... i'm only half joking

totally 100% canon theory: 

moana and maui end up with matching tattoos in the future. Moana’s got one of Maui, and Maui’s got one of her. If they’re standing close enough together, the two tattoos look like they’re high fiving.

A very serious and educational art lesson:

Jean Michel Basquiat is an american artist from the late 70′s, he is well known for his primitivist/neo-expressionist paintings and also for his frequent use of crowns (sort of his trademark):

he was good friends with the ever so wonderful Keith Haring,

who even created Pile of Crowns for Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1988.

Harry (Styles) loves JM Basquiat, (he even calls him The King, i love harry)


my insider confirms that harry bought the shirt

Simple pop culture magic curse

Cursing doesn’t have to be complicated or drawn out. Sometimes, easy is best. Take a tip out of Calcifer’s book and curse their ability to enjoy a nice hearty breakfast. Best for low-level revenge when you’re irritated with someone. Preferably say it in their company, while they’re cooking bacon.

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