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“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me you were a lesbian?”
“’Thank god you finally said it’?”
“After that.”
“…’You better find a girl who deserves you’.”
“Yes! That! And this might be so shocking to you, but a murderous vampire isn’t what I had in mind!!”

Carmilla + Favorite Familial Relationship: Laura Hollis+Dad (requested by @bi-dominusrex)

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So my favorite trope is accidental dating, in all its variations:

  • neither of them are aware of it but they’re totally in a committed relationship (see: Merthur).
  • one of them thinks they’re in a relationship and that the other one knows it but the other one is actually oblivious (see: Otayuri, Zimbits).
  • one of them wants to be in a relationship and knows they’re basically in one but also knows the other doesn’t know it (see Steve/Tony, Arthur/Eames)

And I would like to note here how delicious this all becomes with OT3. Namely, I am super into it when two of them are together first, and they have conversations where they whine about their love for the third, and conversations in which they scheme about getting the third to like them (see: Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire) or, later, getting the third to REALIZE WE’RE ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP GOSH DARN IT (see: Sam/Steve/Bucky). 

Happy Endings For The Queens 2/6: Anne Boleyn - youngest child of Marguerite of Navarre marries Prince Henry of England (the grandson of Henry VIII & Queen Katherine). Their long reign is known for their enduring love and Anne’s status as a beloved Queen who patronised charities, the arts and even several works of literature and music written by Anne herself. Their eight children include the Tudor Triplets (Arthur, William & Eleanor), their oldest son King Edward & Princess Margaret, later Queen of Spain.

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Last song I listened to: cold wind blows - emine.m (in my defense, it was on the radio)
Last movie I watched: a gh.ibli movie w my pals! dont remember which one tho
Top three TV shows:
1. one piec.e
2. nar.uto
3. hann.ibal
Top three characters:
1. zo.ro
2. luff.y
3. sasuk.e
Top three ships:
1. zo.lu
2. zos.anlu
3. sasuna.ru  

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They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)

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the writing tag on fuckyeasamwilson obviously has a lot if not all of the good t'cham fic, but I need volunteer(s) to go through the archive and tag the main pairing so people can reference, since the writing tag is officially huge.

HERE is a search I did on ao3 with T'Challa/Sam as the main pairing (not a single st*cky pairing in any fic). I hope that helps!!!

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I also love reading your tags


A feelgood fluffy Zelink Fic masterpost

I’ll add more later, but I feel like this is something that’s been overdue for a while.

SS–Lessons in Chivalry

Post SS–Unearnable

Modern Au–Highmoon

Post OoT–Straight Shooter

Modern AU–So Like Link

Modern Au--Fatal Illness (not as ominous as it sounds. promise!)

OoT– Among the Fortress 

Post OoT– Close Return

SS– Wake up, Link!

And heck, here’s a couple of cute ones I’ve written myself

Post TP–Fear Her

Post HW–untitled

If you need a little cheering up, and your life is also consumed by two pointy-eared dorks like mine is, try reading some of these! Also, feel free to add your own favourites to the list!

story time: so last year I ended up on a dating site and I started talking to this guy, he lived really near me and seemed quite nice, we started texting, then he wanted to meet and bc I’m an anxious mess and the thought of meeting someone new terrified me I basically catfished the poor bloke, stopped talking to him, deleted his number, deleted my dating profile, everything and then I moved on with my life.

anyway, fast forward to now. I went out to a restaurant this evening and guess who was our waiter? Catfish Man. I’m p sure he wouldn’t have recognised me so it was only awkward on my part but OH MY GOD I HATE LIVING IN A TINY TOWN LMAO

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You have a very cute art style!!! : )

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 

Cut & Run Masterpost.

Yo people. I tried to… do something ? It feels like more people have been asking for other persons blogging about c&r lately and my rise in followers might be more new people finding about this tumblr than new people starting the series but I thought this could be usefull anyway ? This has been mostly done going through my tags and obviously there are a lot of writers and artists I don’t know and you have to add my lame memory to the mix so obviously I don’t feel satisfied and this thing has to be completed (so feel free to add stuff/names).

→ from abiroux

→ usefull stuff :

→ meta :

malady579 is probably my reference when I think about meta on this fandom but you can read really good stuff from other people and I’ll quote amirosebooks, writingabeautifuldisasteryouredirtykels.

