... who is bubsy


If you got some time to kill, here’s a pretty interesting interview with Michael Berlyn. Things to take away from this:

  • Mike used to be an author of text adventure games before making Bubsy.
  • Bubsy 1 was pretty much a passion project that he had to push to get approved.
  • The idea for the game came before the character.
  • The character Bubsy was inspired by old cartoons. ‘Tude was forced in “because of the 90′s”.
  • Bubsy 2 was made by Bubsy’s #1 hater, who literally stabbed and lynched a Bubsy doll and kept it around the office.
  • Not even Mike knew about Bubsy 3 on the Jaguar.
  • Hot mustard.
  • By the time Mike found out about Mario 64, it was too late to go back and fix Bubsy 3D.
  • He’s glad people are finally talking about his work.
  • Don’t forget about Ogg!

I salute you, Mike.