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For today, came the latest art on the subject of Zootopia with my favorite character)
Crossover on Michael Corleone from the movie “The Godfather”.
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All good and all the best;)

good ending: life in the dreamhouse gets picked up by netflix as an original series and has several seasons of full length episodes before ending with a movie-length special that wraps up all the characters nicely and is a good send-off for fans of the show
bad ending: no new information about new episodes is released, there is no official confirmation that the youtube series is officially cancelled and we spend months hoping it will come back and have to find out it was scrapped from the VA’s twitter and instagram accounts
true ending: the barbie youtube channel starts remaking old episodes in live action with actual real dolls 2 years after the show ends

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i love horror movies which ones are ur fave!!

i wanna publish this bc i wanna keep the list as a ref for myself and you and others i hope thats ok ! bolded are my Big Time Faves!

  • the boy (fuckin in my top 5 ok omg ive seen it like 10+ times)
  • the descent (the acting is whatever but the concept is Different i think which is nice! also its got really good jump scares! also seen it like 10+ times lmao)
  • train to busan (not really scary but its really good and like the only good zombie movie in existence lmfao)
  • the invasion (just watched it a few days ago and i really liked it tbh id have to watch it at least once more to decide if it would go on my Big Time Faves list)
  • raw (its fuckin wild but good and also really gorey so dont watch if youre sensitive to gore)
  • hush (real good shit the only thing i dont like is that they used a hearing person to play the Deaf protag)
  • get out
  • it follows
  • dont breathe (also a Different concept and its so good)
  • lights out (saw it recently and i think i remember feeling like it was pretty good but id have to watch it again)
  • the audition (ive only seen it once but i remember it bein good and id watch it again for sure)
  • goodnight mommy (it gets hella intense and gorey at the end so be warned)
  • the conjuring (its been so long since ive seen it but i think i remember it being good ? unlike the sequel)
  • the ring (same as above tbh and the sequel fuckin sucked lmao)

god ive seen so many horror films but these are all i can remember rn ://

if anyone has any additions/suggestions pls feel free to reblog and add on or reply !!

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I saw your description said you're reading murder on the orient express- have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie version?! It looks AMAZING (also I'm in love with your art and I hope you have a good day okay bye)

I am so excited about it! I saw so many people complaining in the tag when I looked that Poirot had a stupid mustache and how Johnny Depp ruins everything, I was just like, hell yeah I’m going to see an OTT aesthetic period mystery where Johnny Depp is the murder victim like Y E S. He isn’t going to be in it very long we can all relax from his over acting and be done with it….. That is unless darling Agatha blindsides me with a resurrection at the end, considering I haven’t finished it yet

Real talk, Disney’s Descendants was a positive movie about teenagers escaping abusive and controlling parents and you don’t get a lot of stories like that aimed at a teen demographic.

As far as Disney channel originals go, I really unironcially loved that one and I hope the sequel’s good or at least preserves the fun of the original.

It was just a good time, if you can shake off your adult lenses for an hour these kids are very easy to root for and I wish I had something like this when I was a teen

The change

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Ivar  x Reader

Warnings: none

Request: Hi ! Could you maybe do a ‘The Duff’ kinda scenario fic with reader x jealous Ivar or Ubbe (you pick)? I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie or read the book but it’s my fave haha. Hope that’s okay! Thank you so much! X

A/n : Dear anon, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry if I disappointed you and this is utter shit but I did my best.

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I was a shield maiden or at the least that’s what I thought I was. I was not good at it but my friends were. They were just like man in battle while I was losing in front of 14 years old boys. I was nor ashamed by it, I was good at other things too but I just wished that men will talk to me not only to ask me about them. I knew by now that they were keeping me around just for them to seem more powerful, I knew that I was their weapon to bring men in their bed. I did not liked the fact that they were using me so they could look better and I did not appreciated that I had to find who I was for them from Ivar, the prince of Kattegat and the most probably the next king.

You were just so bored of people pitying you and talking behind your back about how a shame and a failure you where. You knew that nobody wanted to train you, they didn’t saw the point in it but if you could offer something in exchange it will be okay. You thought about all the possibilities and when it finally hit you the disappointment settled fast, what could you offer to someone that had everything, but still you needed to try, you were bored of being underestimated and the last one to be chosen at anything.

“I want you to teach me how to fight!” you demanded sitting in front of him, Ivar was looking at you with his blue piercing eyes, he started to laugh when he heard your demand.

“And what could you give me, what could you offer to me in exchange of teaching you fight and war?” you bit your lip, looking at him, trying to decide if you did a good choice or not, he studied your lips as you were still bitting the lower one.

