... gives good profile


Whenever I stumble into these 2 pictures I can’t get over how stunning/gorgeous/handsoms he is.I don’t think I could function properly if I met him out & about. Tyler Hoechlin in a museum is my new aesthetic *heart eyes*

I am so here for this aesthetic. And can we talk about his profile because damn he gives good face.

Lumenatebit -> Lumena-tan

Okay so Lumenatebit (Lumen… 8-bit…??!?!?) as a name SUCKS and I’m happy I wasn’t made fun of for using such a lame name for such a long time and I also didn’t want to continue using a picture of a copyrighted character for my music stuff SOOOO I DECIDED TO COME UP WITH MY OWN ORIGINAL CHARACTER EYYY


^ Drawn by @rittesora. A concept drawing consisting of a collection of my ideas such as the Fami pattern on the skirt :^) colors and outfit~

Final design + turnaround references done by Ale. Accessories, detail, etc all provided by Ale!

Portrait also done by Ale which gives a good idea of the colors and detail in her bust profile.

AAAA ISN’T SHE CUTE I’ve spent the last four months trying to get everything prepared for this. My original tune – which will commemorate this shift from Lumenatebit > Lumena-tan – will be released soon :)

Nothing about me has changed except the shift in names and having an original design for my music projects. n__n