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Best Friends (Part 1)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that. 

Word Count: 882

A/N: Another one, Tesla? Yep. I’d apologize but nahhh. This is based off of “Made of Honor.” Hope you all enjoy!

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The words were becoming blurry on the screen and you knew you had probably written an entire page of incoherencies by now. Rubbing at your eyes with the heels of your hands, you took a deep breath and exhaled through your mouth, lips flapping at the force of the air leaving. Scratching behind your ear in frustration, you knew you had to go to bed and finish your paper the following morning. You were hopeless. Sleep was necessary, no matter how ahead you wanted to get on homework.

The party outside was still in full swing, but you were used to that by now. Your dorm was known to have the best parties in the campus and tonight was a Thursday. Tonight’s party was a prelude to tomorrow’s they said, but that didn’t make it any less rowdy than any other rave.

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When you try not to be cool

  • break up your paragraphs. big paragraphs are scary, your readers will get scared
  • fuuuuck epithets. “the other man got up” “the taller woman sat down” “the blonde walked away” nahhh. call them by their names or rework the sentence. you can do so much better than this (exception: if the reader doesn’t know the character(s) you’re referring to yet, it’s a-okay to refer to them by an identifying trait)
  • blunette is not a thing
  • new speaker, new paragraph. please.
  • “said” is such a great word. use it. make sweet love to it. but don’t kill it
  • use “said” more than you use synonyms for it. that way the use of synonyms gets more exciting. getting a sudden description of how a character is saying something (screaming, mumbling, sighing) is more interesting that way.
  • if your summary says “I suck at summaries” or “story better than summary” you’re turning off the reader, my dude. your summary is supposed to be your hook. you gotta own it, just like you’re gonna own the story they’re about to read
  • follow long sentences w short ones and short ones w long ones. same goes for paragraphs
  • your writing is always better than you think it is. you just think it’s bad because the story’s always gonna be predicable to the one who’s writing it
  • i love u guys keep on trucking

@yall saying Yuri has a low alcohol tolerance: nahhh if he did he’d be pretty done in after 3-4 glasses like me. My more tolerant friends would be probably drunk at around 12. Yuri’s problem is he can’t control himself.
This sinnamon roll drank *16* glasses (at least) of fizzy-af ~12% champagne, which is basically THREE BOTTLES. This is also the equivalent of doing ~16 shots, which in any time span, is Not Good™.
And this fucker proceeds to CONTINUE DRINKING ANOTHER BOTTLE.
What amazes me about Yuri Katsuki? That he’s not fucking dead. How did he not land in the hospital? Where did he learn to drink like this? Detroit fucked him up.

Me: Saitama is such a lovely character to draw! He’s so easy too, with simple curves and shapes - I love that I can draw him!

Me: omg. I could…I could draw fanart. I could draw comics!!

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there’s still the other one



Yuri On Ice Recap Episode 6

Well after a shithouse day yesterday I’m ready for my weekly dose of Yuri on Ice, which I swear is the only good thing that came out of 2016 

  • Ok I want to skip the opening and watch the episode but nahhh “CAN YOU HERE MY HEARTBEAT!!!!” 
  • Awww Victor saying goodbye to Maccachin, been there buddy. Well except I do that with my guinea pigs 
  • Come on Victor listen to your husband student you are going to miss your flight 
  • Lol he’s not used to going on economy 
  • And screenshot and now this is my new wallpaper
  • Well that’s interesting, Yurio came second in the Canadian World cup. I know next to nothing about iceskating but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that’s pretty amazing for a 15 year old making his senior debut
  • Hahahaha, Yuri is giving a press conference and all Victor wants to do is eat Hot pot. Priorities I guess
  • Guess Yakov hasn’t really forgiven Victor for just getting up and leaving everything in Russia. 
  • I don’t think Victor is playing pretend coach Yakov but I guess Yuri isn’t the only one who needs to prove something 
  • Seriously man how can you eat so much and not gain weight? 
  • Yayyyyy Phichit is here!!! Guess a party don’t start until my boy walks in
  • Ok now Celestino is here and I love they gave him Ciao Ciao as a nickname
  • Victor stop trying to feed people stuff they don’t want 
  • Ok so Phichit invited Guang and Leo
  • and Victor’s shirtless
  • and he’s naked now 
  • Apparently he’s a stripper when drunk. Also I love how kinda nonchalant Yuri is about this. How many time has this happened. 
  • Also Victor, try not to corrupt the minds of innocent teenagers please 
  • Ahhh shit Phichit posted it on Instagram 

