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Episode 9

Prediction: Both visions will come true. Likely some traumatic event involving the death of her friends will push Rey over the edge into Hulk Smash mode. This will prompt Ben to pull his head out of his ass and accept the light to pull her from the brink. Probably along the lines of “I did the same and it didn’t work. Learn from my mistakes. Let’s hug this shit out.”

id be lying if i said the replies in sw’s tumblr post about greeting rian happy birthday didnt break my heart.

but if you think about it, its quite funny how they all say the exact same thing:

“retire bitch”

like rian’s literal response to that is “???” which means he doesnt give a damn about your “u ruined sw” shitty conplaints bc he’s done the deed. its history now. you cant erase it. its there FOREVER. sooo enjoy seeing/hearing this movie for the rest of your miserable life :))

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I dont really see jonathan becoming more confident between season 1 and season 2 do you mind explaining what you mean?

Hmmm, so I guess I was thinking that while Jonathan has actually always seemed comfortable doing his own thing and being alone, he was more comfortable with owning it in conversations with people this season. So, I was thinking in particular of the sort of ease/confidence/humor he has in the Vonnegut/Talking Heads scene with Nancy in the hallway. 

And even moments like saying “I’m going as the guy who hates parties”–it was self-deprecating, but it was just like: hey this just who I am (although, honestly, the Kiss “joke” ruins that). So, there were a few moments in those first two episodes. But then, of course, he’s basically relegated to the background and kind of isn’t allowed to speak for several episodes. So I’d have to think if it is maintained or not–he spends a lot of the Murray section seemingly just puzzled by things. It’s so hard b/c we don’t get his POV all season; it makes it difficult to feel out what was really going on in his head. But I guess you can even take things like he kisses her first as little marks of his confidence being different. So I was wondering what between s1 and s2 caused that. 



Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Paulding Lights have been a local mystery for years. These lights show up and act like no lights should. They hover, they spin, they go up to sit in the trees, and then they disappear. Even years of research have not revealed what these lights are or what they want.


In the Hessdalen Valley of Norway, these lights are a common sight. They show up, they gleam at around ground level, and then they disappear, leaving no sign of what they are or where they came from. Whether they are ghosts sending messages from beyond or some kind of extraterrestrial signal remains a mystery.

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Just wanted to make an announcement for what I’ve been planning recently!!!

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From there, Admin Keiji and I will decide whether or not the last requests are things we can work on or if we will just empty the ask box and open it for the holidays!

So YES the ask box will be opened for Christmas Day, and possibly the week after, as a holiday special!

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SECONDLY! For the master list! Iva exercised to start fixing it in a different way - instead of having all our links on a single page, I will most likely have one page per character (and add as the links become too much)

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THIRDLY!! Forever ago I mentioned an interest of mine to make an AU for Daichi in which his s/o is Hispanic and is called home for a engagement party and he tags along! I’m DEFINITELY going to create that! More for my enjoyment, but I hope you all will be excited for the ride!

If you think I’ve missed anything to include on this announcement, please let me kno!! If you have any feedback or questions, definitely feel free to contact us!

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Favourite Parts of B99 Fall Finale
  • Rosa is the most private person on the team and yet Jake has met her parents once before
  • Jake’s lock screen is the cutest picture of him and Amy showing off the engagement ring
  • Rosa getting emotional when her parents didn’t accept her 
  • Rosa’s dad, the tougher one out of her parents, being the first one to accept her and calling her “mija”
  • Amy failing at winking
  • Rosa drawing a lesbian wedding and her mom guessing anything but that (”two women opening up a chocolate shop!”)
  • Holt hugging Rosa and telling her how proud he is of her
  • Charles deciding to stop saying “bye” so he wouldn’t out Rosa
  • Gina: “We would have made a hot ass couple” Rosa: “Agreed”
  • Rosa refusing to answer any questions about her dating life/girlfriend cuz she’s still the same private Rosa
  • Rosa explaining how she first realized she was bi in middle school while watching Saved By The Bell
  • Jake being the most supportive friend
  • Jake being bisexual foreshadowing 
  • 99 Family Game Night
  • “The Godfather” references
  • Amy putting her bare feet up on the chair 
  • Kyle, that’s all
  • Gina and Terry bonding over parenting
  • Enigma
  • Gina referring to the team as her friends

Poor man is falling to pieces ain’t he? He just couldn’t hold himself together. He really got dealt the wrong hand when facing the CupBros, I’d hate for him to crack up over it. But I guess sometimes that is just how the dice roll.