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“I’m Worried About You. 
                                   I Love You.”

tell me this fox isn’t solas.

Perhaps it is because I write and headcanon Solas as exceedingly charming, but this fox (Nick Wilde) from “Zootopia” is Solas and I cannot be convinced otherwise. Hear. Me. Out.

(Oh and this is dedicated to you, @vhenansandviscounts.)

First of all, BODY LANGUAGE:

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Nick stands and walks very tall, chest out, often with his hands behind his back or in his pockets. He is casual, but always knowing. Debonair, but always subtle. Hi:

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Oh, and hi:

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Also, Nick does not call Judy by her name. Or, he does at one point, but only when he’s worried about her safety. He is exceedingly confident in his interactions with Judy. He personalizes Judy semantically, by calling her “Carrots,” sort of like how Solas calls Lavellan “Vhenan.” Nick and Judy start off by disagreeing on MANY counts. There is bickering. But by the end of their adventure, they have bonded deeply and share a strong chemistry. There is an entire ship dedicated to these animated creatures, actually. It’s called “WildeHopps” (do not even get me started on how cute this is).

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Further, In the land of Zootopia, where predators and prey live in perfect harmony, foxes are still heavily ridiculed and deemed untrustworthy, almost entirely based on stereotype and folklore. So, despite his great big heart, Nick Wilde is automatically assumed to be a bad person, and so he develops a heavy guard to mask his insecurities. *COUGH* *DREAD WOLF* *COUGH*

STILL, in accordance with his reputation, just like the Dread Wolf, Nick IS actually cunning, charming, and socially dominant. He lives up to his name, but he is more complicated than that.

ALSO: Like Solas, Nick (a big-city, sly con-fox) is very knowledgeable and worldly. He teaches Judy (who is a very green and eager bunny) a lot about how the world works, particularly its more…morally ambiguous aspects. In doing this, he helps her to embrace points of view that, being the daughter of simple country carrot farmers, she may not have previously understood.

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Finally, The damn ARROGANCE. And the SMIRK.

Nick has them both:

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Okay, I think I’ve outdone myself at this point. This arrogant, smirking, trickster fox is Solas. And I am in love with him. Yes, I am in love with a fictional elf god AND a fictional fox and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Honestly I still can’t believe that Nothing Much To Do has so many people watching it, not to mention that you’re all so brilliant and wonderful and it’s so great that we can all talk to each other like a big flamingo-loathing family. I love it. So many of you are gutted to have missed the meetups, and I’m gutted too, I would love to meet more of you, but I started wondering about where you guys are in the world, because it’s remarkable enough to have an audience, but an international one is so much cooler. So yeah, let me know what city/country are you currently situated in?