... says otherwise

More headcanons: Their levitation and teleportation technologies aren’t things the Black Arms developed naturally, but took from the Nocturnus in an effort to snuff them out. When the Arms discovered how useful they were in other situations, they kept them.

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I miss the old layout where I could see your amazing hashtags! :) Do you think you would be able to bring those back?

Someone actually noticed the blog theme change :0 and likes my hashtags?? :00000

Yeah, the lack of hashtags annoyed me too, so I’m changing it back to it’s original, generic theme :) but I do like the idea of having the information and etc to the left instead of at the top, so if anyone’s like, a master at html and wants to help a html challenged human out then I definitely won’t complain :L

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my boss @ work: god i can’t believe we have to take another delivery to those fucking queers

5 mins later

my boss: they’re some of the coolest fags ive ever met 

queer is still a slur y’all. inclusionists can eat my entire foot for trying to say otherwise. 

Riverdale Director vs Cast
  • Riverdale Director: So everybody act straight except Kevin and Jughead
  • Cast: We got you *wink wink*
  • Camila: So he told us to act gay, right?
  • Madelaine: That's what I got.
  • Lili: Isn't Betty gay anyway???
  • Director: ...
  • Cast: ...
  • Director: ...
  • Cast: ...
  • Cast: ...
  • K.J.: I acted straight.
  • Director: Your scenes with Ross say otherwise.
  • Cast: So you're saying that none of our characters are gay??

I’m exhausted..husband an I couldn’t sleep last night. Now little girl is awake. I can’t make it to my therapy appointment today, because I can’t find a sitter..ugh.

Yesterday was good for me..

I have always been so worried about other people judging me for my actions and what I did. Even with the little amount of information that I gave out yesterday, I know people still don’t understand. I know that they may view me a certain way.

I can’t change that. Their feelings are their own and it isn’t my place to say otherwise.

I am doing my best to heal my mind, to let go of the past. To fix everything about me that is broken..

I am on the right track…

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I keep seeing people in the ninjago Fandom saying that it'd be gross for lgbt characters to be in a kids show, and I feel so sick. People need to stop implying that gay relationships are inheritly sexual. Gay relationships are just as "normal" as straight couples and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

gay relationships r not inherently sexual 

signed, a gay ace man

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I don't quite understand why so many annons are getting so upset and belittling you... Is it something you've said that made them like this?. You sound like good person to me!. But alas, tis the internets, so people feel the need to say such things they otherwise wouldn't say to you in person.

Yeah I’ve said some really controversial things like “games should be for everyone equally.”

Honestly at this point the hate messages are so absurdist as to be functionally useless - why should I care if some random on the internet thinks my parents are disappointed in me when they’ve always been nothing but supportive and wonderful?

let’s dissect that a bit bc its standard preachy gatekeeper shit

You don’t. It’s that fucking simple. Alters are the product of a child’s brain developing abnormally as a result of trauma causing the brain to skip a developmental stage. Anyone who tries to say otherwise either is dealing with psychosis, maladaptive day dreaming or is faking.

people seem to get this magical 6-9 age out of nowhere. it’s not explicitly stated here, but like, you don’t need trauma to “skip a stage”. sometimes that just Happens. also: who are you to diagnose anyone with anything? you’re just about as qualified as any of us are

The majority of trauma is physical and/or sexual abuse, but growing up in a war zone or extensive painful medical procedures at an early are can be a cause too. This can and has been proven with fMRI. 

i know what trauma is my dude i grew up with it my system is traumagenic im fuckin,

Stop spreading misinformation. It’s fucking hard enough to deal with already without having to waste energy explaining shit to people correcting what “natural systems” told them.

all systems are natural systems. saying otherwise says traumagenic systems are gross and unnatural. what the funk

Just fucking don’t. Don’t make the lives of severe trauma victims even harder than they are so you can feel special or whatever. If you intentionally create “alters” that’s called maladaptive day dreaming. It’s the same as kids having an imaginary friend.

i don’t create any of my headmates or control them but like, ok

If you hear voices and have no control but lack amnesia? If you have no trauma background it’s almost certainly a form of psychosis/hallucinations. If you have had trauma as a child repeatedly it may be OSDD. The main symptom of DID and having alters is ammonia. Not hearing voices. Not being aware of alters- amnesia. So seriously- quit spreading bad info

stop trying to diagnose people. i know at least, what, three systems who went to therapists, and a few who specialize in dissociative disorders, that are aware their patients have headmates but no trauma to speak of? and it’s not like you can just TELL SOMEONE they have to have trauma. you sound like my abuser who tried to fish abuse stories out of everyone.

like why do these people say don’t self diagnose uwu but then go on to diagnose other people. you don’t know what’s going on in my head or anyone else’s head so like, what the funk,

anyway don’t say this shit to us. we support all systems. we said in the first damn comic that half of our members are spiritual in origin. if you followed anyway, then get SHOCKED when we talk about that sometimes our members just walk on in like it ain’t no thang, im majorly confused.

if you don’t support endogenic systems, spiritual systems, etc, you might as well just unfollow us -dii

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(somewhat) unpopular opinion: kim namjoon is 200% beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is lying. @beautifulnamjoon

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i definitely agree that he’s extremely beautiful but that’s so subjective ahsdfg i can’t say that people who disagree with me are wrong bc it’s just their opinion

i think he’s really really beautiful and has a wonderful smile and i love him a lot 

send me unpopular/popular opinions and i’ll rate them

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SOOo, I'm the anon that just asked if it's okay to be pan and demi, and also the one one about LGBT+ community not accepting pans..... AND CAN I JUST SAY YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING AND AWESOME AND JUST BEAUUUUUUTIFUL???? Okay I'mma stop shouting now.... ~Des (I'mma use that as my name so you kinda know who's messaging/asking you stuff)


And honestly one of my best friends is ace and bi and the other is demisexual demiromantic and they’re both amazing and totally belong in the community and anyone who says otherwise is invited to fight me any time okay like I’m down to fight over any and all aspec and pan people out there any time.


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I'm the Orlando anon and it's nice to lift spirits, but honestly it's that deep. Lmao. I'm not PR for 5H. Tho I will accept check! I was just sharing a PoV from the concert babe! Sometimes I think we're so saturated with twitter videos that we miss so many other things. We had a great time! I'd definitely say otherwise if it wasn't. I've seen rough moments from all the girls before during the summer tour. But as tired as they were, they still did a great job in Orlando live. Don't overreact 🙌🏼


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Ummm I'm emailing the administrators at my school and standing up for kids who wouldn't say anything otherwise...

ooooo that sounds scawwy! Whatcha emailing them about? *hugs* I hopes everythin’ goes wells!