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Two families

In the 1920s, my father’s family was living as Jews.  They lived in a tiny out-of-the-way town that was all Jewish, they spoke Yiddish, they were poor, and their lives centered around Jewish community and observance.  When the Nazis came to power, many of them were killed.

My mother’s family was living as Germans.  They lived in a big city, they spoke German, they held high-status jobs, the men had fought for Germany in WWI, they had many non-Jewish friends and neighbors, and although they were aware they were ethnically Jewish, they were not very observant.  When the Nazis came to power, many of them were killed.

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

ShukaBlog 2017.03.19: Super Nerve-racking Day.

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I haven’t posted in a while.
My bad.

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“I missed you”  :’)

-night sketching and loving faces…


My Valentines gift to you is a dumb Andromeda Age crossover comic. Your gift to me can be pretending to laugh. Thank you.

#HIDEWEEK - Day 03 [ ♠ ] Autumn   

mizjoely said: would love something slightly dark but still romantic sherlolly

Sherlock stared down at the tiny pathologist standing before him, the shiny, black gun in her hand pointed firmly at his chest.

Betrayal lanced through him, leaving only a gaping hole where his heart should have been.

Funny. He’d honestly believed he didn’t have one.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way, Sherlock,” she muttered quietly, her gaze never leaving his.

“And it doesn’t have to!” he pleaded, his voice uncharacteristically gentle. “I will ask Mycroft for assistance. He can hide you, Molly-”

“It’s not that simple! You can’t just walk away from James Moriarty, Sherlock. You of all people should know that.”

Sherlock stepped forward slowly and extended his arm, palm up, silently begging her to accept his help.

The weapon in her hand wavered slightly, betraying her reluctance to pull the trigger.

“Please, Molly. I can keep you safe. I promise.”

Her eyes shifted between his face and his hand, and he could discern the exact moment that she made her decision.

Lowering the gun to her side, she hesitantly placed her fingers in his.


Art Reference Masterpost

So people don’t have to go digging through my tag for tutorials. :D

Aging Faces / Eyes / Faces / Noses /  Noses 2 and Ears / Faces 2

Expressions / Expressions 2



Pose References / Getting Started / Perspective / Getting Started 2 / Poses 2


Bodies / Bodies 2 / Poses 3 / Getting Started 3


Neck  / Eyes 2 / Faces 3 / Faces 4

Legs / Hips /  Feet / Feet 2

Chest / Torso

Facial Hair / Hair / Hair 2 / Horns

@kadustuniverse I know you wanted to get started drawing, so I hope these help. :3

Mermaid!Reader ft. Taehyung AU

↦ “ Lonely lonely lonely whale
Like this, try calling once again
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrow.” 

alphagodith replied to your photoset “that one time she stole the clothes right off him…”

when i found out we could dress up our settlers the first thing i did was test out if we could put dresses on dudes. sturges looks damn fine in a red sequin dress.

I love me a man in heels


Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover

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ABOUT: The basic premise is that Bardock killed Frieza by going super saiyan. No Frieza, no destroyed planet.

King Vegeta was less than pleased over this, since it meant that a third class saiyan was the one who defeated the tyrant. His solution? Basically force Bardock into exile. He didn’t want to kill the first super saiyan but he didn’t want others to get any ideas from him.

The main portion of the verse is approximately 50 years after that event. Kakkarot went to Earth, enslaved it, and returned to Vegeta. He had two children, Gohan and Goten. Gohan was a powerful warrior and Goten was… less so. 

Because he wanted to keep Kakkarot’s family subservient and didn’t want to give them any real time to get ideas, the now-King Vegeta took Goten to be Prince Trunks’  training partner and companion, much like how Radditz had been Vegeta’s. Trunks viewed Goten as his property and treated him as such as they grew up, though he also developed a strange possessiveness towards him.

Trunks has an elder twin, Mirai. Vegeta has pitted Trunks and Mirai against each other from the start, pushing them into competition both to make them stronger and in the hopes one will kill the other. While Trunks is often sent off world, Mirai has stayed on Vegeta and has actually been trained under Bardock.

This post will be updated and reblogged when major updates happen. One thing to note is that!! This is a ‘closed’ verse in that events between any two characters carries over?? I don’t know how else to word this. Basically, like, threads are canon for everyone. You can reference the events of other threads. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • Riko: Alright, everyone, Hyuuga's out today with a hernia from Izuki's last pun, and we don't really have any games coming up. Let's have a team bonding exercise!
  • Riko: I've seen inside your lockers and I know that along with the sin you've brought into this once pure establishment, you've also all seen Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. What are your favorite ships?
  • Izuki: Isn't it obvious? Seirin is all for SouRin!