... i'm just saying

To all those who think Tony lives in a mess, I’m telling you he has the most organized mess you’ll ever see. He knows where his things are and that’s all that matters to the need. I know that fandom has this opinion that he would be hopeless or helpless without people reminding him to eat, reminding him of his schedule and such but again, remember that this man has an almost eidetic memory. He remembered quotes, comments, faces, tattoos - he remembers probably more than necessary at times. He just chooses what he wants to remember. And he has snacks everywhere, he makes his own smoothies, he eats when he’s hungry. He’s not helpless or unable to exist without people helping him.

Hey CW, can I just point out..

Steve Trevor is THE example. The guy was never not respectful, never condescending or doubting Diana in any way. Instead he leaned on her, allowed her to push him towards better. He treated her as an equal from the moment she “plucked him out of the sea”.

Just saying, you can do better, Kara deserves better.

Since my food stamps post about the woman using food stamps while wearing a north face coat is circulating again I thought I’d throw something out there. The other day I was thrift shopping and I found a north face hoodie in my size. I payed 8 dollars for a hoodie that retails for 45-80 dollars. Just goes to show that you absolutely cannot judge someone’s status by what they are wearing. And even if you do go there, being poor does not mean you are undeserving of quality items. If you saved up to buy something nice that’s going to last longer than one of those thin Walmart jackets, you deserve it and that is nobody else’s business.

considering str8 relationship memes are all abt “side hoe culture” and gay relationship memes are literally just “I love my gf” it’s wild how much the hets claim that OUR relationships are unhealthy… sorry The Gays actually care abt each other Chad maybe if u tried loving ur gf you could stop being bitter for like 20 seconds and appreciate her


Okay listen up:
-same suit
-same shirt
-same hair length (rumors says he got a trim)
-the tropical theme and all
-different sunglasses yess but we all know H has two all the time
-since when does Harry Fashionista™ wear the same suit at two different events ….. yeah never!
I’m not saying this picture is old, but this picture is old
I’m just side eying this because they want to deny H is with L’s fam for the wedding. So unless we get new pictures of him in said ibiza wedding I’m 👀👀👀👀👀👀