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Just finished Episode 3


Everything is just so beautiful! The dialogues, the plot, the every single detail. I have SO MANY impressions that I don’t know where to start. I have so many feels that I twice went out from the computer to just silently lay on my bed in tears because this was too much (BUT YISS GIVE ME ALL OF THAT). 

That full moment with Clem and bat was so epic and even though there was only one flashback about her I loved how she was involved into the episode, a lot, like in Season 1???? so I didn’t even feel uncomfortable and wasn’t afraid about her screen time. It even felt like TFTBL?? 

I crashed Badger’s head and I loved how Clem was on my side when Jesus started jesusing and what she said to defent Javier and how she even told us about Kenny & Carver (she watched it in my imported playthrough)

AND THAT OPTION TO HUG CLEM it felt so real and lifelike that we’re all people and we all have emotions and feel hurt even when we’re some apocalypse badass 

buuut THIS one little dialogue just killed me to death

AND THAT MUSIC from past seasons in this moment, it was so amazing to feel all of this! 

I still don’t like David and don’t believe him though and I was on the anxious seat till the last minutes of the episode tbh. But it was also an amazing plot twist about rulers of Richmond and all that system and all that undercover stuff Joan did.  

@telltalegames did a great job for this episode of one of my lifetime favourite games, I really feel like I’m again in the past, 2 years ago when it took my heart and this episode just took it again. I just want to send you all the best wishes and huge thanks for all the soul you put into this episode. Can’t wait for next ones to rip my heart again lol

If we’re being real here Alpha Dave’s shitty .jpegs were canonly so shitty they gave the person who bought them money. So I propose the following:

Dave and Rose’s ultimate act as anti-consumerism jesuses was to saturate the economy Neopets-style by generating so much excess cash from nowhere that hyperinflation causes the USD to plummet, whereby flatlining the 1% and forcing the American people (as well as the rest of the world) to resort to a local bartering system rather than depend on purchasing their basic necessities from megacorporations who may or may not want to take over the Earth.

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If Kaneki could be Satan/Jesus as the protoganist. What is Amon role then ? Isn't he the second protoganist ? Your mythological background is some high level stuff, so, I would like to know what you are thinking ? And is UI role is only to worship the reaper forever or will he finally overcome the reaper ?

Amon also suffers from a martyr complex, he literally wears a cross around his neck. It’s pretty much the only distinguishing fact of his character design besides his eyebrows. It really can’t get more obvious in that fact.

Every role which Kaneki could be said to have, Amon reflects in some way. While Kaneki is Odin a one eyed wanderer looking for truth, Amon is the one who wanders in a cloak for over half of Re: in what he states himself was him meditating and trying to find some purpose in the world now that he had been robbed of his place as a CCG investigator. 

If Kaneki is a person who suffers from great persecution while being half of two things, ghoul and human. Then so is Amon, and as said before he literally wears a cross around his neck, and in many scenes throws himself into suffering rather than watch his companions. He even just before Takizawa and him are taken, yells at Takizawa to just run away and leave him behind. 

If Kaneki is a demon who was a former angel cast away from paradise, and now seeks to either return to that place or remake the entire world into a new paradise. Then Amon was thrown away from the CCG, and his only method of redeeming himself at the moment is to be of service to his former comrades, to be a savior for Takizawa, or a mentor for Akira. Both of these roles though, are self serving in a way. As Amon did not even spare a thought to see if Takizawa was alright after they were both finally in the same area.

The question is what exactly is the purpose of having two jesuses running around. Well there is something to be said about Ishida liking his foils, Kaneki might as well have a spider web of the characters who foil him at this point. As for Amon being a deuteragonist, I’ve never really believed that to be canon? He’s more like a character that got a lot of screentime in Tokyo Ghoul. If there was a deuteragonist to Kaneki it would probably be Touka, the second female major character. 

Amon’s journey and Kaneki’s journey could be said to be deliberately set up as opposites. When Amon was secure in the CCG Kaneki was thrown out into the world of ghoul’s. When Kaneki was in the security of the CCG it was Amon braving the world of ghouls. 