→ people who write fics and headcanons :

→ people who do fanart and graphics :

→ also to check :

the difference between mark and markiplier





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making fancy tags!

          disclaimer: all the tags included in this post were inspired by other role players but thrown together by myself; anything matching anyone else’s tags is entirely coincidental.  that being said, feel free to copy mine if you want!

          there are a lot of big pros and cons to having fancy tags.  the biggest upside, obviously, is that they’re really pretty!  they can add a lot of aesthetic flair to your posts, but they can also be a pain in the butt.  special characters and long quotes mean you have to either save them to a text document or do frequent tag-dumps so they’ll show up in your suggested tags.  you should also be sure to include a link to a page of your tags, especially if you want people to be able to easily search through your memes and open starters!

          i have a few blogs that utilize very simple tags, and some that have more complicated tags, and they usually reflect the character’s personality.  quotes can be fun, if you want to put the time and effort into finding them.  lyrics are a good way to start, or taking things that your character likes (books, movies, poetry), and if your character is part of a fandom, grabbing quotes from their books/movies is also a really good way to keep with the aesthetic feel of the character and their universe.

          examples below the cut!

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Aelin’s arc in Heir of Fire is one of the best and more resonantly written examples of depression and grief I’ve ever seen in any series, never mind one of this genre. I’m glad the author took time to give us this insight into her, she describes it incredibly well. It’s a very moving, emotional piece and I’m glad she took the time to linger on, actually not only Aelin but all of the characters emotional and psychological responses to what’s happened to them because it’s something that too many authors simply skate over and ignore for the sake of piling on more trauma and drama that becomes less and less meaningful because there is never any resonance or real consequences explored through the narrative.

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Why does this make you more anxious about Louis and Liam??

Anon 2:  Why are you anxious (about anxiety?) for Louis and Liam? Not Harry and Niall? The way you read their personalities? Can you elaborate? Thank you.

This is in response to the post about Zayn cancelling his Dubai concert - where I wrote the following in the tags:

#I expected this #But it is really sad #I have so many questions about how this ended up happening #I think it is absolutely the consequence of treating people like commodities #Like they all were #But to launch straight forward #into more of the same #seems so so foolish #I don’t know if it’s worse if it was contractual #Or as a result of what people believed about Zayn #And what he believed about himself #He needed time #Probably lots of other things as well #But definitely that #(I’m more convinced than ever that his leaving wasn’t planned - anticipated maybe but no planned) #(this also makes me really anxious about Louis and Lima)

It’s not really personality based - or even about anxiety.  It’s about not having a break.

Obviously I don’t know what happened with Zayn, but what has always stood out to me is how little time he had.  Less than a year after leaving this intense job, brand and identity that had consumed everything about him since he was 17 he was out there selling himself as the new authentic Zayn.  And that’s just bullshit.  

What Zayn needed then, what they all need now, is space to find out who they are when they’re not performing in so many different ways.  Space to heal their wounds, but also just space to figure out that parts of them might move differently if they had the freedom to build their muscles up. 

I think Niall and Harry’s hiatuses have provided them with real space.  Niall travelled in relative anonymity and then spent some time travelling the tube and doing other things he likes.  Harry has thrown himself into something very new - where he gets to meet new people and have new challenges.

Liam and Louis could have some of both of those things (particularly Lima who has been been MIA so much) - both the leisure and a new type of work, a new way of expressing themselves.  But they could also not have had those things.  It’s difficult to imagine this being a good time for Louis - even harder once you remember the comment Jay left on his instagram.

They’re in a dangerous profession - my fears aren’t really specific but general.  What they are doing takes it’s toll on your wellbeing. They are the best decision makers in their own, difficult lives.  But I do think the lack of a proper break must have made things worse for Zayn and thinking about that does make me worry about Louis (and Liam, but mostly Louis).

when i went to my first con as a homestuck i met a bunch of other cosplayers and we were sitting around in a circle when i noticed my BRO IS DED post was just about to hit 10k and i got excited so i exclaimed it out loud and nearly everyone in the circle had apparently seen the post on tumblr and freaked out because they had no idea that was me and that was it, that was the epitome of my fame, nothing will probably ever top that moment tbh

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so what are some Canadian stereotypes that are actually true? (aboot, really?)

i mean, is it wrong to picture u talking like terrence and philip?

Okay look the “aboot” thing is because you weird Americans open your mouths wide enough to eat an entire patriotic baseball when you say “about” (Abaaaahwt? really?!) whereas Canadians open their mouths a normal amount for saying words and not gargling sports equipment

Also no our entire faces do not disassemble when speaking


  • Eat maple syrup directly out of snow with a stick
  • Apologize to people when you were at fault, when they were at fault, when you weren’t even involved in the incident, or when you moderately inconvenience an inanimate object
  • Talk about hockey even if you don’t like hockey
  • Born knowing how to a) skate b) balance while walking on ice and c) paddle a canoe
  • Eat beaver tails
  • Walk around in -40C weather in leggings/jeans because it is literally never “too cold” to do something.
  • Everyone has at least several variations on flannel
  • “Eh”

Anyway here’s a good summary from Kate Beaton: