... i regret nothing

  • Sebastian: Babe, I'm home
  • *utter silence*
  • Sebastian: Ruvik? Hey *enters living room*
  • Sebastian: There you are. I - Oh no
  • Ruvik: *sitting on the couch in front of the laptop, eating chips*
  • Sebastian: You're watching the trailer. Again.
  • Ruvik: Can you believe this fake-ass bitch???
  • Sebastian: Here we go
  • Ruvik: He's copying me! Creating an own realm of torture and pet creatures to accompany was MY shtick! And he's so pretentious. 'Art of death' my ass. He wouldn't know art if it pissed on his canvas!
  • Sebastian: Yes, honey
  • Ruvik: And that fancy place he's killing in? Excuse me who had a fancy place first? WHO?
  • Sebastian: You had it, babe
  • Ruvik: *sighs, laying back* Well, at least he doesn't make approaches to you, Seb. I really don't know what I'd do if-
  • Trailer: *Stefano threatens Seb with a knife, taking photos of him while he's unconscious*

So I’ve been wondering why exclusive Tumblr communities who bitch about who can or cannot view/like/reblog their content don’t just password protect their blogs and send the pw out to the members of their community.

Then I remembered that this is Tumblr and everyone has an ego. Everyone gets greedy (at some point) about followers so it would be easier to just leave the blogs as public and bitch rather than go with the simple solution (ie blacklist or block the unwanted blogs).