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“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me you were a lesbian?”
“’Thank god you finally said it’?”
“After that.”
“…’You better find a girl who deserves you’.”
“Yes! That! And this might be so shocking to you, but a murderous vampire isn’t what I had in mind!!”

Carmilla + Favorite Familial Relationship: Laura Hollis+Dad (requested by @bi-dominusrex)

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Hello, sweetie. Can you please recommend some legacies or stories that you like? I am super bored right now and I trust your good taste! You are awesome! Thank u in advance.

ooo ok i really like @grilledcowplant, @thenooboocrew, @simswillsim, @cellblocksimmer, @fangflower, @glitchysims, @simtzu, @sleepingsimmer, @pxelmango, @poolbrop, @plumbobus, @randomcoffeesimmer, @simvair, @oasisprings, @saartje77, @mummasim, @kismet-sims, @lunarr-sims, @pixelb0mb, @ceiuu, @bratsims, @partihaus, @simgerale@cabsim@simsterically@nadehzdia & @evesimmies
also @soft-almond might be posting gameplay v soon!!!!!!!

and this is why karuta is so exciting. [insp]

for some reason there’s been a lost of posts about jaywalking on my dash today and it just reminds me of how in my city, jaywalking is like, the only way people cross the street. there’s sidewalks, but no one uses them. drivers just learn that pedestrians have the right of way wherever they’re trying to cross. and it’s legal here too. in the states i know it’s not, and one time i was in hawaii and everyone was standing around at an intersection waiting patiently to cross, and my friends and i were like “lol no” and crossed the street before the lights changed and people were SCANDALIZED. Like, there were audible gasps, people were staring at us, it was wild.

They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)

A feelgood fluffy Zelink Fic masterpost

I’ll add more later, but I feel like this is something that’s been overdue for a while.

SS–Lessons in Chivalry

Post SS–Unearnable

Modern Au–Highmoon

Post OoT–Straight Shooter

Modern AU–So Like Link

Modern Au--Fatal Illness (not as ominous as it sounds. promise!)

OoT– Among the Fortress 

Post OoT– Close Return

SS– Wake up, Link!

And heck, here’s a couple of cute ones I’ve written myself

Post TP–Fear Her

Post HW–untitled

If you need a little cheering up, and your life is also consumed by two pointy-eared dorks like mine is, try reading some of these! Also, feel free to add your own favourites to the list!

earlier this week, i spent the evening of my birthday in the presence of one of my absolute favourite human beings, watching him perform the lead role in my favourite play, at a level that was just completely out of this world, and there hasn’t been half an hour since then that i haven’t thought about it

Shitty's Flow/Jack's Ass OTP: The Samwell Men’s Hockey Team Tumblr

For the @omgcp-tropechallenge #6 Social Media // on AO3

Someone runs a Samwell Men’s Hockey Team tumblr. No one’s really sure who. Most people, when they hear about it, they think it’s going to be Jack Zimmermann’s ass and Shitty’s flow and Nursey’s flower crown and Ransom’s perfect cheekbones.

And it is. Sometimes.

(Okay, it’s always Ransom’s perfect cheekbones.  Seriously.  There are so many close-ups of Ransom’s cheekbones.  Occasionally you get lucky and see the corner of his eye or really lucky and see the corner of his mouth.)

Mostly it’s Bitty from six different angles chasing after Shitty, wielding a wooden spoon and shouting angrily at him. Shitty has a pie held above his head; his face is triumphant. There’s a shot of some kind of pastry strewn across the kitchen floor of the Haus, Bitty waving a serving tray at a group of cowering men all larger and taller than him but definitely less scary than him. It’s a series of shots of various hockey players and one hockey manager sneaking mini pies from the kitchen while Bitty’s back is turned, and then the reaction shot when Bitty turns around and finds another pie gone.

It’s Holster sniffing his armpit. There’s a #sniff it sniff it good tag dedicated to Holster sniffing his armpit and it has 36 pages.



There’s one picture of Nursey wearing a flower crown, but then, inexplicably, there’s a picture of the flower crown on the ground, a single brittle red leaf on top of it. That’s followed by a series of pictures of Nursey with a single red leaf on top of his head, tangled in his hair.

