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Killing Scott McCall (Reader X Scott)



Prompt Request:

Y/N shows up on her first day of school and tries to kill Scott cause she’s a hunter but before she kills him he tells her that he’s a true alpha and she stops. Maybe a little romance idk.

Character Request:

Girl named Jaymie, 5'5, green eyes, straight black hair, bisexual, 17, wears black combat boots/leather jacket/skinny jeans, (very badass lol), rides a motorcycle, human but fights really well, Hunter.


Everyone was turning heads when I arrived at Beacon Hills High School. I couldn’t tell if it was because I was the new girl, or because I rode a motorcycle to school while wearing all black.
Senior year of high school was going to be a breeze. My grades were always at an A+ average, I always made friends easily at a new school, and I’d have a little extra money from killing yet another alpha.

Scott McCall.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with werewolves. Not the yellow-eyed betas anyway. I did have a problem with blue-eyed betas and red-eyed alphas. Also known as killers. Murderers. Scott McCall was the next alpha on my list, just another killer. Today was the day I’d get it over with, and soon enough I would move on to another school.

“Hey, nice bike,” a voice from behind me said. I smiled, turning around to face the person I predicted it was. Scott.

“Thanks, just got it last month. My old one was trash.” I told him, taking off my helmet and running my hand through my hair.


I looked at him with confusion. “What?”

“Sorry,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You just have really pretty eyes.”

Isn’t that cute. A killer pretending to be a nice guy.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” He asked. “I’m Scott.”

“Jaymie…” I said, about to walk away. Then the perfect idea hit me. “Hey, do you mind showing me around the school? I’m new.”

Scott nodded enthusiastically. “Sure, I’d love to.”

We walked down each hall, talking and laughing, both of us missing our first class. Things were going well so far. I’d have him dead in no time.

“You’re really funny,” he said, looking at me. He totally had a crush on me. Cute.

I giggled. “Hey, don’t fall in love with me just yet.” We both laughed, but I stopped when we were next to an empty classroom. “Can we go in there?” I asked. “I wanna look around.”

Scott shrugged. “Yeah, why not.”

We walked into the empty classroom, and I closed the door behind me. Then I leaned in for a kiss. Scott leaned in for the kiss, only to be stabbed in the back with a Chinese ring dagger that I had up my sleeve. He fell to his knees, blood coming from his mouth. His eyes turned red. The color of a killers eyes.

“Wh..why are you doing this?” Scott pleaded, trying to pull the dagger out of his back.

I narrowed my eyes. “Because you’re a killer. How else would you have became an alpha?”

His eyes widened. “I’ve n-never killed anyone… I’m a true.. Alpha.”

For a moment I thought my heart stopped. A true alpha. My first love.. The first person I had ever loved was a true alpha. She was killed by a blue-eyed beta that wanted her power.. It’s the reason I got into the business of hunting. Now here I was, about to kill a true alpha.

“Oh my god..” I whispered. “I’m so sorry dude, I didn’t know.”

“Could you possibly.. Pull your d-dagger..”

“Yeah.. Sorry.. I forgot.”

I grabbed the dagger by its handle and pulled it out of Scott’s back. He let out a sigh of relief and wiped some of the blood off his face with the back of his hand. I was overcome with guilt.

“Can we start over?” I asked. It had been awhile since I made a friend. This seemed like a weird time to start being a normal teenager again, but I needed to.

“I don’t know. You kind of just tried to kill me,” Scott said, staring at me.

“Then let me make it up to you,” I offered, helping him up. “I think we could be friends. Or more. You’re kinda cute.“

LadyNoir July 21-Vigilante AU

I actually thought I would have trouble with this one (and I did for a bit) but it turned out to be more fun than I expected. Too bad I don’t have enough muse else I’d make this into a series/longer story XD Ignore that, Beta requested more so who knows what’ll happen XD

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20

Day 21: Vigilante AU


A slim figure ran though the alleyways of Paris, the lights and sounds of police cruisers chasing her. Her boots splashed though puddles as she raced away in the light drizzle of rain, doing everything she could to escape her pursuers. She made to turn right, hoping to run across the open street quickly when a hand reached out of the darkness and pulled her left. The young woman gasped as the man pushed against the wall, hiding her form from the flashing lights as they raced by.

“Hello, My Lady~” His familiar voice whispered, breath warm in her ear.

She grinned and pulled the scarf covering her mouth down, “Hello, Chat. Thanks for the save.”

“Anytime. Busy night?”

“Mm-hmm, stopped a few robberies and break-ins. Sadly didn’t get away in time before the police caught sigh of me during the last one.”

“Well then, let’s get you to safety.”

She giggled as he pulled away and pulled her toward another alley, leading the way to a fire escape. Once reaching the roof, the blonde stepped back, reading himself, before making a run and jumping to another roof, rolling as he landed and adjusting the fake cat ears on his head. His partner rolled her blue eyes behind her spotted mask before making her own jump. The two smirked at each other before continuing their journey across the rooftops, falling into the familiar pattern of making it a game, up until a large spotlight shown on them.

“Ladybug and Chat Noir! You are under arrest for obstructing Paris’ justice system! Please put your hands up!”

As their eyes adjusted, Chat noticed his partner making their usual escape gestures. Smirking he turned back toward the edge of the roof and shouted down to the police, “Sorry, Officers! No can do! Paris needs us!”

Then he and Ladybug ran and jumped off the opposite side of the roof, their honed parkour skills easily allowing them to easily make their way to the ground. Once on their feet, Chat took the lead and quickly lead them to where a familiar motorcycle sat hidden. He tossed Ladybug a red helmet, fitting his custom made one on, as they listened to the police make hurry to try and catch them. Chat hit the ignition and they peeled out of the alleyway, starting another chase across the city though the rain.

Eventually they lost the police and Chat drove them to their hideout under Paris. Chat parked his motorcycle as Ladybug got off and took her helmet off, shaking her dark hair out. She tossed it to him before unzipping her spotted hoodie and hanging up to dry out.

“Did you find anything tonight?” She asked, as he came over, his own black and green hoodie already unzipped.

He shook his head, “Sorry, no…Father was in his study all night. I couldn’t search it.”

“Hey…It’s okay.” She said, walking over and pushing his black mask up, “We’ll figure things out and remember what I told you. If..If your dad is Hawkmoth, you’ll always have a home with me, alright?”

His green eyes went glossy for a moment before he nodded with a watery smile, “Yeah. I know.” He hugged her tightly, “Thank you.”

“Of course.” She hugged him back, “I love you. Now come on,” She quickly kissed his cheek, “Let’s see if Alya’s got a report up about us yet and rest while the heat dies down.”

His smile then was more genuine, “You got yourself a deal.”


This one was action packed! XD Hope you liked it! Stay tuned!

Reoccurring ~ Barry Allen

Request: A Barry imagine were the reader and him just started dating and he introduces her to the team and Cisco vibes her and it turns out she is a reincarnated badass Egyptian princess, so when they get back to the lab he tells the team what he saw and the hook him up to a machine where they are able to see his vibes and Barry tells the reader and it turns out she has known for a long time.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol and swearing. 

Word Count: 2,413

Author’s Note: I swear that I tried to do a bunch of research for the Egyptian part, but I just couldn’t write it. I needed to switch the time period. I hope it’s okay that I changed it. There are no specifics to history because I was having a hard time with it. 

“Okay, what’s wrong?” Barry asks, inching his bar stool closer to yours. “What? Nothing’s wrong. Why would you think that anything is wrong?” You question not meeting his eyes. 

“You’re doing that thing where you shake your leg. You only do it when you are nervous.” Barry says. “And who made you the expert on all things Y/F/N Y/L/N?” You ask, with a playful tone. 

“Your boyfriend, who would also be me. Now spill.” Barry demands, poking your shoulder. 

