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10 years of tumblr

i can’t believe this tumblr is 10 years old… i literally joined this website in 2007 as a dumb idiot my first year of college. i joined because i wanted a blog but i didn’t wanna put a ton of effort into it. i modified an early theme to make it my own. reblogging was added as a feature. the logo changed. my username was first “helloadam” and then “jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk” to throw off my mom (seriously but also i’m kidding). 

i started making friends with other people in those early days and am still friends with some of them today. all my friends in school made tumblrs. we posted vaguely suggestive GPOYWs and clippings of life and music we liked. i made a lot of “art” and “fake art” and had a million side blogs for real design and joke content and cell phone photos before instagram. @twoseconds and i mostly talked to each other. @dannybrito and i kept our livejournal friendship going. i posted lots of inspiration and moody shit and talked about myself a ton and promoted my college radio show (don’t think i didn’t go back and delete that shit years later). 

i “swapped phrases” with @happy2bsad and befriended a bunch of cool gay nerds like @colinquinn and the chicago boys and met the internet IRL at sxsw 2010-2012 and went up to new york on weekends to drink four loko. my first-ever postcard design in 2009 racked up major “tumblarity” which was a thing. i wanted to get more of what i was doing “for my tumblr” onto paper so i made a zine. i made more postcards. i posted my “sorry i am such an asshole” balloons and people started ordering them. i made my 2012 unsolicited advice planners and people really really liked them. tumblr became my own little world where i was a meme version of myself and got feedback in real time. 

i started lurking a cute guy who seemed very smart and cool so i faved all his posts without talking to him. i got a book deal for my weird mix of dark humor and handwritten aphorisms. my joy division parody shirt went mildly viral and paid my rent in between jobs. that first book, a journal full of internet and tumblr references came out and sort of legitimized whatever my whole deal was. i visited the tumblr offices and got put into the spotlight section, two dreams come true. i made more stuff. i briefly had a job “making internet stuff.” i made a second book. i made a bunch of products. i became a brand. i got engaged to that cute guy. and i’m still posting scraps of ideas and life and music and my personal growth into an adult person. 

thank you, tumblr @staff.

This is a message for anyone who has been harassed, bullied and mocked by the antis and tbh, anyone else who has been treated like shit

Not putting this under a read-more because it’s important

Don’t worry about it. I’m being 100% honest. Just don’t worry about it or them because one day, none of this will even matter to you anymore.

Antis are bullies and to anyone who has been bullied, you know how terrible an experience it can be. I was bullied and it’s something that has stuck with me. I probably would have been a much different person if I never got bullied but alas, you can’t change the past. You can only move forward.

When you leave school, even though the pain of being bullied stays with you, the memories of those times start fleeting away. I’m speaking from experience. Those memories still pop up fro time to time and I am subjected to some dreams about my ordeal but now that I’ve left school, it’s all behind me.

And that’s what this whole situation with the antis is. People despise the antis because antis don’t care about anyone but themselves and their friends. They don’t care who is behind that screen. They never stop to consider what that person lives with and how what they do and/or say can affect them. Antis only care about their beliefs. If someone wrongs their beliefs or ways, then they give a shit but if they don’t, then they could care less.

Bullies have the exact same mind. Bullies only care about themselves and their friends. Everyone else is obsolete to them. When they make fun of someone, they never stop to consider what they’re doing. They never stop to think what that person could be living with. They just bully and harass and mock relentlessly. They’re the same person. That person you remember bullying you in school is the same person who is harassing you over a ship.

Another thing bullies and antis have in common is that they are both extremely hypocritical. 

If you had the chance to take revenge on a bully and you took it, the bully would be angry. Even though they have hurt you, they don’t remember it. You could have videos, photos and even recite everything the bully has ever done to you but to them, it doesn’t matter because they don’t care. They don’t care that you’ve hurt. That you’ve cried. That you’ve been close to doing something that no one should even do. 

Antis are just the same. You can show them all the proof you want. You know what they say “Well what about the sha/adins?” They try to switch it. They don’t acknowledge their faults but try to pin the blame on the sha/adins. They come up with excuses instead of just owning up.
I’ll admit, the sha/adins aren’t flawless. There are a few bad eggs but the number of things we’ve done wrong has never come close to what the antis have done. They like to say we’re the problem but they know it’s not true. Everyone knows it’s not true. 

