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30. Out of necessity, please c:

30. cuddling out of necessity, also requested by @brambleberrycottage and @clytemnestrad

Jyn has a glass of liquor halfway to her lips, carefully scanning the ballroom over the rim, when Cassian appears suddenly in front of her: eyes narrow, jaw tight.

He tugs just a moment on the high collar of his suit—he hates the thing, when Jyn not-so-secretly finds hilarious—and then lays a hand on her arm.

“Listen carefully,” he mutters, plucking the glass from her fingers and moving to set it on a side table. “I am over here telling you that I sealed the deal with Kavak. You need to react accordingly, in case we’re being watched.”

Jyn scowls. “So Kavak is selling out to the Empire. That two-faced—”

“Yes dear,” Cassian interrupts, smiling through gritted teeth. His voice is low enough that only she can hear it. “But as you recall, we are with the Empire. So this is good news.”

Right. Fat lot of good it would do to whip out her blaster and shoot Kavak here, in the middle of a damn party; they can’t cause a scene. Which means she needs to react the way an Imperial officer’s wife would, knowing her husband has just made a sinister, behind-doors deal to increase the Empire’s power and their own personal wealth at the expense of the lives of innocent civilians.

“Uh,” says Jyn, managing a crooked smile. “Hooray?”

Cassian blinks at her for a moment, clearly appalled. Then he sets his jaw.

“Don’t hit me,” he mutters, before striding forward and wrapping his arms tight around her, yanking her flush to his chest. One arm snakes around her lower back, palm resting firmly on her hip, and his other hand cups the back of her head, fingers sliding through her hair.

And of course it makes sense: it’s the appropriate strategic manoeuvre, given their situation. What doesn’t make sense is the way Jyn’s breath has caught, the way her heart has started racing, the way the skin of her neck burns where she can feel his breath.

“You need to smile,” Cassian reminds her, his voice a low rumble in her ear. “To make it convincing.”

Jyn tries, but her face refuses to move that way, still frozen in a state of semi-shock. So she does the next best thing: she closes her arms around his waist and buries her head into his shoulder, neatly tucking her face out of view.

Cassian inhales, sharp.

“This work?” Jyn mumbles.

Cassian’s thumb strokes a slow line across the base of her neck, a miniscule motion, something the rest of the room probably won’t even notice.

“Yeah. This works.”

“How long should we stay like this?”

“Oh, uh—” Cassian clears his throat. “Probably just another few seconds.”

“Let’s go a bit longer,” Jyn suggests, glad he can’t see the way her cheeks are surely reddening. “Just to be sure.”

“Okay,” Cassian agrees, voice a touch shaky. “Just to be sure.”

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fic about mj and peter having kids??

this took me so long to fill i am so sorry for that. i’m also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted :o also this is my first post with my new url, so that’s cool. but here! have est. relationship!spideychelle and kid(s)!

