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k Tord headcanons post! I’ll try to keep it nice and clean but keep in mind you’re always free to ask me questions since I know it’s hard to go through my chaotic train of thoughts and bad grammar. 

  • Either comes from a large family or an orphan. I couldn’t decide which option I like better, as both have their own benefits for developing his character and could create different backstory plot lines. 
  • A genuine communist, but hides it due to worldwide beliefs. Perhaps some traumatic event happened, like a death of a family member if we go for the large family option (like Lenin’s brother got executed for trying to kill The Emperor and it turned him against the government), or he simply craves for changes.  
  • Pretty hardworking when he wants to be. That kind of person who can work for 24 hours straight and won’t complain, but only if he feels that the deal is important. Otherwise don’t even expect him to move a finger. 
  • Sleeps 2 hours. Lives on coffee. 
  • Rarely acknowledges his strengths. 
  • Kinda got used to the “weeb creep” image and doesn’t want people to know he’s much more than that. Really secretive and almost never opens up unless he genuinely likes you. 
  • The biggest dork when it comes to falling in love. Keeps denying he “can’t love” and tries to act all macho while buying flowers and chocolates for the one he has a crush on. Becomes really sweet?? Would learn some poems that remind him of his crush and even might read them to this person if he’s confident enough.   
  • Secretly loves poetry and hides his favourite authors among manga volumes.
  • Actually can move mountains for the loved ones and even can be a little bit selfless. 
  • Never cries in public; dislikes talking about his problems, the only negative emotion he frees is the rage. Rage outbursts are the only way for him to chill out. 
  • But after fights, he apologizes first if he knows he was wrong.
  • If he was right then it will take much longer for him to calm down because of pride. 
  • Interested in machinery and science and wishes to become an engineer, has Nikola Tesla as one of his idols. 
  • Basically not as stupid as others suggest him to be. 
  • If you betray him or fool him in front of other people once chances are he’ll never forgive you that and will hold a grudge till his dying days. 
  • Impressive memory, especially for bad events. 
  • Wanted to start a “revenge list” in high school but abandoned that idea. 

I saw on twitter a while back people were suggesting that if Keith and Shiro could co-pilot the Black Lion they should do it Simon and Nia style! And…I mean…Yes please vld/dw!!! 

Sorry I was thinking of drawing them in their black pld outfits but drawing Keith’s hair is the only joy in my life L OL Someday I hope I can draw them in their matching uniforms together~ <3

remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are acutely aware of how powerful words are. They don’t understand how Gryffindors throw out sentences like a competition, Slytherins weave monologues with nothing but the end goal in mind, and Hufflepuffs grace everything and everyone with compliments. None of these are bad things, but Ravenclaws tend to think more about the effects of words, how they play on each other, how the placement of a word in a sentence can change the meaning. How words are beautiful and complicated and truly amazing, how people managed to create this form of communication, and in many different ways too.

So guess what I’m still thinking of? If you guessed “the seven birds as gods” you are correct. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of what they might be patron gods of and what kinds of prayers they’d be most likely to answer.

Lucretia - She’s a goddess of protection, of course, and also guidance in difficult decisions and forgiveness. She answers prayers for those looking for protection, but her most generous answers are for those who pray for protection on behalf of others, in the defense of others. She provides guidance to those facing difficult choices and quiets guilty hearts of repentant people. Lucretia cannot force the forgiveness of others, but she can ease the hurt between people so that both sides suffer less.

Davenport - He’s a god of travelers and journeys, of clear thoughts and articulation. A lot of sailors and adventurers pray to him and he guides them to safe passage, but he also receives prayers from people who have difficulty communicating - either because they have difficulty collecting their thoughts, difficulty expressing themselves, or difficulty being understood. He gives them the right words in a variety of ways, and ensures that those who cannot speak for themselves are not overlooked of forgotten.

Merle - He’s a god of fertility, dance, and hope. He answers prayers of families and performers (though the ways in which he answers performers is unpredictable and frequently hilarious). He gives special attention to families that are strained or in some way separated; he provides healing even if the family cannot be reunited. He also answers the prayers of people looking for hope in desperate and dark situations, and those asking for second chances; it’s very rare that those kinds of prayers ever go unanswered.

Magnus - He’s a god of strength, skill in battle, lost love, and endurance. Magnus gets a lot of prayers from fighters looking to be stronger than anyone else, and he usually answers those prayers by guiding them closer to other people. He has a similar solution for those praying for lost loves and endurance - he guides them to other people, and things to do, causes to live for. It’s the best advice he has. (Julia is not technically a goddess but sometimes she answers prayers too, especially prayers from oppressed people suffering under unfair rule.)

Lup - She’s a goddess of chaos, justice, patience, and freedom. She appreciates unrestrained displays of magic. Some pray to her mistakenly expecting her to answer prayers of destruction or vengeance, but she only answers where there is a wrong to be righted. Like Julia, Lup answers the prayers of the oppressed, as well as the desperate, betrayed, and those facing impossible odds. (The answers to these prayers are sometimes destructive, as the situation calls for it.) Lup also answers prayers of patience, and calms passionate spirits until the time is right; she answers the prayers of those trapped physically or in a dangerous situation and aids their escape.

Taako - He’s a god of cooking, trickery, and teaching. He’s a trickster god and so it’s sometimes difficult to know answered prayers have actually been answered, but that in itself is a lesson - be careful who you trust and seek your own solutions. He’s known for listening to students struggling to learn for reasons outside of their control - a lack of resources, or specific learning needs. The answers to those prayers are usually detrimental to who or whatever is standing in their way. Most prayers involving tricks result in the trick failing spectacularly or putting the person who said the prayer at the receiving end. There is a specific prayer attributed to him to check food for poison; he almost always answers for people like those in his audiences, and if a dish is poisoned it will glow with a soft pink color. 

Barry - He’s the god of research, memory, and finding lost things. Barry most frequently receives prayers from people who are looking for something - many different types of something. Some are looking for insubstantial goals, such as love or success. Some are looking for answers, or information, or a favorite item. He pays special attention to prayers looking for lost people (either those who are missing or who have lost their way). He also answers prayers to preserve and refresh memory; when the memory cannot be helped directly, sometimes he’ll answer these prayers by surrounding the person by reminders of things they’ve forgotten.