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I’m gonna stream some spirit idea drawings (similar to these ones) tomorrow at 2PM (GMT+1) 

stream will be on my picarto channel 

if you have an idea for a spirit you wanna see me draw pls send it to me via ask/IM/reply to this post right here!! I’ll draw them during the stream and some of my own spirits

i’m sorry but how the hell is tony stark selfish? the man flew a fucking missile into OUTER SPACE knowing that there was a chance he could die, but lived and ended up suffering from ptsd from it. also the man made his company stop selling weapons after seeing how dangerous they could be and seeing it in the arms of terrorists. let’s not also forget that he went after his mentor when he learned that he was dealing under the table. this is also the same man who tried to create ultron with the idea of helping the world when the avengers can’t (like oh idk when there’s some random ass alien invasion???). he also wanted accountability for his team, since they’ve destroyed manhattan, dropped a city, which resulted in MANY lives lost, also let’s not forget the incident in lagos, where people died. he also was most likely the one hooking up his team with nice gear, the same team where most of them turned their backs on him to help a guy who seemed more worried about the safety of one friend, which resulted in all their arrests when st//ve and the friend got out fine. 

but tony stark is the selfish one of the group?

okay i’m going to go ahead and type up some of my thoughts here. It’s gonna be a little shorter than I thought originally, and also please keep in mind that i’m kinda dumb and i’m no meta writer or like.. a good theorist (unless we are playing the How Wrong Will Carol Be This Month game) so i’m not like… good at it. Here’s my snk 93 Ymir thoughts and some thoughts in general about the current state of things.

don’t expect greatness.

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People acting like Bitty’s going to forget about Ollie and Wicks next year like a) if they’re close enough with the rest of the team to get dibs the there’s a good chance Bitty told them about him and Jack off camera and b) y'all don’t think gay people are 100% aware of their in/out of the closet status with every person they interact with?? Lmao that’s cute

I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Well, I’m back at it again, I hope you have more fun than last time lmao

Chapters: 0, 1

According to this legend, people are drawn to each other. Their atoms were near, close to each other when the universe was created and over time the same atoms keep coming back together and no matter how far they are from the others, they will always find their way back. Also when two people meet once, even by slightest accident, they will keep being drawn again and again until they are in one place.

Chapter 2 /or/ about physics, paying attention and friendships

“I hate physics.” Gastón whines as soon as they leave said class. “I also can’t believe, Matteo, you didn’t want to help me with that exercise.” He pouts and frowns making his friends chuckle at him.

“I am sure you don’t hate physics, bro,” Matteo winks, “at least not every kind of physics.”

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