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Bedtime story.

Fun fact. Semi-based on real events. 

Team RWBY had a lot of books. Whether they were Ruby and Yang’s comics, or Weiss and Blake’s novels (or Blake’s ‘Novels’), the shelves were usually stocked to the breaking point with pages. So it should have really come as no surprise when Ruby found the Belgariad. 

Weiss pushed open the door, emotionally exhausted. Sitting through one of Port’s ‘lectures’ was always draining. As her eyes swept the room, they hooked on Ruby (Sitting on her bed. Of course [Well technically now it was their bed but you’d sooner see Juane fly then get her to admit it.]) with a book in her lap, engrossed in the pages. A very familiar book. 
“Ruby! Is that my book!”
Ruby started with an “Eep!” and quickly slammed the cover back. “Uuuhhh…No?” 
Weiss sighed and walked over. “The Belgariad.” she said, sitting down next to Ruby on her (their) bed. “Good choice, but you’re not doing it right.”
“Weiss, I know I’m not always the best at book smarts, but I know how to read.”
“I know that you dolt!” Weiss snapped, before calming down. “The Belgariad is not a book you read. It is a book that is read to you.” 
“Yes. My…my mother used to read it to me and Winter every night before bed.” Weiss said, remembering the nights fondly. 
When she looked up at Ruby, the girl had that damn look in her eyes. The one Weiss couldn’t deny. 
“Ok. Fine.”
“Woohoo!” Ruby cheered, handing the book to Weiss and laying back.

“…and that’s how I beat a Beowolf with just my teeth!” 
Blake giggled at the blatant lie/story. “Oh really?” 
“Of course!” Yang exclaimed arriving at their door. Opening it, she was greeted by the sight of Weiss sitting in her desk chair, book in her lap, Ruby tucked into their bed, looking ecstatic. 
For a second, the two pairs of grown-ass-women just stared at each other. 
“Oh Hell no! No one reads bedtime stories to my little sister but me!”
“Yang, come on! It’s her book! And she’s really good at it! She even does the voices!”
“Babe, chill. Let’s give her a shot.”
Blake laying her hand on Yang’s arm had an immediate effect. Although still grumpy, Yang sat down at her desk and said “Fine. But if I disapprove, then we’re gonna have a talk.”

Damn Weiss and her singer’s voice. 

Juane knocked at the door and waited. 
“Why are we doing this again?” Ren asked while rubbing circles into a tired Nora’s back. Pyrrha laid her head on Juane’s shoulder, eyes closed, possibly sleeping. 
“Because every night, team RWBY rushes back here like they’re being chased by Nevermores. I want to know why.” Jaune replied with determination in his voice that surprised his teammates. Maybe being a team leader was doing him some good. 
When the door opened, team JNPR was not expecting to see team RWBY dressed in their pajamas, sitting in a circle (or at least he assumed was a circle, as Yang had answered the door) around Weiss, who had a book in her lap. 
The grown-ass-adults stared at each other. 
“Well that was not what I was expecting.” Nora said, fully awake. 
A beat.
“Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh!” Ruby noise-d, drawing the gaze of the other seven people in proximity. She had a look on her face. 
A look Weiss could read like a book.
“No way!” 

“Come on, no!”

“We’d have to start the whole first book over again!”
Credit where it was due, Weiss resisted seven simultaneous puppy-dog-eyes for longer than anyone else ever had. 

Coco led the way down the hall, Velvet under one arm. 
“…and that’s how I beat the Deathstalker with only my shades!” 
“Naturally.” Velvet replied, shaking her head and grinning. Yatsuhashi and Fox followed, giving the pair space. 
As they walked, Velvet slowed down, listening.
“I..I hear something.” She said, picking up the pace.
Pushing open one of the doors that was surely meant to be closed, but wasn’t, she saw seven people seated in a circle, in their bedclothes, around an eighth person. 
Guess what the grown-ass-adults did. 
Weiss sighed, and said “Just get in here.”

And so it came to be that Weiss was reading a bedtime story to 50+ people. Getting them all in the room was a challenge, but Sun usually hung from his tail outside the window. And Neptune usually hung from Sun. Unwillingly, but still. It was a real shocker when Professor Goodwitch and Headmaster Ozpin showed up to listen. It was also a shocker that so many people could sit through the same intro over and over again. 
“It’s your voice.” Ruby replied one night when Weiss voiced her thoughts to her girlfriend after storytime. 
“It’s gorgeous.”
Weiss was glad the darkness in the room hid her blush.  

Sleeping Pills

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Words: 681

Warnings: uuuhhh ok so there’s like depression and attempted suicide and stuff like that I’m sorry I’m so bad at tagging stuff aaaaaaa

Request: Requested by anonymous: this is intensely personal but can we have an imagine w/ poly hamilsquad where agender reader tends to bottle their feelings up and not tell anyone and recently their mental health dropped immensely and they’re trying to stay calm and be “okay”, and the hamilsquad find out too late when reader overdoses (reader survives) and during when reader is knocked out they blame themselves

A/N: Idk how angsty you wanted it man but I made it pretty angsty, also I didn’t do enough blaming themselves I’m sorry!!

You stared blankly out the window, lost in thought. Random things were flooding through your mind as the boys chatted idly.

“Y/N?” Hercules’ voice brought you out of your daze.

“Mmmm?” You mumbled, turning to face him.