It could also perhaps be a lesser echo. Rather than somebody like Kaneki who at least actively embraces his cross, Amon is somebody who throws it away to somebody else. If Amon was the deuteragonist of Tokyo Ghoul, than in :Re Takizawa has far surpassed him in screentime, development and importance. Despite being just a minor character in Tokyo Ghoul. 

Which could be seen as bad writing unless it was specifically framed as the point. That Amon does not actually want to live up to the role of a religious zealot, of a scapegoat, of a cross bearer that he has assigned himself. Amon could be a working demonstration that the role of protagonist is not something to be envied. In fact it could be something one runs away from rather than embraces.

Especially since most of what was established of Amon’s character before his massive change broke him, was that he was a person who did not run away no matter the challenge.

Then again I’m not exactly sure on that either. It could be that Amon and Kaneki were just as what they were foreshadowed to be in Tokyo Ghoul with no irony, two people with two keys coming from opposite sides of the ghoul and human world together to unlock the cage together. After all the cage which constrains both humans and ghouls has two locks, one on each end.

As for Ui, I don’t think any character in this manga is doomed. The point I was making when analyzing his worship of the reaper is that his well has run dry. No matter how much he digs in it, he’ll find no water, only dirt.

The CCG’s hope has already been told that his quest is hopeless and yet he continues. Perhaps that could speak of his strength rather than his weakness though, as what Ui is seeking is not to pervert life and death for it’s own sake, but rather to give himself a reason. 

He is not looking for Hairu specifically to revive but rather to give himself a reason to fight. The same way that chaining himself to the reaper gives him an excuse to fight with such passion when people with nothing to protect do not fight to their last.

“There are only two ways that a person can live. Live beautifully or live for the sake of someone beautiful.”

“What about those who have neither?”

“They go mad and die.”

It comes back to Nico’s quote. All Ui really needs to be able to stand, to be able to fight is a reason. He’s trying currently to find that reason in death, in somebody whose already gone.

There are however, other people that Ui could live for. I think if anybody is going to be the one to stand up for the Oggai finally, and see them as children who were manipulated and used rather than evil monsters and weapons is Ui. Especially since if there is a character who is going to learn about the garden reveal it’s Ui. Everyone he loves is either attached to (Take, Sasaki) or from, (Furuta, Arima, Hairu) the garden. 

If he were to find a reason to live in protecting those children, the remnants of the garden. It would at least be less selfish than his current attempts to revive Hairu against her wishes. 

“Come to Jesus” (spoilers)

American Gods, S01E08 [season finale]

- Bilquis comes to America and it is one of the best.

- Anasi is a tailor that specializes in spider silk.

- The New Gods gave Bilquis an app to get her back on her feet… back? And now she arguably has more power than they expected.

- Easter’s eyeshadow is wonderful.

- So many Jesuses.

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I feel like Andy would secretly be obsessed with Jesus, and have his room covered in Crucified Jesuses and have Bibles and Jesus action figure hidden jnside drawers all around the house #makeitcanon

he’s actually Jewish

I feel like there should have been at least 2 more episodes in this season… They left a lot hanging. They must have known season 2 was in the bag while writing it but still

Also why would Shadow continue to follow Wednesday after this? Wednesday’s just as bad (if not worse) as Media, Tech Boy and Mr World. They all just want to be worshipped, they don’t give a shit about the people they want to worship them. Eostre destroying all those crops showed that. Honestly the only decent people in this seems to be Shadow, Salim and maaayyybee Mad Sweeney. At least their whole arcs don’t revolve around killing people or subjugating them

Looking forward to wherever they take the show next, though I worry house on the rock will have to wait until the NEXT season finale somehow… 🙄

I give the finale 4/5 jesuses 😏

American Gods 1.08, subtitled I Asked And I MFin Received, featuring such hits as

  • Shadow Moon in a gold robe
  • Mr Nancy bein just as extra as he pleases
  • Shadow Moon in a snappy suit
  • Bilquis!!!!!!!
  • a confederacy of Jesuses
  • blushing Shadow, smiling Shadow, big ball of hnng
  • Gillian Anderson’s entire existence
  • mild theological debate
  • Shadow Moon closeups
  • “what the fuck do you think gods do? they fuck with us
  • amber waves of grain? snatched
  • a delightfully glitchy Mr World
  • did I mention Shadow Moon because, uh. Shadow Moon