“I just want to point out that you’ve only been my boyfriend for two months. You don’t get the title of expert just yet. That brings me to my next topic, don’t you think it’s too early for me to meet your friends?” You ask. 

“No, they’re my friends, not my parents.” Barry argues, shaking his head slightly. “From what you described, they might as well be. I’m slightly freaking out.” You admit. 

“I can assure you, there’s nothing to worry about.” Barry says. “Yeah, you say that because I give you all of the kisses. What if they don’t think that my constant rambling is charming, or I end up talking ten decibels too loud?” You question, aggressively talking with your hands. 

“Like you’re doing now?” Barry asks, emitting a slight chuckle. “Dammit.” You sigh, banging your head on the bar counter. 

“They’re gonna love you. Pick your head up. They’re here.” Barry says. 

You lift your head up and see two people approach you. They are even less threatening than Barry. There is one man and one woman. You take a deep breath, get up from your seat, and approach them. 

“You must be the famous Caitlin and Cisco.” You say. “You would be correct, I’m Caitlin.” The woman says, holding out her hand. “Y/N.” You reply, firmly grasping her hand. 

“I’m Cisco, but you probably already knew that. You’re really pretty.” Cisco blurts out, having lost control of his filter. “Thank you.” You reply, holding your hand out and Cisco shakes it. 

The only thing that could be heard was swords clashing together. Each opponent was moving swiftly on their feet, despite their heavy suit of armor. Every move was easily anticipated and dodged beforehand.  

To any outsider, they would assume this dual was one of much severity. To the two holding the swords, it was nothing more than a way to pass time, a game if you wanted to call it that. 

After a few more minutes of misplaced jabs and halfhearted swipes, one opponent managed to knock the sword out of the other’s hand. As they reach down to retrieve it, the other points a sword at their neck. 

The opponent raises their hands in surrender. He takes off his helmet and glares at his opponent. “Alright, you won. You do know, I didn’t teach you how to use a sword, so you could make me look like a fool.” The man says. 

The other helmet flies off to reveal a woman, grinning from ear to ear. “Then you shouldn’t make it so easy, Fredrick.” You tease, planting your sword in the ground. 

“Also you volunteered to teach me, so I wouldn’t end up prancing around in those awful dresses all day. A future queen has got to know how to take care of herself, even though society may not believe so.” You continue, running your hands through your helmet hair. 

“Cisco, are you alright?” You ask, shaking him slightly. This seemed to have snapped him out of his daze. “Yeah, sorry, I just spaced out for a second.” Cisco answers.

“Now that the introductions are out of the way, who’s ready to get drunk?” You ask, eyeing Barry. 

You had no clue why, but whenever you brought up getting drunk, Barry got a little bitter about it. It would range from anything between scrunching up his face to muttering a few things under his breath. 

Right after you asked your question, Barry rolled his eyes. You found it amusing to say the least. 

As the night rolled on, you had lively conversations with all of them. Of course, most of it was fueled by alcohol and you were spouting random facts, but Barry found it adorable. It was the only perk of being the sober one. 

Cisco participated in the discussions, but seemed distracted. Barry and Caitlin noticed after a while, and decided to ask him about it later. 

“I bet you I can out drink Barry.” You say confidently. “I bet you can’t.” Barry replies, patting you on the head. You were already slightly drunk, and a bad one at that, so you took offense to the endearing gesture. 

“Oh really, twig-boy? Let’s go, me and you, right now.” You say. “Twig-boy?” Barry asks, chuckling slightly. “You’re as skinny as a twig, and you’re of the male gender. Get with the program Barry.” You reply. 

“Okay, but if you throw up, that’s your fault.” Barry says, signaling the bartender. “Completely my fault.” You agree, giving Barry a thumbs up. 

After five shots, Caitlin was holding your hair back in the ladies’ room. “I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did, with the amount of alcohol already in your system.” Caitlin says. 

“Great.” You reply, wiping your mouth with toilet paper. After you return to the bar, Barry seems unphased by the shots that he just downed. “What is your tolerance, like a billion?” You slur out. 