  • Yess Yuri people are going to be thinking you fooled around with Victor                                               ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Okay that’s normal to touch someone’s ass like that, Christope?? 
  • Yup it was Christope, who I will now be referring as Chris
  • Seems Yuri and Chris met each other before, that’s interesting information
  • Chris has pretty eyes, just putting it out there 
  • Ok Chris step away from Victor’s katsudon 
  • Lol Chris checking out Victor’s tie. I suppose I can understand why he’s not motivated, his biggest rival just got up and left 
  • Shit the people taking pictures of them in the background are hilarious
  • Victor you massive social butterfly 
  • I guess most people are low key annoyed at Yuri for keeping Victor to himself and everyone want Victor to come back and compete
  • I love how Minako sensei flew all the way to China to see Yuri perform 
  • Ohh Phichit is first up, make your me proud my child (Yes I have adopted him too) 
  • The crowd is really getting into his performance and as they should 
  • Shit that fall looks painful 
  • Not a bad score Phichit 
  • Awww Guang’s really nervous, don’t worry my son you can do it (What?? I adopted him too) 
  • Shit Yuri’s nervous pacing,  Victor do something
  • Look even Chris has noticed
  • Oh no wait you have some weird grand plan or something 
  • I don’t care what anyone says, there is no heterosexual explanation to this. 

  • This isn’t intense friendship no matter what angle you look at. 

  • I don’t need for them to kiss at the end of the series to know their relationship isn’t canon. It’s already canon. 

  • Dat lip licking 
  • Don’t fuck up 
  • Don’t fuck it up 
  • Please don’t fuck it up 
  • And he did it 
  • He landed all his fucking jumps including the Quadruple Salchow, my baby did it!!! 

  • He better get the highest score for this and he did XD and a personal best by the looks of it 
  • Hahahaha Yuri has to squint to see his score that’s so adorable 
  • I swear I’ve seen a fanart of this exact scene.
  • Victor hugging Yuri is my new favorite thing this is so cute 

  • Georgi what the fuck buddy??? 

  • Oh well I have grossly underestimated Georgi, you are actually really good, I mean really good. It must have sucked to be under Victor’s shadow
  • But not good enough to beat Yuri 
  • Still if your job was to be Maleficent, I say job well done my dear 
  • Yeah you are right Mila, if I was his Ex I’ll be running for the hills too 
  • Ok moving on to Leo and love your outfit and your song and performance has so much energy 
  • See that right there I relate so much, music gives me courage and motivation. I love his performance. 
  • Last up is Chis and he is not prepared to lose to Yuri. 
  • Interesting that he’s also performing a routine on Eros
  • I love how casual the touches are becoming between Yuri and Victor 

  • Man Chris is really good too, I guess he has to be to be World No. 2 
  • I said this once and I’ll say it again. Someone in the production team has obsession over asses.

  • Minako sensei exactly how many flags do you have you bought with you
  • Did you actually orgasm? O_O
  • You actually did? Apparently Chris orgasms when he does his routines. Not going to say anything beyond that. 
  • Phichit please don’t say “the ice is soaking wet”
  • Well he’s not good enough to beat Yuri either but don’t get cocky Yuri as Victor said Chris peaks on the Grand Prix. 
  • Phichit is such a gracious loser, actually everyone is
  • I admire everyone’s motivation and determination. My favorite is Yakov saying that “he wouldn’t lose to a third rate coach”. Since I’m ever the optimist I’m going to say hey Victor at least Yakov is now taking you kinda seriously as a coach.
  • This leaves Yuri in the well deserved spot at number one. I’m literally crying. Yuri on Ice can you just stop. I don’t want to bawl my eyes out every time I watch an episode. 
  • Yes you can Yuri, you can win with the power of love. 

Final thoughts:

  • I love this episode, I know I say that every episode but I can’t articulate properly how much I love this episode 
  • Yuri who has severe anxiety but still trudging thorough and winning the competition. I love him and I relate to him so much as character
  • Victor and Yuri’s relationship, it’s canon. Fullstop. They don’t need to kiss, they don’t need to explicitly say it, everything leading up to now have proven to me that they are together. I look forward to seeing their relationship progress
  • I love seeing the skill levels of the other skaters, Georgi you surprised me the most, so well done buddy
  • Chris I kinda expected you to do better but I can see you saving your energy for the Free program
  • Yurio, I want more Yurio and Mila too. 
  • Looking forward to the Free program next episode XD