“I can teach you how to control your anger.” Ivar titled his head to the side, playing with the knife in his hands and then he smirked and you knew that the deal was made.

“Attack!” you ran to him trying to get a shot but in the next second you were on the ground without a weapon to protect yourself with. “We have got a long road ahead of us.” he sighed letting you get up so you could attack him again.

All that day you tried all over again to make him fall from the damn log but every time he put you down. 

“Not bad for the first day, and by this I mean that it was the worst defense that I ever saw.” you sighed and let your head down, you were never going to make it. “You will get better, you just need to pay attention to what I say to you. Maybe if I would bring Hvitserk here it will help you to learn faster.” your cheeks turned pitch red and you tried not to look at Ivar but he already saw the look on your face. “You like him, don’t you?” you slowly nodded making him laugh. “I’ll help you with him, after I teach you how to fight,  I don’t want you to be the first who dies of the battle field.” 

Your days were rough, training with Ivar wasn’t easy and he was not going slow on you, he was speeding up your training to motivate you to concentrate and work more. This is how after 2 weeks you were already on the training field kicking the asses of your best friends. Even after that your training with Ivar didn’t stopped, you would meet daily and fight each other, then you would help him with his demons and problems.

Slowly Hvitserk noticed you and he started to spend time around you more but you weren’t sure that you wanted him anymore. When he kissed you it felt good but only because you imagined it was Ivar the one who was touching you, then your broke apart and saw the anger and disappointment on Ivar’s face and you knew that he wanted you too. Only if you would be able to gather the strength and tell him but you couldn’t. Now you had to see him kissing that slave Margrethe and it only made you hurt. You didn’t went to train with him anymore, you didn’t talked with him and you totally avoided him.

A few weeks had passed bit you couldn’t avoid him anymore, it was the night of the feast and nobody could miss, you where there, alone, trying to hide in the shadows but you couldn’t go unnoticed. Everybody was giving attention to you because of your major change in battle. You locked eyes with Ivar for a second but Margrethe pulled him to her, trying to kiss him but he pushed her away.Ivar crawled to you and sat on a log next to yours. You looked him in the eye and he didn’t wasted a second before pulling you in his lap and kissing the breath out of you.

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It seems like we hit a nerve whenever we talk about wonder woman around Marvel fandom. They always say things like "um I'm sure there's gonna be a Captain Marvel movie? Or the one with hope van dune? Those are movies with a main female character, right?" Sure, but like as for Captain Marvel, I don't even think there's a script or director for it yet, and the only cast we know so far is brie larson? But I guess that's good enough for Marvel fandom to give Marvel brownie points lol

They acted like an exec saying that They weren’t entirely opposed to a Black Widow film as though the film had already been made and released so I’m not surprised at Their tendency to treat table scraps like a full meal. 

The simple fact is that They said that Marvel was so much better with women and representation for years and now DC/WB has overtaken Them and They don’t like it. Not that They ever needed to do a whole lot to overtake Them.

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Hi Sabrina! You're the best. You've probably talked about it before but I would love to hear any of your Harry Potter thoughts and feelings if you have the spoons to talk about it. Even just simple stuff like fav characters, book, movie, etc. Or about what your life at Hogwarts would be like. House, wand, pets, best subjects, fav spots in the castle... all that sorta stuff and beyond. No pressure though! I hope you have a magical day!

Oh boy! This is quite the question. I could (and have) write a thesis on Harry Potter (for real, I’ve written multiple analytical and argumentative papers on Harry Potter for real college credit!). I’m going to try to keep this somewhat short so as to not annoy everyone but I love a good chance to info dump. 

(Also, thank you! You are so sweet! I hope you have a magical day as well!)


Slytherin! I actually have a tattoo of the Slytherin crest on my side with the quote “Of course it is happening inside your head but why on earth should that mean that it is not real.”

However, I also identify with Ravenclaw a lot so I sometimes consider myself a Slytherclaw. 


According to Pottermore, my wand is Cypress wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Rigid flexibility


If I were at Hogwarts I would really want an owl. They are so beautiful and majestic and useful. 

Best subjects:

I think my best subjects would be potions and arithmancy, though I think I would enjoy transfiguration the most. 

Favorite spot in the castle:

I’m having a really hard time picking. I love the castle so much and just want to explore every nook and cranny. I know I would love the library. I also think that the Slytherin common room would be spectacular with the view into the lake. There’s so much more that I just can’t decide. 

Favorite book:

My favorite book changes between Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood Prince, though sometimes that changes to Deathly Hallows. I love all the books, but those are the ones I enjoy most. 