“I think that our cue. I need to get her home.” Barry states. “Bye.” You say to Caitlin and Cisco. “It was nice meeting you.” Caitlin replies. “Bye.” Cisco responds. You almost lose your balance, but station yourself using Cisco for support. 

“I think that the first thing I’ll do as queen, is bring a higher female presence in the castle. There’s more to our capabilities than just taking care of the children.” You muse, looking at your crown. “Whatever you say, your highness.” Fredrick responds. 

“I’m being completely serious. The only real reason why I’m being put in a position of power is because I have no male family to surpass me. My reign will breed change, I’ll make you all see what a women can really do.” You say. 

“And go against centuries of tradition?” Fredrick scoffs. “I am your friend and ally, who will support you no matter what, but I advise against this. They are already questioning the possibility of your leadership.” 

“Advise all you want. Nothing you say will change my mind.” You insist.

Cisco snaps out of his second vision. “Sorry about that. I guess I don’t have my land legs.” You state, giggling slightly. “Okay, let’s get you home.” Barry says.

Barry loops your arm around his shoulder and one of his arms around your waist. He tries to get you to walk with him, but you just keep stumbling. “Looks like we’re gonna have to do this another way.” Barry says. 

He picks you up and starts carrying you bridal style. “My hero.” You say. Barry contemplates walking the whole way, and then he figure you’re too drunk to remember it anyway, and speeds you home. 

“Woah. I must have fallen asleep or something because I swear we were just at the bar. It wouldn’t surprise me, you’re so comfy, and you smell nice.” You say, nuzzling your head further into his neck. 

Barry just laughs at your reasoning. “Hey, where are your keys?” Barry asks. “Purse.” Is all you mumble from his neck. 

He digs into your purse and find the keys. Once he’s inside, he tucks you into bed. “Night, Barry.” You say, with closed eyes. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Barry replies, kissing your head. 

The next day, Barry comes into S.T.A.R. Labs extra peppy. “You seem happy.” Caitlin comments, as Barry strolls into the cortex. “i am. So, what did you guys think of Y/N?” Barry asks. 

“I think that she’s wonderful. I’m glad that you finally stopped pining over Iris long enough to notice her. She seems good for you.” Caitlin answers. Barry seemed very pleased with her answer. 

“And what about you Cisco?” Barry asks. “She’s great, but it was weird. I think I vibed her.” Cisco says. “What did you see?” Barry questions. 

“It was her, but she was wearing different clothes, from a different time period, like a few centuries ago. The lingo was completely different, and she had a bit of an accent. She kept talking about being queen, it was strange.” Cisco explains. 

Barry just sits there confused. “Oh, and she was pretty badass with a sword.” Cisco adds. “What could that even mean?” Caitlin asks. 

The only thing it could mean is that there was something different about you. Barry didn’t know if you knew it or not, but if you did, you had lied to him about it. 

Not that he could lecture you about lying, he was of course the Flash, and had yet to tell you that. 

Caitlin seems to notice Barry’s unease. “The only logical thing to do is to call Y/N down here and ask her about it. If she doesn’t know anything, you can figure it out together.” Caitlin says. 

“You’re right.” Barry replies. “Can I get that recorded for my ringtone?” Caitlin asks. “And apparently a terrible person.” Barry says. 

Barry texts you and tells you to come to S.T.A.R. Labs. It took you awhile to find the place, and then navigate yourself through the actual building. 

When you walk through the doors of the cortex, all eyes are on you. “You guys must have really liked me to have another meet and greet so soon.” You joke, feeling a little out of place. 

“This is business.” Cisco says. He then proceeds to tell you about his ability and what he saw when he used it on you. “That’s weird.” You mutter. 

“Weird, weird why?” Barry asks. “Because you sound like you’re describing these dreams I’ve been having lately. I just thought that I’ve been watching too many Disney movies.” You answer. 

“Disney movies?” Caitlin questions. “My best friend has a three year old. Disney movies are all that are allowed when we hang out.” You explain. 