Who harassed josh so much that he was forced not to interact and voice his thoughts on ships? The antis. Who called out bex and harassed her about some stupid sh3ith jokes? The antis. Who overshadowed voltron’s 1 year anniversary because of said jokes. The antis? Who calls people pedophilies over ships? The antis. Who makes immature jokes, calling people pathetic, ugly, nasty, disgusting and coming up with ridiculous nicknames such as shaladong, shaladicks, shaladildo etc. The antis. Who are the ones the va’s and creators dislike and have even said so? The antis

They nitpick at anything we do to justify their own actions. What I’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more they’ve done. 

But you know what? It all doesn’t matter. It doesn’t because one day, fandoms are going to mean nothing to you. None of this matters.

What we’re doing now is all just for fun. We’re going to grow up. We’re going to mature. We going to get jobs, get married, have children, go places and explore what this planet has to offer. We have so much ahead of us. We’re so young and yet, this is what seems to matter.

I know it seems like a long way away but it will end one day. We’re going to move on from this. All the memories of being in this fandom and others will be just that. Memories. When you’re 35, for example, you’ll look back and remember what you did but it doesn’t matter what you did. It matters what you’re going to do.

In the grand scheme of things, what does it all matter? A fandom isn’t real life. To some, like me, it is because its all we have. I live in a boring area. Coming onto the internet is what I wake up for. But the internet isn’t real life. The real life is literally right outside. We still have years ahead of us. My future goals are getting married and having a family of my own one day. In about ten years time, voltron will most likely be over. All the antis and us will be grown up. We’ll move on with our lives and mature so much. All this discourse and all this fighting won’t matter anymore. 

Because a fandom is nothing but a sub life. It’s something we can live in to escape the real world. But like real life, fandom life has its troubles too. But the differences are whatever troubles we face in fandom life can be escaped because they don’t matter. Tumblr, Youtube, twitter, instagram, all these sites which we use to enjoy ourselves don’t grant as lasting happiness. Its only fleeting. Just like all this drama. 

One day, all this discourse will mean nothing. One day we’ll look back on the lives we lead on social media sites and think of it as nothing. We take all this drama and fighting so seriously but it honestly means nothing when you look at the big picture.

To anyone who is on the good side, you’ll look back at your time and even though you’ve had to suffer at the hands of the antis, you’ll be contempt. You’ll be happy because you’ll know that you lived your fandom life the happiest it could be.

What have the antis lived? Can they really look back at this in ten years and be happy with what they’ve accomplished. They’ve honestly done nothing. They won’t be remembered as a force of good. They’ve tarnished the name of this fandom with their ways. They’ve made us gain a reputation as one of the worst fandoms.

They’re wasting their time because no one cares about what they represent. No one cares about their cause. They are hated. They are despised. No one is going to look back on this and think “I’m happy the antis existed”. Antis have and always will be a waste of time and space. 

Antis have done nothing for us and this fandom. They will never ever change this fandom to what they want it to be. The sha/adins and everyone else will thrive. They will continue to live and create and be happy. All the antis do. All the antis are is a waste. They’ve built their own little world but its a world full of nothing but toxicity.

When we look back at all this, we will remember the creations we contributed. The friends we made. The way we joined together to express our love for something that brought happiness to our lives.
What will the antis have? What they can honestly carry with them when they finally depart this fandom. What can they have to be happy about? What can they look back on? What can they have to be proud of?

They have and never will accomplish anything? They will never change us. This fandom will never be what they want it to be, so what’s the point of it all? Why do they stay? Why do they continue to do something that is futile?

If the antis left, they wouldn’t be missed. We would rejoice in their departure. We would celebrate. Their absence would be cause for celebration because that’s how much they don’t mean anything and they shouldn’t mean anything to you.

So keep going. Keep creating, keep posting, keep getting involved. Keep making those memories. Keep doing what makes you happy because you will be the fulfilled one. You will be the happy one. You will be the one with a life to be proud of.

You will look back and smile. You may remember some pain but it will be overshadowed by the happiness you feel of a fandom life well lived. You will have something to be proud of.

