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So where does that end, Frank? Because I look at you and my heart breaks because all I can see is just this endless, echoing loneliness. I’m not lonely, Karen. Bullshit. We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we’re just- we’re just fighting not to be alone. So what do you want, Karen? What should I do? Should I let it go? No, but I want there to be an after. For you.


Happy Steven Moffat appreciation day!

‘Heroes are important. History books tell us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, but heroes tell us who we want to be and a lot of our heroes depress me. But you know when they made this particular hero (The Doctor), they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. And not a tank or warship or X-wing fighter. They gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray. They gave him an extra heart. They give him two hearts and that’s an extraordinary thing because I don’t think there will ever be a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.’

can we talk about how frank is the one to initiate the forehead touch in the elevator? he just leans into her and that’s it, he looks like he’s lost in the moment. and then karen backs away and you can see his eyes snap open like he forgot where he was. it’s such a reversal from their final scene in DDS2 in the woods where karen is reaching out, trying everything she can to bring him back over to her side of the line even though he ultimately shuts her out. I think it speaks volumes that frank is the one to initiate here and karen is the one who eventually pulls away and lets him leave because she knows he has to. their relationship, undefined and unlabeled, has changed and I think they both feel that. jon said it best, it definitely means something.