“Nope, it’s not the movies. When did the dreams start?” Cisco asks. “About a year ago, why?” You ask. “That’s when the Particle Accelerator exploded. Whatever you are was triggered by the explosion.” Barry answers. 

“And how would you know this?” You ask. “Because I know what I’m talking about when it comes to being affected by the Particle Accelerator. It gave me super human speed. Nice to meet you, I’m the Flash.” Barry confesses awkwardly. 

“You’re fucking with me, right?” You question. “Not at all.” Barry says. In a second he disappears and then reappears in a red suit. “You’re not mad, right?” Barry asks, scrunching up his face. 

“Surprisingly, no.” You answer. His face eases up. “Wait, really?” Barry asks. “Yeah. If I were the Flash, which I’m not because apparently you are, I wouldn’t have told you so early on.” You say, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Okay, you need to marry her.” Cisco interrupts, making both of you blush profusely. 

Barry coughs slightly. “I think I’m going to help her find out what she is, first.” Barry says. 

“Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to two things.” Cisco announces, typing away on his computer. “And those things would be?” You ask. “Doppelgangers, or reincarnation. Huh, never thought those two words would come out of my mouth.” Cisco rambles. 

“Can we test them?” Barry asks. “Doppelgangers, no. They just look like each other, no harm, no foul. Although, we might be able to test the reincarnation theory.” Cisco answers. 

“How would we do that?” You ask. “You would have inherited some of their personality traits and skills. The one we are gonna test is how well you can handle a sword.” Cisco explains. 

“And if I chop my arm off in the process?” You question. “Collateral damage.” Cisco responds with a shrug. You look to Barry for confirmation, but he’s gone. 

Seconds later he comes back, sword in hand, large grin on his face. “I guess we’re doing this. Please use your speed to stop me from accidentally stabbing myself when this goes horribly wrong.” You say. Barry nods in confirmation. 

Except it didn’t go horribly wrong. Without having any practice with a sword, you were able to wield it like you’d been doing it for years. Your stance was correct, your grip was firm, and your jabs precise. 

“Reincarnation it is.” Cisco says, putting the data into the computers. 

Over the next few weeks, Barry had been making an amazing effort to find out who you were. You both were curious about it, and unlike you, Barry could read history books in seconds. 

“I think I might have found out who you used to be.” Barry says. “Oh really? And who might that be?” You ask. 

“They tried really hard to hide her, so I had to dig deep. Her name was Katherine. She was the daughter of a king during the 1700s and a strong one at that. When she became queen, she tried to give women rights, way before their time. She only was queen for a few weeks.” Barry answers. 

“Why only a few weeks?” You ask. Barry presses his lips together into a thin line. “Many of the men didn’t agree with her policies, so they had her beheaded.” Barry says. 

“Ouch. What happened after that?” You ask. “They tried to get rid of any evidence that she was ever in power. But her loyal friend and servant, Fredrick, kept some of the records of her existence. There’s a whole book about her, you. They say you were ahead of your time.” Barry says. 

“That still sounds really hard to believe. I mean me? Badass revolutionary?” You question. “I could see it. That little spark in your eye whenever you talk about something you’re passionate about.” Barry states. 

“You’re crazy.” You say, laughing slightly. “Crazy for you.” Barry replies. You immediately stop laughing. 

“Okay, that was way too cheesy. If I still had any power, I would send you to the dungeon for that one.” You say. “Please don’t, your highness.” Barry mocks you, putting a hand on his heart, feigning fear. 

“I hate you.” You say. “You love me.” Barry counters, his big green eyes in your face. “Just stop talking.” You say, and connect your lips with his. It effectively keeps him quiet. 

arze's bad hair days masterpost

i’ve come to find it’s basically impossible find a picture where his hair isn’t doing some sort of stupid thing

note: none of these are my pics/gifs/edits and i honestly don’t know where i got them from anymore. if these are urs let me know and i’ll link them 2 ur blog !!

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