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‘You were the song stuck in my head/ /Every song that I’ve ever loved/ /Played again and again and again/ /And you can get what you want but it’s never enough/ /And I spin for you like your favorite records used to’ 🎵

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Huhuhu, its Yui-san's time of the month~ ne, what are you guys gonna do to soothe her mood~ ?

Ayato: not bite her? i mean she doesn’t need to be bleeding out of both ends of her body..

Laito: well i’ve heard that having sex-

Reiji: goodness Laito you already harass the poor girl enough, at least leave her alone at this time of the month

Kanato: i would make her sweets and let her hold teddy

Shu: avoid her


Yuma: maybe give her a massage? 

Kou: i’ll sing to her if she’s upset and buy her chocolate 

Azusa: i’ll cuddle her…. if she… wants…

Ruki: the livestock but sit back and let her master tend to her~

Just some important things you should know about the mod
  • I work 6 days a week during the summer, and during the school year I am a full time student in college. 
  • I have bad days and can get into bad moods and be snippy 

  • I put most of my personal comments in the tags, and sometimes they can be rude.

  • If I am rude to you, try not to take it too seriously, I’m probably just dangerously stressed out. 

  • Also, I’m kind of shitty person, so if I’m rude to you it almost might just be because of my personality. 

  • Also if you put the words “hon” or “sweetie” or “:)” esp if you’re correcting me, I will almost immediately get irrationally angry. 

  • In all other aspects of my life though, I’m basically Chandler Bing. 

And just because I'm in a sour mood

My in-laws have not acknowledged Eleanor’s birthday at all, and it is really upsetting to me. They don’t even act like grandparents to her. They didn’t even bother to call and wish her a happy birthday. They didn’t even send a card.

Contrast that with my parents, who drove 12 hours and left at 4 am so that they would be sure to get here in time to go out to dinner with us to celebrate on her actual birthday. And of course they brought presents to her party. They’ve made sure to be with us for all of her birthdays despite the distance. I’m so glad she at least has them.

yo I don’t know or care how unpopular this opinion is but oh my fucking god all these ‘popular’ youtubers piss me off. zoella, grace (probs THE most annoying), marcus, alfie, tyler (yeah everyone’s gonna disagree on him) - so fucking annoying. hard to ignore them cuz they’re always there on the popular page. and you know, they were kinda annoying by themselves but now all these collabs they doing with each other. so fucking annoying. iight imma stop getting emotional cuz ppl are gonna start calling me jealous and bored but yh the second one’s true, i am pretty fucking bored. still not watching their videos tho. 

((anon please cuz not in the mood to get my head ripped off))


I guess I should say why my moods dropped this time, huh? I hate bugging you guys but somebody told me I shouldn’t keep deleting this stuff.

I feel like a nuisance to my friends, that I don’t really belong. I am the youngest in the group and I feel like I stick out a lot, not because of my age but simply because I’m new. I feel like I’m constantly an obstacle for them, and annoy them. My friend (you know who you are), tells me the opposite, and I appreciate that but

my head can’t stop thinking about that glow and what pain its gonna cause. I keep thinking about every single bad situation that can happen and its killing me. I just want to delete everything and disappear at times, 

but I won’t. I won’t be able to do that, and it’d be unfair and stupid.

This is the first thing I’ve posted on here and I’m hoping for any help, advice, or tips that are available. I’m in a relationship and I love my girlfriend very much. She recently told me that she has dissociative identity disorder. She said she would have told me sooner but that usually when she tells people they end up walking out of her life. I refuse to let that be an option for me. So here I am trying to educate myself on d.i.d. I’ve read information on some website and it has been helpful but I’m looking for more personal information. My gf doesn’t like talking about her disorder. Basically all I know is that she has 4 or 5 alters (she isn’t sure on the number). They dont have names, ages , etc. at least not that she has told me. She says it is more like extreme mood swings with her rather than different people. Although she does say that when an alter is in control that it is like she hears what she is saying but she has no control over it to stop it.

I apologize for my rambling. I love her and want to do everything I can to adjust and educate myself so that we can have a chance at a future together. Please help if you can. Any help, info, tips on what I should and shouldn’t do would be appreciated. Thanks for any feed back :)

#did #d.i.d. #dissociativeidentitydisorder

I feel a little off today..I am still in a good mood, but it’s also a touch of anxiety trying break through..

