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Struggled with Horizon as it's the most beautiful game ever made, but is riddled with so many game-ruining issues. My main issue is the actions of Faro,himself. I was thinking the only way this works out is if Hades dies,and Aloy releases Apollo to the world. No, instead the exact opposite of that happens and the human race is now stuffed to continue on till the terraforming system breaks and they all die. Aloy changes nothing in the world. and using cauldrons to fix gaia is annoying sequel bait

what..? the apollo function is gone forever?? ted erased it years ago,, why would the human race die.. even in the absense of gaia life goes on? they only all die if hades activates the biomass consuming robots? how is that a sequel bait.. silens was the one that mentioned gaia can be restored using the cauldrons??? aloy saved the world?? wut u mean 


One of my newest followers is a blog called @delightedbydesserthummus and I am……..so confused????

Like, why would they, a blog dedicated to hummus, be following me, a nonbinary positivity blog?????

(If they want to sponsor me tho I’m here for that. I’ll promote some dessert hummus. I don’t understand it but I support their hummus!)


Donald Trump and his senior staffers are all using unsecured email servers. Right. Now.

If you paid any attention during the presidential campaign, you know that Donald Trump repeatedly harped on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The controversy fueled the common “lock her up” chant at Trump’s rallies. And now something even more hypocritical and enraging about Trump’s staff information security has come to light.