Those who bullied you. Those who mocked you will have nothing. They won’t have happy memories. They won’t look back and be proud because the reality of their actions will hit them and they’ll realise the waste of a person they became.

They’re the ones who will spiral downhill while you continue to flourish. They’re the ones who will get all things bad while you get everything good. They’re the ones who will get punished while you’ll get rewarded.

Don’t let fandoms mess you up. Leave if you have to but if you decide to stay, don’t let the bullies get to you. You are stronger than all this bullshit. You can beat them. You can show them that they can’t break you. You can show them by living a life you can be proud of. 

This is coming from someone who has lived through bullying and contemplated ending it. It hurts now but it will be over one day. I can’t promise when but it will be. And when it does, you will be the one standing tall while all the bullies and the abusers and the antis will be left in the dirt.


I just opened Tumblr and saw that number and my heart skipped a beat. I was so afraid people won’t rp with me when I started this blog just two weeks ago, i never imagined I could get to this point.

Here’s a little list of awesome people


@whatagloriousstainsir : My virtual big sis, my best friend here, the person that convinced me to get into the roleplay world again, the one I stay up chatting all night about freaky ships and theories and real life stuff. Basically, the best being I’ve ever met on this platform, even outside of the rp constest. Finding her is possibly one of the best things that happened to me since I’m on Tumblr. Her writing is awesome and I’m so happy our community has such a wonderful person in it (and one who roleplays such an awesome character. Ilysm <3.

@acadiian : The day a Misty blog commented a post of mine saying Charles was one of her faves and that she wanted to rp with me my heart stopped for a few seconds. Her Misty is awesome, the mun a sweet cinnamon roll, I love her and respect her so much. I’m so happy everytime I see her on my dash and interactions between Misty and Charles really make my day.

@thecarnival : Will I ever get tired of writing with this awesome blog? Nope. Will I ever stop praising them, their writing, the way they portray their characters? Nope. The mun is always so disponible, and their writing is so good, I can only hope to reach their level one day. I really hope to get to interact with the recently added Tim Burton muses because gosh, The Nightmare Before Christmas really is one of my favorite things.

@fissarsi : Enzo is really a charming yet quite complicated and controversial character that I myself am not really familiar with, but they play him so freaking well gosh. Threads with Elizabeth really bring me life and I hope in the future we’ll have more of those. The mun is also a sweet cinnamon roll, so approachable and gentle.


@impuredarling / @jvstsoscared@agoodewitch / @enleve@lxnnisteroftherock@losersclubleader@hypn0tics@pinkietopinkie@sciencebuilt / @borntragcdy@tateblog@millennicl@somehorrors@borncruel@brokenragdoll@ssxgeorgie@twoparts@fearmongerings@aalchemist@perditionwrought@coulrophobicx@recklessdevotion@prosthetix@mentalmelter@killerofkillcrs@justice-driven  / @theblackviolet  / @zokliitsos / @cantrely / @billionaireboy / @beclzabub / @fionagoode / @tatteredviclet  / @pinkieprcmise@cultclowned@mcntgcmery@naivegiirl@scmuchdeath@serialqueen@clownbleach@l0strose  / @bloodypsychopath@ofhalfway@snowinabottle@brcveandvaaliant  / @goddamnplvcky@wilting-violets@occvlt@mysilvcrlining /  @jesteriina@nannydearest@tillhumanvxices@tristandcffy@fearjested@tellsjokes@kiillercunt@failednirvana@trappcdbird@ithasme@thefineartofbitchcraft@femmefatale@embattledment@biblekill@lcbsterboy@butscrewmefirst@psychicbjtch@consultndeduce

Out of the Frying Pan (9/?)

“I told you why Henry stayed with you last night,” Emma said pointedly, narrowing her eyes. David didn’t budge, one side of his mouth tilted up in a smile.

“And I believe that as much as you believe me,” he answered, rolling his eyes for good measure. “Is this about a guy?”

Emma’s eyes actually hurt with how wide they got and her stomach was probably on the kitchen floor at this point – she couldn’t quite bring herself to look. “It’s totally about a guy isn’t it?” David continued, face a mix of curiosity and big brother and that did something else entirely to the state of Emma’s stomach.

“It’s not about a guy,” Emma said quickly. Her voice kept steady during the sentence though and she got a feeling it was because Killian Jones wasn’t a guy – he was, well, she wasn’t entirely sure what he was, but she was just as curious as ever to figure it out.