I wont allow it..

It wont win…

Behaviour Changing

Will you do an imagine about Marco Reus. It can be about anything, but can it have a happy ending please?

“Marcooo, can you come here please?” You shout to your husband throughout the house. You hear his loud footsteps coming down the stairs. “Yes my love” He says with a sweet smile on his face. “Why are you smiling like that? I am annoyed with you” He smirks.

“Just you leave everything on the floor. Look at this” You sigh showing him the many clothes that were on the floor. “Ookay. I can pick them up. Its fine” You stare at him crossing your arms against your chest.

“What is wrong with you? You never care about my clothes being on the floor. We have been together for so long and this has never bothered you ever” Marco says starting to get annoyed with your very strange mood swings.

“Just its nice to have a clean house for once. I don’t even understand why you cant put the clothes away” You say again as he clearly wasn’t understanding what was going on. He just nods at you.

You sigh at him and walk to the kitchen to sit down. “Urgh” You say sipping on your freshly poured orange juice. “I am sorry” He says placing his hands on your shoulders to calm you down.

“Its just your behaviour is changing. You know what I mean, I really don’t like it” You nod as he sits opposite you. “Sorry, its been a rubbish day and once I get something in my head it pisses me off” You say feeling stupid.

“Tell me about your day” He says rubbing your arm reassuring you. He always knew that calmed you down. “Just I have been feeling really poorly all day. I also need to complete work I have a deadline set. But I am nowhere near completed. I worry too much” You weakly smile.

Deep down you were so worried about what you were going to say because you knew exactly why you was acting like this. You just weren’t feeling right in yourself.

“You really aren’t yourself babe” He wonders. “I’m fine” You weakly smile again. “If you say so darling. But I’m not stupid, you’re my wife I know when you are feeling upset okay” You glare straight at him trying to stop yourself from crying. 

“Sorry” You mumble as he pulls you in for a cuddle. “Its fine babe. I understand there’s something wrong. You can tell me” You nod as you pull away to tell him what really has been worrying you.
“I think I might be pregnant” You say waiting for Marco’s reply.

The Phoenix will rise from the Ashes once again.

Finally got around to scanning this! It’s for my about me page on my blog and I’ve just really been in the mood to do more traditional art. I am pretty happy with how this came out actually :3

I think this might be my favourite outfit, the shirt says: Normal is boring

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as much as i love flirty samsteve i also love sam being a little oblivious (kinda of willingly?) because just the idea of steve talking to nat with his head in his hands and groaning, "HE'S SO AMAZING HOW CAN HE NOT SEE HOW MUCH I WANT TO KISS HIM" makes me smile just steve trying to be suave but he's being dorky and sam's just taking it in stride c:c:c:c:c:c:c:c:c:

YES!!!!!! yes. i am ALWAYS here for oblivious sam who’s like “wow steve is in a good mood today he’s been smiling for hours” and nat is like “sam. he’s been smiling at YOU for hours”

“You are the only exception”

Let me express my thoughts about these two guys! They are both my favorite YouTubers to watch every single day and every minute I watch them is never a dull moment. They are hilarious as they can be, but most importantly they are absolutely humble! Every waking moment I get see their videos, which brightens my mood. Even on a bad day, they always find a way to cheer me up and they always have something personal to share to their communities! They even take the time to respond to their followers on YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr to the best of their abilities! I am very lucky to be a part of both communities of markiplier and therealjacksepticeye, which I find both communities to be wonderfully nice! I feel like I can open myself up to them and to the people around both communities! It’s a feeling I hardly ever express around my own friends and family! I love these guys so much! And I am happy to say that they are my friends! I can’t describe how much you guys mean to me! I hope one of these days I’ll get to meet you guys in person! Keep making people smile every day and never forget how blessed you are!


Brittany Anne Taylor (Brittanica19) <3

You know how they say when you live in close contact with another female, your cycles will often sync?

I think this community has the same problem with tough times/moods.  Are we feeding off each other?  Or is it just that given the population of fitblrs, there are bound to be people you associate with having a tough mental day/week/month at the same time as you are?

Blog Rates

I am bored, but not in a writing mood yet. So I’m gonna do blogrates, which I have never done before.

Rules: mbf me. must reblog. send me your favorite Sam Winchester headcanon in an ask.

Rates will look like this…

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