would have been hell
-im tired now but i still gotta have dinner w my mom

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if you could compare the Scream characters as to who they're the most similar to in Teen Wolf who'd they be? i think Brookes kinda a Lydia and maybe Noah a Stiles in the sense they both try and figure stuff out and Stavo's kinda brooding like Derek.


  • Audrey: Malia and Cora
  • Emma: Scott and Kira; Scott because she wants to protect everyone and tries to sacrifice herself; Kira because she doesn’t know just how strong she is–and she’s a badass sweetheart
  • Noah: Stiles, like you said, but like a Stiles that I actually like; I also see him similar to Mason, too, because he’s so enthusiastic about serial killers like Mason is about the supernatural
  • Kieran: Peter; they’re both psychopaths and I hate them
  • Stavo: Brooding Derek for sure
  • Brooke: Lydia and Erica
  • Eli: Isaac, honestly, because of the abuse he endured from Kieran and because they’re both witty and sarcastic
  • Will: Jackson lmfao
  • Jake: hmm…I don’t know. Maybe Brett?
  • Zoe: Marin! because they’re both very insightful and intellectual
  • Riley: Kira; we didn’t see much of Riley :( but she was a sweetheart like Kira

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So basically Willas, Kente, and Maroth are the only ones who truly have rough sex lol. Ok but who's the romantic out of Maroth? I can really see either of them being the romantic and I have a feeling it's Mason but that would be so cute if Billroth was the romantic one like can you imagine big bara bab leaning over to give his smol boyfriend flowers

Honestly I would say Billroth is a lot more romantic but that’s also because Mason does not want anyone to know that they are together (I mean it’s the 60′s so it’s understandable) Billroth… has nothing to lose on that front. He’s black (the “separate but equal” law was abolished about a year or two before the story takes place) and people already know he is promiscuous and has slept with other guys before. He is also huge and bara and can fight anyone who has a problem with him personally. 

So he doesn’t mind being romantic unlike Mason who is only romantic when they are alone at Billroth’s apartment and sometimes are the Warehouse where the gang hangs. But that’s it.  

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30, 94

30. whats your favorite candle scent?
mmmm vanilla and cinnamon and coffee like all in one. oh and there was this candle from bath and body works last fall called pumpkin cinnamon bun and I burned it all in one day partly because it was one of those super small mason jar candles but also because It was one of the most amazing smells I’ve ever smelled and I hope they bring it back 😭

94. favorite lyrics right now
this is a super hard one but the one that comes to mind is from the song “what Sarah said” by death cab for cutie

“It stung like a violent wind that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds
But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all”

also from that song,

“"Love is watching someone die”

So who’s going to watch you die?“

thank youuu ☺️💕

Mun & Muse Comparison

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✚ M U N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N ✚

Name: Andy
Nicknames: andy dandy, andy bun, one friend calls me kitty
Wishlist Nickname: chansey, star, idk i’ve never gotten cool nicknames before,,
Height: 5′1
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: black
Ethnicity: Filipino
Lives in: USA
Relationship Status: Single
Character(s) Most Identifies with:  amethyst from steven universe is me. also heather mason from sh3 and cIaire redfield from re2
Hobbies: Drawing, writing poetry, playing video games,watching people play video games, experimenting with fashion and make up
Special talent(s): sleeping lots when i should be awake
Warning/disclaimer: im shy and i worry about being a bother but i honestly want to be friends with so many people i interact with… i may be inconsistent in messaging, but i love u…
Struggling With: the lack of a keyboard

✚ M U S E  |  I N F O R M A T I O N ✚

Name: Riley O’Malley
Nicknames:  O’Malley, Mal, Malley, Big Cat, Big O
Wishlist Nickname: he feels like he’s got enough
Height: 5′7
Eye Color: despite his icons, it’s hazel/yellow
Hair Color: Red
Ethnicity: British American
Lives in: Who knows? maybe he still lives in Seattle, Washington
Relationship Status: Single (?)
Classification: Human 
Special talent(s): very good with children, has the ability to teach at a college level in world history and english but won’t, skilled with a knife, 
Warning/disclaimer: He will invite you to a drink at his favorite bar and you will realize that he has a problem at the eighth shot 
Struggling With: adopting pets to fill the void of loneliness

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