AN: First off, I’m sorry for missing Friday - the real world is the absolute worst. I’m still kind of ugggggh post-Sunday, but this fic is monstrous and my CSBB is monstrous and I’ve got a lot of feelings left to feel about CS, so I’m still here. As always, @laurnorder is a gift for always reading all of my writing. 

Living it up on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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Name: Ziphius, Water-Owl
Area of Origin: Medieval Europe

The Ziphius was a colossal sea beast whose face was vaguely reminiscent of an Owl’s. With its name being derived from the Greek word for ‘Swordfish’, Xiphios, the creature had a large, sharp fin on its back that was said to pierce the hulls of ships. This is in addition to its powerful owl-like beak that could do just as much damage. Along with other bizarre monsters and leviathans, the Ziphius seems to have first appeared as an illustrative embellishment on a multitude of European maps, but nevertheless became a myth unto itself with sightings of the creature being reported around the globe. Though its size was likely to have been exaggerated, the monster has its roots in a real-world animal; Cuvier’s Beaked Whale. While the Beaked Whale is much smaller and avoids ships, it is still a very frequently spotted whale and is the only member of the genus Ziphius, presumably named after the legendary creature. 

And with this guy, I’ve capped off my Alphabet Bestiary. Will be getting a small run of books made, and will post them here when everything’s all set up!

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Absolutely LOVE you page. I wanted this to be anonymous because I wanted you to have all the Love and joy! Just a message in the wind❤😄 Keep it up love

I am so glad you liked my little contribution to this already beautiful world of Tumblr. Support I get from you people keeps me motivated here and in real life as well.
You deserve the best in life for spreading smiles.
Have a wonderful day.

hey guys

So, I know I have no right to ask this but

if you could just keep an eye on me for the next little while, i’d be very grateful. i have phases where my depression acts up and I’m in the middle of one of those. tumblr is great for me to view the world but i get lonely sometimes being here. like i share decent content but lets be real, if I wasn’t on here you all would be fine. and i’m not judging you or holding that against you, its just…say hi? please say hi. if you like. if you can. 

         I freaking love Tumblr sometimes. Like, some of my closest friends that I have, I have made because of this stupid and sometimes frustrating site. And I’m able to talk to so many amazing people and incredible writers and get to know even more of the hidden treasures around the world. I honestly feel blessed every day I wake up, if we’re gonna be real. ♡ So, what I want to say, I suppose, is that thank you all for being the best human beings and for making me believe that the world ain’t all that fucked up after-all! ♡

hey dudes sorry about all the untagged discoursey stuff lately. im not really a discourse blog and ive tried to stay away from it because its just uHH depressed me and made me wanna die BUT ANYWAY being back at school and around lots of people all the time and that aren’t part of the tumblr hive mind has been good and had given me like an escape in a way which is ironic because tumblr used to be my escape from real life lmao. anyway im not a discourse blog but because im actually taking a lot of discourse based classes it’s giving me more confidence in speaking up on my positions again because after a while i just got so fed up with saying what i believe in and have people just not grasp those concepts it was just frustrating and depressing and i honestly lost almost all my hope in there being good in the world because people were just not getting it yanno and that was terrifying and still is terrifying to me. and on top of that i was getting severely harassed and actually having my life threatened by people who disagreed with me like actually having someone tell me everyday how they planned to murder me on anon and i obviously wont go into depth about that but that took it’s toll on me of course that was a huge reason that i stopped participating in discourse on here and why i disabled anon messaging. anyways i got kind of off track but being back at school and in discourse based classes being led by experts in their subject (all of my professors have multiple doctorates which is amazing) has given me a lot of confidence in these past 3 weeks or so and has given me a lot of inspiration as well and lots of new points of view because as an early childhood education major a lot of the subjects we talk about here like power imbalances, racism, homophobia and other points of discourse are the same things we discuss in class and in reference to kids the same age as the paladins or younger. i always feel extremely validated in my positions in class too because my professors alway agrees with my position whether im the one stating it or one of my classmates with the same position. so basically im feeling really great right now and participating in discussions off of tumblr where there is a huge difference in maturity of course and also where there is a better dialogue and idk. im probably not really explaining this well but basically i feel comfortable participating in discourse again because i realized not all people are awful just the people on here which i mean what can ya do am i right? but just because people are awful doesn’t mean i cant speak up and make them listen to what i have to say no matter how in denial they are. they dont have to like my position or agree with my position and i dont have to change their minds with my discourse and i don’t expect to but idk. i guess i came to a realization that i cant make people understand me and i cant force people to think the same way i do but i can show them my perspective and i can educate them on why i have that perspective and show them my reasoning. i have finally accepted that i cant help everyone and i dont have to try to help everyone but i also know that its important for me to have a voice and to not be spineless and to take a stand against things even if it falls on deaf ears so yeah. this blog is no longer discourse free and i am anti shaladin as i have been from the beginning. i wont be posting a lot of original discourse as i have in the past but i will probably comment on other peoples posts or contribute to discussion on here where i feel it is necessary as i have been doing recently because that is where i feel most comfortable at this point. thanks for reading!

