... this is a problem

me, trying to clean out my storage space

Me: oh shoot, i’m running out of storage space, better delete some pictures

My brain: what about this bokuaka picture?

Me: no! I have to keep that one, it’s pretty..

My brain: oookay, then what about this iwaoi comic?

Me: I don’t think so, I must keep this one

My brain:  kuroke–

Me: NO!



Conversations with my student’s clinical instructor

I have a student working with me for a bit as a part of their final clinical. We were going through their mid term evaluation with their clinical instructor, going through areas of strength and weaknesses and such. The clinical instructor then asked me if I had any concerns or areas that I wanted to see improved. 

Now, keep in mind, this student is in the same program that I was in almost three years ago. Many of the same clinical instructors and class instructors. However, there’s clearly been a big change. My student, who is in her final clinical, didn’t seem to have any idea as to how to draw up medications and other skills that I (and my fellow students, a few of whom work on my unit) were expected to master, if at the very least be able to talk through. Like, how do you go through your entire clinical and have no idea as to how a Foley is inserted? why a patient would need a Foley? How to draw up medications (IV, SQ)? How to safely administer injectable things like insulin without stabbing yourself. 

When I voiced this concern  (which is a concern not only of mine but of other preceptors on the unit), the clinical instructor looked at me like I had ten heads and told me that my concerns would be taken into account but that as a whole the program was focusing more on clinical judgement and nursing process and less on skills. Per the instructor, they were more concerned that the student knows why the patient is getting an antibiotic versus how to reconstitute or draw up the medication. 

I’m sorry, what? Don’t get me wrong, I understand where this lady is coming from – technique comes with practice and with time and knowledge base will help with that. But don’t give me that shit. I just graduated 3 years ago and it’s amazing how low your standards have dropped. I was expected to know those skills as were all of my classmates and if you didn’t, you got sent to the skills lab and/or were flunked from your clinical. I get that different clinical sites allow different things, but you have to provide your students with an idea of how to do things. You’re doing them a complete disservice by just passing them along with bare bones “knowledge” and no practical skills. And again, I’m not talking specialized skills  that you’ll see once in your life. I’m talking drawing up medications, administering medications, inserting/managing IVs, straight cathing/placing Foleys, even suctioning. Are we that desperate for nurses that we’re passing people who have absolutely no idea what the hell they are doing just to fill positions? 

Really friggin mind-blowing.

So earlier today I heard this absolute dickhead lecture my entire class about how homosexuality was a sin and you couldn’t be christian/catholic and have gay friends. I ripped his ass up one, down the other, and across for good measure in literally the best fuck off speech I’ve ever told and realized a few hours later that what if Nico went to a basketball game to watch will play and heard some dickhead say that and, being raised a good Catholic boy(even if he isn’t anymore) and gay he shreds this guys ass and buys the poor kid getting lectured a candy bar at concession. It’s gets even better when wills game ends and he passes the cheerleaders who are gossiping about a scary kid in black who told off the homophobic douche of the class and he just smiles cause fuck yeah that’s his boyfriend

I feel pretty uncomfortable with the whole “covfefe” thing, not just because Trump is contaminated (though it’s getting better now), but also because it seems very, very deliberate.

The US will likely pull out of the Paris Accord tonight. Our country is quickly becoming more and more dystopian by the day, but as long as we can be distracted by silly memes, the government will go on making things worse while we laugh at superficial distractions (the timing of which is absolutely not accidental). It doesn’t matter that we’re making fun of them, or that we think they’re incompetent or ridiculous. As long as they have power, they will continue to do as they please, regardless of how harmful it is to the people.

We need to mobilize instead of passively mock. This is the time for action; can we really sit back and allow these atrocities to continue, just because we’re too busy laughing at an admittedly cleverly-designed Twitter failure? My friends, we need to be careful. The world won’t end in fire or ice, but in memes.