#Nursey’s pet

Sometimes there are pictures of notes taken in classes or of homework. One shot shows a page of tiny, cramped handwriting that fills the whole page. It’s illegible. A close up shot shows it to be a Sid Crosby/Kent Parson fanfic written on top of a calculus assignment. Another shows sketches of hockey plays in the margins of class notes. (The tags and replies on this one are all variations of JACK ZIMMERMANN.) One notebook is covered in sketches of sharks. There’s a picture of a perfectly typed, 10-page paper. 12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced. Numerous attributions. A bibliography three pages long in APA format with a backup version in MLA format. There’re no tags on the post, but when you read the paper, it’s an ode to The Corner Jockey complete with proposed owners of said jockstrap. Someone has written on it in red ink: HOLSTER, IT’S YOUR JOCKSTRAP

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Pen Talks: Fictionkin

(6/17/17) You are all going to laugh so hard because it was like, Two? weeks ago that I was like “Oh no, they aren’t fictionkin, they are just multiverse connections” and now, about a ton of meditation over said two weeks later and I’m like “HA What a pretentious idiot I was.” Because, lo and behold. They are not “multiverse connections” they are indeed past lives that are very much Me and not separate lives. This is a classic example of what we call: DENIAL. 

Anyone want to hear my process here? Of course not, no one reads these. (SIDE NOTE: I’m annoyed with myself and sleep deprived, so this is Extra Salty today, I apologize). Here was what I went through. After that one semi successful contact with a “multiverse connection,” (which if I’m being honest was more likely than not just a thing my mind made up and not really a conversation with a past life) It opened up a floodgate of crazy feelings that I could make no sense of. I was feeling strong emotions for certain characters, getting random “vibes” that I didn’t get and that had no basis in anything, and after barely getting any sleep last night because of one of these characters (And also a party, that didn’t help, I was up till midnight to begin with then this? I’m tired guys), I said enough is enough. So I sat down for an hour ish past life regression to figure this crap out, and got some damn answers. Finally. 

To start with, I got a ton of memories for two of my lives (Lucifer Morningstar and Milady De Winter, if anyone is interested. No one is,) and a few for another life (Fox Alistair, but again, no one cares). And the way those memories came and felt, and the way the past life regression worked, with me actually getting first person memories, and the way I couldn’t help but think of those lives? There is now no doubt in my mind that I am freaking fictionkin with at least 4, if not 6 (need to do more exploring on those other two) characters. 

Freaking great. I did NOT WANT THIS!!! I did not want to be fictionkin dang it!! I am SALTY and ANGRY!!! Its bad enough I have to hate myself for my gender and sexuality, now I’ve got to hate this too?? Why oh why didn’t I just continue repressing these??? I mean, on one hand I am glad I did this, because like. i got some good memories. But on the other… frick. 

But whatever. Don’t worry about me, I’ll get over this once I relax a bit and get used to having so many kintypes. I really didn’t want to be one of those people who just have so many (Not that there is anything wrong with that!! You can’t help it!! I just suck at taking my own advice!!!!!!). Anyways…

Cut & Run Masterpost.

Yo people. I tried to… do something ? It feels like more people have been asking for other persons blogging about c&r lately and my rise in followers might be more new people finding about this tumblr than new people starting the series but I thought this could be usefull anyway ? This has been mostly done going through my tags and obviously there are a lot of writers and artists I don’t know and you have to add my lame memory to the mix so obviously I don’t feel satisfied and this thing has to be completed (so feel free to add stuff/names).

→ from abiroux

→ usefull stuff :

→ meta :

malady579 is probably my reference when I think about meta on this fandom but you can read really good stuff from other people and I’ll quote amirosebooks, writingabeautifuldisasteryouredirtykels.

→ people who write fics and headcanons :

→ people who do fanart and graphics :

→ also to check :

hi i would just like to say that i love @urfookinjob so so much and that i wish i could take all the negative thoughts about yourself away from you cause you’re truly one of the best people i know. you’re an incredibly beautiful person inside and out and everyday i thank my lucky stars that i met you and was given the chance to know you. it’s been wonderful and i look forward to the many years of friendship ahead of us.


Edge of Seventeen by @alwaysimming!

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

nobody tagged me but I’ve really been picturing how Mantis must have been as a teenager. he definitely wouldn’t have been the type to go to prom. he wasn’t a cool kid, and he didn’t really want anything to do with them, he would be too busy reading comic books and listening to the best punk albums. obviously, he lost a lot of weight in college.

I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet! I wanna see some awkward beans!