I’m here for the heterosexuals.

Now, just ignore this because it’s going to be possibly accidentally offensive, but maybe there are some more people who feel like that, too. Just to say that at the start, I understand and respect the LGBTQ-culture and I know they’re all having a tough time because the reality is not as tolerant as tumblr, and I think it’s great there is such a place as tumblr where people can be proud and where they are supported so that they get enough strength to fight their war in the real world. I’m fighting on their side. Those who follow my blog know I spread LGBT-supporting stuff all the time (and I’m not talking about Johnlock porn here, but all the “you are valid”-posts. Because they are. Every single one of them. There is no question about this.) and I do speak up every time for LGBTQ-people in real life.
It’s just that I struggle with my sexuality as well, because - damn, am I pan? am I asexual? aromantic? demi? Or maybe I’m just heterosexual and confused my tumblr. This is what my friends think, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure they’re right. I did this test on the internet lately and it said that I’m heterosexual, and I went like “Oh no, damn it. Now I’m not valid anymore for tumblr.”, and of course it’s just a stupid thought and my mind was probably just amusing itself with cynical comments, but I stumbled over it and started thinking - it shouldn’t be this way? I shouldn’t feel less valid for my sexuality, whatever it is. It still makes me sad. I’ll never be able to go to a pride parade. I’ll go on and I’ll keep thinking - am I really queer, or is that just tumblr making me think this?
So this is just letting some steam off, I hope nobody feels offended by this. I’m sure that LGBTQ-people need the support they get here for the real life where they might not feel valid. It’s just that for people like me who spend most of their free time on tumblr, it’s kinda… similar? probably very different, but you know… it’s strange to always share support for others but never get supported yourself. I don’t know.

Just saying: I feel like all sexualities should be valid.


Soooo today I got the "Body Positive Tumblr world" mixed up with the real world and walked outside with no shirt on! I started getting funny looks and at first I didn't know why but as soon as I realized it I felt embarrassed! But that feeling left more quickly than it came and instantly my head was filled with the lyics of "You're Gonna Love Me" man boobs and all! The world is definitely making small strides to become more body positive but what Im more proud of is tangible growth of the body positivity within me! Its so beautiful to love yourself because that's where the revolution begins!

Follow bigguyflyy for plus size male fashion inspiration, tips, hacks, advice and more!

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What's your advice to someone wanting to get into animation and go to college for it? :x

