... except prucan

The only problem I have with my OTP is that I’m in love with ½ of it.

It’s like I see them and “omg please marry me”

But at the same time “oh but wait marry him



  • Day 1: Time/Transitions
  • Day 2: Classic AUs - Fake dating, Enemies to Friends, College, Coffee Shop, etc
  • Day 3: Fate/Soul Mates - Red Strings of Fate, Tattoos, Black and White to Color, etc.
  • Day 4: (Childhood?) Friends to Lovers
  • Day 5: The Best and the Worst
  • Day 6: Differences
  • Day 7: Free Day!

Another reminder just in case! Prucan week starts soon and I hope you can participate! Please participate any day you can, adding whatever you’d like whether it be fanfiction, art, graphics, etc. All of the prompts are up for interpretation so create what ever you think suits the theme!

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Any questions ask here

PruCan Week

Day Four:

I am stringing these chapters together into a single love story that takes place over twenty years.  I chose ‘Fake Dating’ for the fourth day of the challenge.  The characters are fifteen and sixteen years old now.

(Honestly, they had no idea they were already dating…)

Matthew dropped two cafeteria trays onto their usual table and slipped in beside his friends.  Gilbert was late.  Again.

“Where is your ‘boyfriend’?”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” he responded dryly, automatically, as he reached for an apple and buffed it against his sweater.  Francis and Antonio glanced at each other.  Francis raised an eyebrow.

“I’m pretty sure he’s your boyfriend.”

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