Favorite movie:

My theory on the movies is that the first two are the best in terms of accurate adaptation of the books. 4-7 get progressively better as movies (without regards to accuracy but just as movies being judged apart from the books). PoA fails on both though I’ve grown to have an appreciation for it. My favorite movie is probably HBP because I love, love, love Sassy!Harry. 

Favorite characters:

  • Minerva McGonagall- I adore her. She is who I want to be when I grow up. She is reserved, strict, loyal, funny (in her own way), but, most of all, fiercely badass. McGonagall very much so comes across as harsh and severe, but in actuality is incredibly loving, protective, passionate, and fierce. She is the character I identify with most. I’m actually in my husband’s phone as Minerva McGonagall (and he’s in mine as Albus Dumbledore. This started when we were working together while dating and we needed to keep our relationship secret so we changed each other’s names to these to keep other’s from knowing who we were texting with and it just stuck even though it’s been over three years since we stopped working together.)
  • Luna Lovegood- Luna is another character I relate to. She is strange and different. She is bullied by the other students. Yet, despite the cruelty she faces, she is kind and compassionate. Luna is the one to assure Harry and is there no matter what. She has unique views of the world and doesn’t care what other’s think. 
  • Hermione Granger- I love Hermione. I love that she’s bookish and nerdy, obsessed with learning, yet so incredibly brave and strong. She goes through hell for her friends and comes out even kinder. She wages the war of social justice even when everyone else berates her for it. She is a defender of the downtrodden and loyal through and through. I relate to Hermione in so many ways and she was my idol growing up. 
  • Albus Dumbledore- He is such a deeply flawed character and that is so beautiful. He is neither hero nor villain. He exists in the grey space in between. He does what he believes is right, what he thinks must be done for the safety and well-being of all. Yet, he makes mistakes. He is wise and brilliant and talented, yet, even he falls short at times. Yet, in all his wisdom and brilliance and excellence, he truly cares. His heart breaks for Harry and he is haunted by the mistakes he has made. He reminds me a great deal of my husband (which is why he is in my phone as such). 

If you have anything you want me to expand on or want me to infodump some more, feel free to send another ask. I love talking about Harry Potter!

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headcanons to consider

can they use chopsticks? Not even to save his life. Chris( Porthos) might be good with programming and typing in commands, but when it comes to eating with sticks, he’s better off just eating directly from the plate itself. 

what do they do when they can’t sleep: When he has alcohol, he likes to drink. If there’s someone beside him, he usually cuddles with them or messes with their hair. If he’s alone, he closes his eyes and hopes he can fall to sleep eventually. If he decides he isn’t going to sleep at all for whatever reason, he might workout or watch some movies. Sometimes he likes being online when no one else is on. 

what would they impulse buy at the grocery store: Beer, chips, soda and other things that would ruin his strict diet he places on himself. He might convince himself that he needs ice cream since it’s hot outside or enough boxes of hot chocolate to survive the winter. If they sell any hair care supplies, he probably would stand in the aisle silently arguing with himself over what is and isn’t a necessity( spoiler alert: none of that is a necessity). He might buy a drink before he checks out or he might buy a cold coffee and regret drinking it later that night as he decides to watch the same bad horror movie for the fifth time( as he won’t be able to sleep). If they have movies, he might dig through to find the worst ones. 

what order do they wash things in the shower: He likes to wash his hair first, since it’s the main reason he decides to take a shower. Usually he takes one every other day, but he also rinses quickly after going to the gym or working out( but it depends on whether or not he’s going somewhere). Then he makes sure to wash his body and after everything, he might wash his face. If he’s pressed for time, he brushes his teeth in the shower. He also enjoys the occasional bath, though he doesn’t treat himself to one very often( And in the Starfighter verse, he can’t really take one anyway). 

what’s their coffee order: He likes black coffee, but he only drinks it hot. With sugar and cream, he can drink colder coffee. He likes iced options and anything trendy being promoted at Starb.ucks( or really whatever is the popular place to grab caffeinated beverages. A good place for my muse to meet someone else is either over alcohol or coffee(or both). 

what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone: Fitness apps galore. He would also have Sk.ype, Di.cord, Fa.cebook, some gaming app like Bej.eweled to pass the time and an app that is a sound board for pranks. He usually changes these out often and is more likely to use the social ones and feel guilty he isn’t using his fitness apps more often. 

how do they act around children: Chris( Porthos) loves children. He likes telling them exaggerated stories about his life. His ex is some evil dragon keeping him away from the fridge and making him do all of the chores. He also plays various games like hide and seek and will play house even though he usually ends up being the dog. He liked pretending his daughter was a weight and he’d lift her into the air. He knows how and when to change diapers and doesn’t mind doing it since the alternative is a cranky baby. If he sees a child lost in a store, he’s the first person to go find either security or to go ask the child questions about what their parents look like. He just loves kids and even though they are messy, he just enjoys having someone look up to him or just another person to be his friend. Sometimes they irritate him and he needs space from them, but overall he loves kids. He is a proud parent and hopes to see his daughter again someday. 

what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on: Some fitness show or old movies. He might watch some reality tv. He enjoys soap operas as well or court cases. Literally anything with drama. 