Well son, come and let me impart to you wisdom from my shallow pool of experience. I suppose my advice would be to figure out where you want to go in animation and start today in doing the things that’ll get you there. I began studying animation oblivious to how many facets there are to it. There’s character/environment design, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, character animation, special effects, traditional animation, storyboarding, etc. I was pretty overwhelmed by all of it when I started school, and I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I spent a lot of time kind of aimlessly wandering around different things. I tried my hand at modeling, rigging, and 3D character animation for a while because I was under the impression that I’d have a better chance at getting a job if that was my skill set. But, I hated it so much. It was seriously the butts. I wish I had realized earlier on that I needed to do something that I was both passionate about and adept at. As soon as I decided I wanted to be a storyboard artist, my education became more meaningful and my work ethic increased, because I realized it was what I really wanted to do, and it was something I could be good at. Once you know exactly where you want to go, and have a clear goal, its much easier to take steps towards that and learn the skills you need to. Start networking as soon as you can with people already in the industry. They’re super friendly and helpful, I promise, and with tumblr it’s way easy to get in contact and meet professionals who could help you out. Tumblr got me my job at Nickelodeon, so I can’t talk up networking enough (and the importance nowadays of having an online presence). Draw all the time. Draw from imagination but draw from life as well. The craziest, coolest, most amazing things are around you and you should stay in touch with them. Don’t neglect reality. An animation career probably seems like a life spent behind a glowing monitor, but animation gets all its inspiration from the real world, so live in it. Which kind of leads me to my next piece of advice. If you want to make cartoons someday then I say be a cartoon today. Be happy, charismatic, enthusiastic. Have adventures, explore, take risks, love a lot, learn a lot, make good friends, discover how to be a good person. Make your life a fun story. See things from a different perspective. Find the good everywhere. These are some things that have helped me as an artist, animator, and storyteller. Just work hard, be happy, you’ll do great. Anyways, thanks for reading this hodgepodge of advice.

Alright my lovelies I’ve finally gotten fed up with all the ignorance on this blog and people shouting over each other without listening to each other’s arguments, so I’m making this ranty post. I understand this is a DOLL community but we’re people and a lot time with these dolls being so human-like, we inevitably bring in real world problems into the community and onto our blogs whether it be via our doll’s characters or backstories or how we choose to represent said characters in their doll form. I’m afraid confession blogs have become a competition for who can say the most offensive thing or get the most people riled up. It’s time for me to shout My two cents on this.

As a bisexual cis gendered woman “of color” (which of course automatically makes my opinion more valid than any white persons……jk  jk tumblr logic can go fuck itself) I would like all of you sjws/white knights/self proclaimed POCs to stop attempting to talk on my behalf. I would like you to stop assuming what will or will not offend me. Before i go any further, I’d like to make very clear that I am only speaking for myself. And what I am against is the aforementioned, ready to be offended at the drop of a hat anons lumping me in together with them.I am not part of a group, I think and act for myself. Just because I share the same skin color as someone else does not mean I share the same views as them. And I know this post is a little ranty but bear with me.

“White” is not a race. “White” is German, English, Irish, Swedish, Russian, American, Spanish, Welsh, Canadian, Mexican etc etc. So when you say “white is racist you’re just showing me how ignorant you really are. “White” is just as diverse as “brown/not white/POC” And as long as I’m in rant mode I would like to state how much I DESPISE the term POC. I don’t want the first thing people notice about me to be my skin color, or my race, or my ethnicity. Sure those things are a part of me but they do not define me. I am my own person. Judge me by my actions. Judge me by my personality. Judge me by the things I can choose for myself. What I want is to be judged on equal terms as everybody else. Only on tumblr and other SJW-y sites like this has this not that not been possible. Believe it or not in the real world my skin color has never been an issue, has never held me back, and i have never been harrassed because of it. The term POC, in my opinion, only serves to further isolate people. It makes white and brown an us vs them kind of thing. It takes us further and further from the true equality you folks claim you’re aiming for. Just treat me like any other fucking human being and we’re good. I don’t need any god damn special treatment. I am capable of speaking up for myself. Stop trying to be my white knights. Its disgusting.

Bringing things back to dolls, being “white” does not mean you are a racist. Being “white” and owning a doll that is not white does not make you a racist. Owning only “white” dolls does not make you a racist. wheeeeeeeeeeew I hate this so much. All of you anon POCs demanding other hobbyists with only white dolls (beloved OCs most of the time, with deeply developed characters and personalities in fact) to change their doll to a darker skin tone for “diversity’s” sake. Um how about no? These dolls are already pretty expensive, expensive enough that no reasonable person will change their collection to please some whiny brat on the internet. Or have you thought that maybe like you they identify more with dolls of their skin color? OOoooo nuance. OOoo maybe life isn’t black and white. No one is required to change or add to their collection for your satisfaction. If you want diversity why not make the effort of creating it yourself instead of demanding that the people you are berating do it for you?? So in short stop being such whiny brats and let people have the dolls that make them happy. If all white doll collections offend you so much that’s just too bad. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the block button is a thing that exists. Amazing right? There are ways to block things that offend you without you having to harass and run people off their own blogs!

