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so got 401 followers thank you all for watching my very inactive blog! but lets change that with a competition!

Right let’s get to the nitty gritty

REBLOG OR REPLY WITH A REF. likes get nothing sorry
you can reblog and reply with a ref to get 2 entries.
Nothing nsfw will be drawn.(but a nsfw ref is allowed if you don’t have a sfw)
It can be furry, dragon, anthro furry or such.
i’ll give 4 places away

1st shaded full body plus a bust headshot
2nd simple shade full body
3rd and 4th will get a shaded bust head shot of their oc.

If i get to 450 followers before this competition end i’ll add another 3 spots for busts. =D

Competition ends 27th Janurary

Goodluck and thank you for watching me~

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I have a cold at the moment and I've kinda lost my voice (partially) but its really horrible for me because I do a lot of singing and I use my voice to work out notes when I'm playing an instrument. What should I do?

What kind of question is that? Just rest and wait for your voice to come back.

Byakuya, be nicer!

What Byakuya said is true though, the only thing to do right now is to rest and take care of your throat. Don’t try to talk or to sing, you just need to wait a bit and things will come back to normal.

Monster Egg

wanted to practice different styles-

I dunno. Might make this a thing.

How about this..

The egg will constantly change color due to what feedback it receives.

The egg will listen

The egg will not hatch if ignored. 

If you want to ask the egg stuff, Ask/tell Mecha stuff about what you think the egg will be, and/or how they might turn out ;3

*Phone rings* Hullo, you have reached the phone of Captain Nibs…I be a pirate, rrr! Lol not really, I work for the GDF. I’m asleep right now, so if it’s important come knocking at my door and scream at me really loudly, if it’s not a life and death situation, then please leave a message after the tone. *beep*

Im laughing. Oda strikes again. XD But really, now after seeing Yonjis real haircolour i cant stop thinking about Sanji… WHAT IF ALL THE NAMES SANJI HAS CALLED ZORO WERE ACTUALLY FOR YONJI?! Little Snooj was weak against his brothers, so he made up stupid names for his siblings. Of course he would never say them out loud. But now he can use them for Zoro xD But just for fun, because Zoro is one he can truly call brother.

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(i saw this bts click&drag and i had to “make” it into a tag! it was really fun xD)

High School with BTS tag

click & drag here!

i was tagged by @jihoomie to do the “High School with BTS tag”

tagging: @chokaivlicious @mytaeddy @jtae @tahyungs @jeon-jpg @yoongkitty @parkejimins @busanie and anyone else who wants to do it ofc its optional feel free not to do it :3

best friend: tae ( SCREAMS IM SO HAPPY LMAO )

ex-boyfriend: yoongi ( bUT .. BUT WHY ??? :’((( )

he always has, and always will have a crush on you: yoongi ( okay looks like we have a very complicated relationship ??? )

you two are secretly close: tae ;)

you hangout with these 4 at lunch: jin, kookie, tae & rapmon ( i wish i could do this everyday irl :”(( )

3 most popular boys at school: rapmon, jin & kookie ( i can rlly imagine rapmon being popular omg )

you don’t like him (because of something that happened in the past): jimin ( whyyyyy wt happened idk i lost my memory jiminie )

he doesn’t like you (you have no idea why): jin ( ooops why does he join us in lunch everyday then ???? )

you and him have an on-off friendship (you fall out a lot): yoongi ( well i already said its a very complicated relationship :) )

you walk to school with these two: jimin & kookie 

he is always waiting for you after school to walk home with: kookie (AWWW this is so cuuute omg )

he kinda stalks you (because he wants to get to know you but is too afraid): kookie ( KOOKIE DONT BE AFRAID TALK TO ME MORE we walk to school everyday together and back home too )

you sit by him every class: tae ( AHHH I’LL FAIL ALL SUBJECTS DUE TO LACK OF CONCENTRATION )

you always work with these three when you’re doing group projects: yoongi, jin & jimin ( this is gonna be so awkward omg )

before your current boyfriend, you always had a crush on him: (bonus if this is your boyfriend): rapmon 

your boyfriend: tae  *SQUEALS* ( HE IS MY BEST FRIEND TOO I DIE ) 

always copies your work: yoongi (please stop confuSING ME OMG)

you get together after school to do homework/revise together: rapmon ( wow there is hope of high grades now )

whenever you’re struggling on a subject, he helps you: jin ( i thought he hates me …. he is a true mom afterall im so in love )

these two are always messing around in class and getting in trouble: jin & rapmon (okay bUT I CAN IMAGINE THIS LOL )

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can u do ask-VICHAN blog so dat i can ask alot of question about u and know more everything about u ??? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Lol! Thank you so much, anon! this really made my day and I’m really flattered!

But…..no xD I don’t think the blog will work out? you can always ask questions here or on my personal blog (it’s a personal blog…so i think serve the same purpose, even though mostly its drawing too lol) and I surely will answer them.

Ask away :D


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)