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favourite the vampire diaries characters: kai parker
I guess I liked my brother, Joey. We played Dr. Mario together and he’d always win. Actually, one of my favorite memories is when I finally beat him. Of course, my favorite memory is when I finally beat him to death. You don’t have to waste your energy trying to change me. If Ricki taught me anything, it’s that liking yourself is the most important thing. And I like me.

- four: part two -

“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”

After helping me take off my coat, he tossed it down onto the edge of the chair and grabbed my small hand in his to lead me down the short hallway towards the room. I would’ve been lying if I said my heart wasn’t fluttering in my chest at the heavy feeling of his big palm pressed to mine. I peeked down to our lightly intertwined fingers, taking notice of the rough skin surrounding his nails, slightly cracked and blistering red in places. His skin was worn down and over worked, but it was so warm and unexpectedly soft against my own.

He flicked his eyes back over his shoulder at me, my stare shooting up and catching the slight smirk of his lips right as I had let my thumb ghost across the span of one of his fingers. I knew he had felt it.

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Story time!

I had never had a Sim witch or warlock so I decided to make one. She was a young adult who attended a university I had created. It was all fun and games until she cast a fire spell… burning her dorm cafeteria to the ground and killing all the other dormies… Let’s just say that I won’t be playing with magic (or sim witches/warlocks) for a while.

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hello, yes, it is i, your local grim reaper. ♥
i have escaped my pumpkin trash bag to greet you all and maybe steal your souls or something idk.

“You know what people can be like, especially at our age and in our culture. People have the capability of being arseholes and I didn’t-“

“-You didn’t want people treating you differently if they knew you were gay.” Melissa summed up, her voice harsh and rather unforgiving.

“It’s not as easy as you make it for people to just… Well, you know. It feels like you’re trying to push me into doing something I’m not comfortable with.”

Melissa stayed quiet for a while, and then shook her head. “I’m still annoyed about earlier, when you told me to hide-“

“-I didn’t want people to-“

“-Find out about us? Yeah, I figured. You act like this brave person who doesn’t give a shit about what other people think, but then you go and don’t want people to know about us? I don’t get it.”

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Nicknames: Fols.

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'1

Time right now: 3:02 PM

Last thing you googled: Sporting Kansas City game info.

Fave music artist: Too many to choose.

Song stuck in my head: Toi plus Moi - Gregoire and Million Reason by Gaga.

Last movie I watched: Step Up

Last TV show I watched: Live? Supergirl and Masterchef Jr. Netflix? Parks & Rec

What I’m wearing right now: Business Professional stuff for my job.

When I created this blog: Around October. (I’ve always had a Tumblr and followed WoSo just dedicated a blog to it since Fall.)

The kind of stuff I post: Woso//USWNT. Some of the funny things other people reblog and the occasional political anti-trump admin stuff cos I hate him.

Do I get asks? Oui. Sometimes people ask me stuff out of the blue but if I reblog one of the ask posts then yeah.

Why did I choose my url: It used to be forever-preath but then I tagged everything preath related with #oh look it’s preath. So I figured, why not?

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin. 🐍

Pokémon team: I was on the red one when everyone was playing it but it’s been deleted off my phone for a while.

Favorite color: Evergreen or Burgundy

Average hours of sleep: No idea. Haha. College was pretty inconsistent but now that I’m home it’s kinda decent?

Lucky number: 4 // (if 4’s not available then it’s 7)

Favorite characters: Hermione, Gloria (Modern Family), Leslie Knope (P&R), Felicity (Arrow),  

Dream job: Athletic Trainer (For USWNT or SKC)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

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