(Oh yeah almost forgot, just for context I live in the US),


Thoughts on an Independent Demisexual Community

This is a post for the February 2015 Carnival of Aces, which I am hosting. The topic is Cross Community Connections.

One thing I have noticed recently, as the asexual community grows steadily, is the possible growth of a unique demisexual community, which faces unique issues, especially in relation to the greater asexual community. This idea of mine is still at the hunch level so I would love to know if others have observed the same or if I’m just making it up. I started to get a inkling of this from various posts I spotted in which demisexuals regarded themselves as significantly different enough from asexuals that they should have their own community. People actively asserted this through Demi Awareness Week, which included all demi- identities, including demigenders. While it didn’t gain much traction, I thought it was interesting that it happened at all.

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This whole feminism or not thing on tumblr is so out of hand. For fucks sake, accept each other. Why argue with people you don’t even fucking know? I’m all for standing up for what you believe in (trust me, my dean of students at my school hates me for it), but come on, with random people? If you want to make a difference, make it big! Don’t come on tumblr and wine to each other like little bitches. Get out in the real world and voice your thoughts. Be heard by more than us here on tumblr.

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It's misogynist to imply that panties HAVE to be sexualized. Underwear exists and your sick tumblr brand of "social justice" will not change anime.

No….it’s not misogynist…are you for real.

I literally posted a photo from a page in the Official Inuyasha Artbook….an actual page. It’s not something I just pulled out of my butt.

I guess Rumiko Takahashi..a female manga artist, who is well known for writing well written strong female characters is misogynist because she didn’t want her own character’s underwear shown in her own manga and also requested it not be shown in the anime adaption????

Nevermind that she is also considered a Shonen artist and writes manga aimed towards…guess what…YOUNG MEN AND BOYS.

No, panties do not have to be sexualized, but they are. Not sure how much you know about sexuality and eroticism in Japan…but yes….undies and panties are extremely sexualized and fetishized . (and in a very different sense than western eroticism.) You must have some knowledge of that as I see you’ve got a nsfw blog almost entirely consisting of art from Japanese artists.

I’m not sure of many other countries where you can buy panties from vending machines, or buy tiny silicone panties to slip on your iphones , and also have an entire subculture revolved around Shimapan 

This is not some secret either and many manga artist are aware of this, male and female, and heck even use it as a way to draw readers in. They know this. Everybody knows it.

Takahashi knows that boys and men read her manga, and if she doesn’t want the lead female character of her own series to not have a single panty shot..then guess what…she can.


First of all there is a big difference between bathing and being naked at your own will and in your own personal space, and being fully clothed but having you rear ends undergarment’s in the camera’s every second your skirt blows up (which would happen a lot in Inuyasha if they hadn’t followed that rule considered the amount of action) and if you can’t see the difference in those situations….lord help me.

Why is her skirt so short? Again...BECAUSE TAKAHASHI WANTED IT TO BE.(X) 

It’s as easy as that!

It’s also relevant to point out that Japan ranks as one of the lowest places in the world for Gender Equality (x). So women being successful and PRAISED in an industry dominated by men, is a big freakin deal, no matter what part of the world your from. So please tell me more about my tumblr brand of social justice and how irrelevant and sick it is?

(Maybe not completely relevant but Takahashi is also reputed to be one of the richest woman in Japan over the past decade.(x)(x) …again..in a part of the world with a terrible rep for their gender equality and treatment of woman in any professional field, including the manga industry.)

So I don’t know what you’re talking about?? “Change anime with my sick tumblr brand of social justice.” I’m stating facts….thats all I’m doing.

This is a real thing happening, and a real thing desired from a real female manga artist, not something I freakin made up to get notes or something???

C’mon now man.

anonymous asked:

Can you just stick with the funny and the babes? Like I come to tumblr to get away from the real world. I got my own shit to deal with ya know. I love you but at the same time, I don't want to see riots, cop bashing, or people getting killed...

We all have our own shit to deal with, that’s being a human being. We all want an escape. We all want to feel like this isn’t happening all over the world, but it is. Grow up and deal with reality like the rest of us.
You should be angry that people are being killed for just being alive, and their killers are walking free - not that a few posts out of your standard meme shit posts on your Dash are ones that deal with real life.