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I love that polygon decided to play Dream Daddy Simulator by re-creating Hanzo Shimada in the character creator and making him date the other dads. They were talking about doing McCree or Reaper next.


STORE OPENS 7/29/17 ON Tictail!!! Mark your calendars Dorky Kallura Merch are going to barge down your doors soon! ( reblogs are also greatly appreciated <3)

I’ve been talking about this for ages and its finally happening \o/

What’ll be on sale:
- KALLURA CHARMS - they come with bow connectors :O
- Individual Keith and Allura Charms as seen in progress above. (These will be double sided 2.5 inch clear acrylic charms. And will be printed through Chillypig)

Bonus Content
- Bundle Discounts!
- Linked Charms???? I’m looking into making the individual keith and allura charms linked as an add on. (A heart key ring maybe :O) Please let me know if you’d be interested <3 <3 <3
- STICKERS: each purchase will come with their very own Kallura Cheer stickers (they’ll be adorable i promise :P and will be posted later)

*Goes to set up a manga reading app on my new phone*

Alba and Ros kick down my door “DID SOMEBODY SAY NEW SENYUU CHAPTERS

HEYYYY guys I recently hit 500 followers, and I am actually now at 515!! Thanks!!

Also! I was wondering?? What should I do to celebrate??? I’m taking suggestions!! Send in an ask!!