  • peter and mj have a kid on accident
  • it’s not that they have sex without protection and mj ends up pregnant. it’s actually quite different than that.
  • you see, mj’s sister has been a single mother for several years to the most adorable little boy, andrew. he’s eight years old and he loves to read and play soccer and dungeons and dragons. he’s a big fan of math but not of science. he’s the second tallest kid in his class, and he’s incredibly proud of the fact. he also happens to be mj’s favorite nephew (also her only one but that’s beside the point) and peter’s favorite eight year old
  • so when her sister gets shipped off on active duty across the seas, it makes sense that mj and peter would take care of andrew for the year and a half her sister is gone
  • it makes sense but mj doesn’t even think about the fact that she’s going to have to say goodbye to her sister and andrew is going to have to say goodbye to his mother. and it’s scary. because her safety isn’t guaranteed
  • so the first few weeks are incredibly hard. there are lots of tears shed in the jones-parker household. most nights mj has to hold andrew until he stops crying. and then she’ll walk back to her and peter’s room and cry into his arms for thirty minutes until she’s so tired she falls asleep. he just kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly
  • and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better. andrew is always sad. he doesn’t want to go to school. he doesn’t want to hang out with his friends. he just wants to sit in his room and cry and read
  • so one day, three weeks into andrew’s stay, michelle walks into andrew’s new room (a guest bedroom they’d converted) and hands him a book. “this was your mom’s favorite when she was your age. i thought you’d like to read it.”
  • he takes it, tentatively. and thanks her in a quiet voice. she leaves and then that’s it for the day. he stays in his room reading and doesn’t come out except to eat dinner, which he still does in silence
  • but then the next day when michelle is driving them back from school, andrew asks, quietly, “what does raucous mean?” and it’s adorable because he says it ra-coo-us instead of raw-cuss and she can’t help but chuckle a bit
  • but then she looks in the rearview mirror so she can meet his eye and she smiles. “it means…loud and unpleasant. like screeching.”
  • he nods, smiling a bit. and it feels like progress
  • and then the next night andrew decides to read his book in the living room. michelle and peter grab hands and try to contain their excitement
  • then two days later, andrew asks them questions and discusses the book he’s reading with mj and asks about other ones he can read
  • and he asks peter if he wants to play go fish and peter’s soul ascends to heaven.
  • slowly, very slowly, but surely, they become like a family. about three months into everything, andrew is animatedly telling them about his day and what jokes his teacher made
  • and they try to call mj’s sister whenever they can, which is usually about once every two weeks. they all gather in front of peter’s desktop computer (lol, the nerd) and their skype sessions usually end in tears, but they’re most used to it now
  • and mj and peter really love having andrew. both of them were a little hesitant at first. (”are we ready to take care of a child? like an actual human child?” “mj, it’s going to be fine. we’re responsible adults.” “our goldfish died after three days!”) but now that andrew is living with them, they love it. they love having a child around and hearing about all the exciting things he does and being able to teach him things and shape who he’s becoming
  • they feel like he’s their child. when they take him to the movies or to dinner or to an amusement park, it feels like they’re a family. once, someone tells peter that his son is so much like him and peter almost starts crying
  • and then mj’s sister comes back and everyone is ecstatic. and then andrew goes back to live with his mom and peter and mj feel his loss in the house. his room remains untouched after he clears out all his stuff and dinner is a lot more silent
  • and then, one night, when dinner is too quiet for either of them, peter asks tentatively, “mj, do you want to have a kid?”
  • and she stands up quickly and rushes over to him, pushing his chair back so she can sit in his lap and kiss him senseless. she manages to mumble out “yes” a few times as they grab at each other frantically
  • so they start trying for a child. and since they’re impatient as people, they get frustrated when mj gets her period two weeks after that first night. so, never ones to be outdone. they start trying a lot. like, a lot. and all over their house. in the shower, on their kitchen counter, on the couch, on the floor by their bed that one time they just couldn’t wait
  • and then, three months later, mj’s late and she takes a test that comes back positive. but they don’t want to get their hopes up. but then her period doesn’t come for a month and they’re definitely positive now and they announce it at her family’s reunion
  • everyone hugs them tightly, offering congratulations and advice. and then andrew comes up to hug them. he’s ten now. he’s doing very well. he’s an avid reader. and he hugs them tightly, whispering that his cousin is going to be so lucky with parents like them
  • and it means so much more coming from him. so mj might shed a few tears. but that’s beside the point. what matters is that she and peter are going to have a child. and that child is going to get to know mj’s sister and andrew and tony stark and pepper potts and aunt may
  • aunt may who, when they told her over dinner, burst into tears and pulled them into the longest and most breathtaking (literally) hug either of them have every experienced
  • and this time they’re going to have a kid on purpose. definitely on purpose this time.

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Jeremy stop lyin'. Everyone knows your gay in some way. TeLL tHe TruTh HeERe!

R: Boy do I have some great news for you.

Jer: …You mean I can like both?

R: Man when Michael said you were the most innocent and ignorant person ever he wasn’t kidding.

Jer: Well it’s not exactly my fault I can’t do whatever I want.

Moodboard Gif Hunt Part 40

Here is a gif hunt with 500 160x160 moodboard gifs. One or two might be the wrong size but close enough that it’ll still look fine in a moodboard. All of the gifs should be under 2mb. Only the first 12 under the cut were made by me of the gifs were made by me but I did resize some of the rest. Sorry for any repeats.

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and almost, almost is never enough. [x]

happy valentine’s day my fellow chestervelle shippers, i’ll see you on the other side. (◕‿◕✿)