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so i have this idea for a theme where you can filter posts that's tagged 'spoilers' for blogs that post about movie/series/game. I'm not demanding you to make it, but I just want to share my idea with you (since i have any idea about coding ;;-;;) hope you'll have a good day/night!

there is a pretty simple way to do that, actually. tags on posts are able to be coded as classes with tumblr’s {TagsAsClasses}, so the #spoiler tag becomes .spoiler, and then you can easily set posts with class .spoiler to not display.

even cooler would be to make a link so that you can click and see the spoiler posts when viewed as /tagged/spoiler

maybe ill make a tutorial for it ?

Batman vs Superman was over two hours of two men bickering over who has the biggest brooding cock-I mean, who has the better method of "saving" people and whether or not it's ok for Batman to beat and brand criminals without regarding the fact that not everyone's as wealthy and privileged as his morally upright ass and for Superman to ignore the fact that not everyone's as indestructible as him, meanwhile Wonder Woman over here...


Wonder Woman was vastly superior to bvs for two reasons.

-Wonder Woman is actually a likable lady and an idealistic believable super hero who doesn’t spend her entire moving thinking about how she COULD help people.

She charges in, headfirst, wanting to help people she doesn’t even KNOW because she wants to protect the people who’re dying.

-and Wonder Woman was just so much more subtle and less pretentious about its message.


Let’s talk.

Wonder Woman’s CHARACTER is not that she’s cold and heartless and…well, masculine.

She doesn’t EMULATE men.

She doesn’t need to act like a man to be strong.

She coos at a baby and kisses Chris Pine and doesn’t spend the entire movie ragging on women.

She dresses and acts feminine, and embodies kindness, grace, beauty, everything “feminine.”

And she’s also strong as fucking hell.

That is Wonder Woman.

She’s a good person.

She’s not some cold warrior goddess, an untouchable female shaped ideal.


She sees people suffering in the trenches and her first thought it, stop what we’re doing, we gotta help.

Chris pine and all of his men?

They’ve seen all of this.

They’ve hardened themselves to the horrors of war and accepted them as inevitable.

But Diana, new to the cruelty of the human world, is disgusted and she asks what’s wrong with you?

What is wrong with us?

We have accepted casualties. We have accepted pain.

We have excused suffering because we told ourselves long ago that we couldn’t do anything about it.

But Diana?

She does not accept that.

She fights, yes. She’s ferocious and she, unlike Batman, doesn’t have a compulsion against killing.

She was raised by warrior women, I mean come on.

But who does she fight for?

The women and children who did nothing wrong.

The injured, hopeless men fighting a war to end all wars.

The entire movie was lovely because all of Diana’s bewilderment at the way humans live was incredible.

She’s shocked at how dirty London is.

She’s not impressed by sex and she’s not impressed by war.

She thinks sexism is strange.

But she doesn’t like, rag on it, because Diana is literally so above it that she just wryly questions it at times.

Like I don’t care what all the whiny fanboys say.

There’s not an overt feminist message in this movie.

There’s no “men are so weak.”

There’s “men are corruptible” but as we see, Diana sees them as worth saving in the end, if only to fulfill her own ideals…

Which is feminist as fuck, I guess, because Diana doesn’t defend men because it’s her job.

She defends them because it’s her decision. Her morality. Her duty.

But the feminism in the movie comes from the fact that she’s so kind.

She breaks down when realizing that Ares isn’t behind it all, that MEN are the ones who are cruel to one another.

She sees the war and it’s only senseless violence to her.

All of the people she wants to help are the victims, and it’s clear cut, to her, who’s bad and who’s not.

But Chris Pine helps her realize that humans aren’t so clear cut.

And so even though she was disgusted by human actions, she still wanted to help the people in need.

I absolutely adore the scene where she’s charging across a battle field to pave the way to the town.

First off, it was so badass watching her knock aside artillery like it was nothing as the men cowered in the pits.


She didn’t do a Batman, where she looked at the risks vs the benefits vs the needs of the many and the few.

She just charged in and did what she could.

Chris Pine told her she couldn’t do anything except help him with his plan, in order to stop the war and save them indirectly.

