... so i guess colors are my enemy

I had a dream that I saw this beautifully-animated TAZ gif on my dash that was just the boys running against a dark background in this lovely lineless style and real nicely chosen colors–and they sort of shifted as their appearances changed by arc, or their running was occasionally interrupted by an enemy from that arc, or…I dunno, it’s hard to explain.  the point is, I was really impressed in the dream but it doesn’t exist so I guess once I’m caught up with TAZ I’ll have to make it.

Well ok since Raffe stepped out of the trash closet and posted part one of her huge fanart dump of this ship I guess I’ll have to post my contribution to it too. :| Sketch by @rraffeh, I inked and colored (this is p much literally the only thing I’ve drawn in the past two weeks or so aside from webcomic pages, the block is very real).

/crawls back into the Rebels dumpster bye

Snk Theories: Eren and the mysterious girl in chapter 1

In the newest chapter 88, it’s revealed that Kruger’s full name is Eren Kruger.

Some readers has already pointed out the physical similarities between Eren and Kruger, that there’re possibilities of Kruger is Eren’s biological father. 

I tend to believe that Eren Kruger has been reincarnated as Eren Yeager, after he has passed the titan power to Grisha.

Remember the short-haired girl in chapter 1, who appears in Eren Yeager’s dream? (I have colored the lower part of the panel as I keep thinking that she is standing near the sea)

Eren wonders why Mikasa’s hair has become longer, which appears that he mistakes the mysterious girl for Mikasa.

In my headcanon, Eren Yeager has inherited Kruger’s memories BEFORE he has devoured Grisha and obtain the titan power, by the process of the “reincarnation”, that he has his own personality plus some of the memories of Kruger. 

So who’s that girl in his dream?

I have a guess that she is Kruger’s childhood friend in the East Sea Clan dwelling on the continent (i.e. Marley’s enemy in the east). Perhaps the scene is about young Kruger must depart from his friend and travel to other place with his parents, that the girl must say goodbye to him—perhaps the East Sea Clan is dwelling near the coast, thus we can see the ocean-like background.

After many years have passed, Kruger formed a group trying to revive Eldia, and he has successfully contacted his female friend in the east and asked her to request military support from her country to fight against the Marley government. As a result, we have this panel in chapter 87:

…you would think I’d stop rolling on reds when I’m trying to get a different-colored focus lmao

welcome sanaki darling

shame you missed all the veronica murder

also I didn’t get elise (AGAIN) so I guess I’m team priscilla in this gauntlet

Nohrian Festival: Kamui and Leo (Normal) Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

So I’ve (Kiyoshi) been sick for the longest weekend I have ever experienced. Today is the first day that I have been lucid enough for this conversation to make any sense to me. 

Sorry that this request took so long! Kamui, male or female, is a very stupid older sibling. Leo understands this very well.

EDIT: I reread the translation and realized how inconsistent my pronouns were. I was reading the Male Avatar and Leo conversation so the term ‘brother’ just popped up a lot and I just kept putting it in without thinking about it. I’m trying to keep it gender neutral so I’ll fix it. 

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I’ve never made a tutorial before, so this is going to be pretty lame

That’s a sketch alright. I just start with a circle as the head and just go from there i guess, my sketches are always really messy since i don’t bother with lineart. I’m going to color over it anyway. And i use alot of references since hands are my worst enemy like wow they look like worms.

I pick the color for the background and color under the sketch layer.

And then i create another layer above the background one and color in the sketch, it doesn’t have to be perfect since i’ll get to it later.

And then i make another layer above the sketch layer and just shade over everything, i always start with the face first.

I use an overlay layer to get in more color

And then i use a color dodge layer above the overlay one for a bright background maybe??

More coloring over everything and stuff

And then i just do highlights

And then i mess around with effects

And it’s done. There are better tutorials out there, this was probably not helpful at all but here you go

Color Pair Predictions of the Magic Origins Planes

Earlier today I saw a bunch of posts making predictions about which two-color pairs matched which planes from Magic Origins.

I wanted to comment after work to add my own predictions, but now I can’t seem to find any of them. So I guess I’ll just make my own post.

So, in no particular order, here are my predictions…

Theros - White/Red
Bant - White/Green
Zendikar - Green/Red
Lorwyn - Green/Black
Kaladesh - Red/Blue
Regatha - Red/Black
Dominaria - Black/White
Innistrad - Black/Blue
Vryn - Blue/White
Ravnica - Blue/Green

There are a lot of things I like about this layout, but I think my favorite things is the symmetry of the aesthetics. Each planeswalker has an ally-color pair plane and an enemy-color pair plane.