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Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.6

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, cum play, oral, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

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“Ughh” Jin grunts, as he dumps the heavy bagged object on the ground. He turned around, when he heard another thud, from where his youngest brother dropped another bag.

“Does it not bother you?” the 16yr old Jungkook, choked out. His doe eyes were shot wide open, as he stared with immense guilt at the large objects on the ground. He was clenching his fists, afraid that he may break if he looked at his eldest brother.

Jin, honestly didn’t know how to deal with Jungkook. It was always normal to feel bad after completing their father’s tasks, but eventually you’d have to get used to it. But for some reason, Jungkook was never able to become immune to his emotions.

He let out a frustrated sigh, as he looks at his little brother, “Of course it does. You just have to get used to it.”

“Used to this? H-how can anyone live like this?” the boy shakes, trying to control his anger.

“Jungkook, it’s out of our hands. We must always follow father’s orders.”

“How could you even refer to him as a father?! You know what kind of man he is! You know what he did to all of our mothers…” he sobs.

Jin was losing his composure as the boy continued. He knew their father was a vile human being, who was most likely the human form of the devil himself, but he just had to accept it. Everyone of his six brothers came to terms with that, except Jungkook. He was different from the rest.

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Did Syaoran just kick a stone snake in the face and break it? No wait, there are two of them. Did he just kick two stone snakes in the face and break both of them in a single kick?

It’s gotta run in the family, right? Kurogane will be so proud. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well, he makes a good point. 

What is he gonna do? Use magic

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Just how much do you love dave?

i can give you a really cheesy answer i use when talking to people i love ok are you ready for this

imagine a string thats tied around my heart. then it wraps around my body completely, covering every last inch of me. then it goes and travels all the way across state border into oklahoma and past oklahoma and it goes down and passes every single one of my friends all over the us and it completely covers them in string too and then it nyooms all the way over taiwan and india and russia and it makes sure to stop in every single country in the world. it says hi to my friends in australia and the uk and covers every square inch of them too. and then it goes around the world again. how many more times? lots more times and then it zooms into space. it wraps itself around the moon and around every planet and moon and asteroid in our solar system. it heads out of our universe into the infinite space filled with infinite universes and it zooms around until it finds the universe dave is in and it finds him and ties around his heart too and it says hi to john and jade and dirk and davepeta and everyone and then it goes and it finds skaia and it wraps around the towers, and it goes out into the medium and greets the horrorterrors and stuff and it zooms through allll the dream bubbles and then it wraps itself around the green sun and it turns around and it traces that exact path over again, therefore doubling its length until that string is all the way back at me and tied around my heart. 

the length of that string in millimeters is approximately 1/1025 of how much i love dave. 

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I have a quick question if the admin, if you don't mind: Why do you draw Kaito, Meiko, and Luka as their V3/V4 designs (respectively), but draw Miku, Rin, and Len as their original release designs? Thank you in advance for answering! I love your blog! <3

((Aesthetic.  Nahhh I’m kidding haha well partially. The reason Kai and Mei are their V3′s is because when you meet them in Project Diva X they’re in their V3s! That’s really the only reason…I like their V3s though! The rest are in their original release designs because their models are in them for concerts and such. Except Luka…confession: I’m not a big fan of drawing Luka’s OG outfit and since she has a V4X module I figured I’d put her in that. I put a lot of thought into everything so I’m sorry there’s not more to why I chose the ones I did but yeah. I’m sure I’ll mix ‘em up from time to time. Put Miku in her V3, put Kagas in their V4Xs etc. c: those are just the ones I will consider their absolute defaults c: Glad you’re loving the blog! I’m doin my best~))


cute to the maaaxx


Watching tv in the living room. Saw this out of the corner of me eye. What the fuck!! I know all the rain we’re having is bringing the creepy crawlers to the house– but just NO!!! And you can’t step on something that huge and the husband is asleep. So I was gonna sweep it out when my daughter let it crawl onto a paper towel and threw it out by the mailbox at the street.

      Will we walk all night through solitary streets? The trees add shade to shade, lights out in the houses, we’ll both be lonely.
      Will we stroll dreaming of the lost America of love past blue automobiles in driveways, home to our silent cottage?
—  Allen Ginsberg, A Supermarket in California (Berkeley, 1955).