“You look sad, are you ok?” Hercules wondered, sending a concerned look in your direction.

“What? Oh, I’m fine!” You said, almost too quickly. Lafayette looked away from the conversation he was having, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Actually, you have seemed kinda down lately…” Alex continued slowly. John quickly turned to you as well, all side conversations stopping.

“Seriously, I’m fine.”

I’m fine.

I’m fine.

I’m fine.

It’s something you’d been trying to convince yourself for a while, now more than ever. You kept repeating the words in your head as you sat on the floor of the bathroom, head between your hands.

I’m fine.

I’m fine.

You looked up for a moment, catching sight of Alex’s small bottle of sleeping pills that sat on the counter. As you slowly stood, walking towards them, you thought of the boys.

They could live without you, right?

A shaky hand reached out to grab the pill bottle. You smiled for a moment, noticing how they were unused.

Alex never slept.

You shook the memories out of your mind, twisting off the cap of the bottle. Quickly, you downed the bottle, dropping it from your hand and falling to the ground with a loud thud.

After a moment of blinking back tears and swallowing the pills in your mouth, your stomach ached and your vision began to fade.

Lafayette happened to be walking past the bathroom when he heard a light thud come from inside. As he knocked on the door, Alex joined beside him.

“What’s going on?” He questioned, looking at the closed door.

“Well, I heard something fall in there and no one’s answering the door.” Lafayette explained, concern lacing his words.

“I’ll go get the others.” Alex bounded down the hall, sprinting into John’s room. After a moment, John ran from the room, and Alex rushed into Hercules’ room.

“Is Y/N in there?” John questioned with urgency.

“I think so. They’re not responding.” Lafayette explained while knocking on the door.

Hercules burst in, immediately slamming himself against the door. Lafayette jumped back in surprise, staring at him.

“If they aren’t responding, this is the only choice!” Hercules explained quickly before knocking himself into the door again. It swung open, revealing Y/N, who lay limply on the floor. They recognized the pill bottle the rolled away from their open hand.

Everyone was frozen in fear, before Alex jumped into action.

He picked Y/N up, carrying them to the car.

The rest of the boys sprinted into the car after him, speeding off to the hospital.

When they arrived, they practically tripped over each other while climbing out of the car.

“You need to help her-”

“She took sleeping pills-”

“She’s unconscious-”

“I think she overdosed-”

Their voices yelled over each other, screaming at the poor receptionist.

They waited, impatiently tapping their feet or flipping through magazines.

It had been half an hour since they’d seen Y/N and everyone was sat in a tense, deafening silence.

A young nurse walked into the room, announcing the news of Y/N.

“You’re… Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton?” Everyone nodded.

“Good news. She made it.”

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hello! I'm applying for fine art courses in uni but I feel like I'm not driven enough. I see other artist who have been wanting to study art for ever and have been taking classes for years. Fine art for uni didn't even cross my mind until 3 years ago when I realized I had the option to go abroad (art isn't really appreciated in my country lol) and even though I have been drawing for years and there's nothing I'd love doing more than art, I feel others deserve it more? uuuhhh

??? that doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T go into the classes!! You can’t compare yourself to other people!!!! Just do what YOU need to do to grow as a person and artist!! Don’t worry about other people - they can take care of themselves!! 


so i realized i never made one of those things on here and i figured i should uh, make one! it’s what the cool rp kids do right? anyways, liking this means i can

  • make random starters if me/my muse wants your muse’s attention like the little needy babies they are
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  • we can just plot in general man it’s always coolio
  • i can just tag u in stuff that reminds me of our muses relationship whether it be platonic or romantic or horribly bad
  • uuuhhh….. other like rp partner things

i’ll be coming back to this post whenever i need a Reminder so u know go ahead and like away if you want to!


Okay, so, recently someone recommended Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo to me (and yes I do have plans to read the Grisha trilogy as well), and last night I finally found the time to compile some notes on everyone’s appearance and do a little sketching!  It’s not everyone, but y’all can expect more soon enough.

Uuuhhh, what else…  I was too hype to draw everyone’s faces to do any research on what kind of clothes exactly they might be wearing (see: Kaz’s tie and bowler hat, which together make him look like an American gangster in the 20s), so these aren’t final designs for me.  And I imagined Inej as extra-super-small and Kaz as having one thousand years of darkness carved into his face, so I’m still struggling with getting them to look their age, haha…  @v@ Not 100% on Nina and Matthias either, but I do love them. <3

More notes in full-view!  Highly-recommended literature!

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What are some other Rami Malek blogs to follow? All i'm following is malekbrosink/pricumalek/ramibabe and you!

uUUUHHHH im following over 500 blogs, most i follow automatically if they are mr. robot or rami malek related so, but uuuhhh 

@antisocialcooking  @darlenealderson @montbluetree @ramimalektbh @drunkrami @whoiselliotalderson @gothiccmalek @ramimalekspuke @thethrillofpwning @p4ladin  @thesewickedhands @ghost-of-wednesday @rami-maleks-pickle @rami-malek-international-bbq-dad @tiramisuccc @py-rami-d  @samnesmail @ramicorps @elliotaldersobs @alltehrobot @falsehighs  @elliot-saderson @itsramiaf @ramilamadingdong @smolpickle

those are just a few otherwise i’d be posting practically everyone i follow lmao