But Diana is a true warrior with the heart of a lion, man.

She helped them directly, with no nonsense, no politicizing, no planning, just action.

At the end she says love will save humanity?

That’s the kind of feminism Wonder Woman was embodying.

Wonder Woman wasn’t this lone independent operator who sneers at men who try to involve themselves in her business.

She was helped and supported by men, but it was clear that she was the star, the true hero who brought them and their plans together but also gave them a new hope, a new heart.

They were jaded by helplessness and mortal frustration, forced to fight to stand stills and accept human deaths.

She came and showed them something miraculous and wonderful: her power.

But not used to beat someone’s head in with a fucking sink.

Used to do good.

To fight for her morals, which aren’t corrupted by the human world’s greyness, not yet.

I loved this movie.

I loved this movie so much.

DC finally did good and we can stop pretending suicide squad and Batman vs superman were good.

Wonder Woman is the good DC movie.

Don’t even try to tell me BVS was better than Wonder Woman because if you genuinely believe that, either out of pride and obstinacy from all your bickering with marvel fans or out of delusional worshipping of anything DC, then I think you just like watching people beat people in slow motion and uncomfortably lofty , corporate-cut and stylized plots as interesting as watching a landscape time lapse.

Suicide squad was cut to bits by its editors, BVS suffered from some severe Snyder wanking, and justice league, I don’t know, we’ll see.

But Wonder Woman?

Best DC movie since dark knight.

God bless Patty.

I knew we needed a woman in charge to get the job done.

Now direct all sexist comments and sneering remarks about feminazis destroying your precious super hero genre with their “love” themes to my inbox where they’ll be lovingly deleted.

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

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We havent had any headcanons in a while *wink wink nudge nudge*

and a *wink wink nudge nudge* to you too, anon

  • pidge: “when have i ever lied?” hunk: “wh- you literally created a fake identity??”
  • lance refuses to learn the actual definition of quiznak
    • i mean he can pretty much guess it
    • but he’s not allowed to curse at home so quiznak’s perfect because he can just keep pretending he doesn’t know it’s a bad word
    • “you’re still using it incorrectl-” “shut up keith i need plausible deniability”
  • *food network voice* “chef coran has crafted… something”
  • lance, after being slightly inconvenienced: “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” keith: “…didn’t you get blown up that one time?”
  • Shiro the Hero
  • one day lance barges into keith’s room because “that’s it we’re gonna make some hand signals”
    • lance claims they’re doing it because he’s tired of keith not understanding his awesome plans during missions
    • but lowkey team hand signals are one of his favorite movie tropes
    • anyway lance and keith are really good at charades now?? good for them
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat who prides myself on my ability to interact with others” [is handed a child] “what the fuck is this”

I think the thing that really, really got me about the no man’s land scene in Wonder Woman?

Is that it didn’t gloss over the “WW1 was awful, just, so so terrible” thing. And, like the million grimdark movies we’ve already seen, it’s all grey and grimy and awful and human suffering everywhere you look, and like every grimdark movie we’ve ever seen people are saying “look we can’t change this this is just how it is there’s nothing we can do everything sucks that’s just how it is”

And then, because Diana is Diana, she stops, and says “NO. No, I can do something, or at least I must try. And none of you can stop me.”

And she goes up and over the bank and into no-man’s land, in the iconic costume for the first time, red and blue and gold against the grey, and flips that goddamn overused ‘grimdark world sucks everything is futile life is pain there is no hope’ trope right on it’s goddamn head.

I didn’t know how desperately I needed to see that somewhere, and seeing my absolutely beloved childhood icon do it…well, I’m still a little choked up about it, the next day.

Honestly tho Captain Underpants was so good. The animation style absolutely did the books justice, I hope other cg animation studios take note. Also yes, there was a Flip-O-Rama bit.

Also, some fun bits from the director QnA with David Soren:

  • Apparently many studios have wanted to do a Captain Underpants movie for a long time, but Dav Pilkey didn’t feel ready to do one until he brought the series to a close.
  • The reason Dav chose to make this film with Dreamworks was because everyone showed up to the pitch meeting wearing their underwear outside their pants.
  • The film was made in three countries total, in studios in Los Angeles, California, USA, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and in Paris, France.
  • David Soren himself came onto the project about two years ago, which between then and now is a very short amount of time to create an animated film.
  • David’s favorite part of making the film was getting to do a brief harmonica solo near the beginning of the film.
  • Ed Helms has said he is ready to make 30 more films.
  • Three children in the audience asked why Captain Underpants only wears his underpants.
  • One child asked why he’s a captain.