... everything he does is perfect anyway okay

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I'm so nervous to ask without anonymous so I'll cheer you on from the sidelines! Keep up the nice work and please can I have some Spain, Prussia, Italy and America seeing their crush being picked on? I'd really appreciate it

2p Spain: If he heard someone talk bad about them, he would calmly walk behind his crush without them noticing and somehow the whole world just got darker and the room got colder. With just a look he always sent your attackers running for the hills, with their tails between their legs. After, he would pat your back and make sure they were fine. “ Are you okay? Don’t worry they were assholes anyway…”

2p Prussia: He would have to wait to see how bad the situation was. If it was just verbal he would have to wait for the perfect time to jump in. If it was physical, he would immediately jump in trying to protect you in anyway he can, even if he does get hit in the process. “Um don’t worry about them okay? You’re really amazing, cool and even though you may not think it you are.” He would tell everything wasn’t true and would soothe them making sure they were okay and hoping he did an okay job at cheering you.

2p Italy: Nope! Instant fight. One, it’s one thing they’re his friend but even worst that he has a crush on them. He would pull out his signature switchblade and threaten them. “If you ever hurt them I’ll gouge out you eyes, shove it down your throat so you can see me cutting up your inside.” He would then apologize for being so violent and would hope his threats didn’t scare you off.

2p America: Once his ears heard the offensive comment he would take a deep breathe and slyly come to put his arm around you pretending he had no idea what was going on. “ Oh hey babe!~ Who’s this? They don’t look like friends of yours, they look like little pricks ready to get their asses handed to ‘em.” Allen’s words were louder than actions in this case, having his bad reputation carry the rest of the fear on. He would take them out to see a movie they’d been wanting to see and try to change their mood.

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Who do you think is most likely to do something romantic for the other?

Okay so I thought I posted this, but guess not anyways

Connor would probably be the one to do all the romantic dates and make sure everything is perfect. Despite how much Troye protests against because he can’t control his blushing and smiling whenever Connor does those dates and says an incredible mini-speech about how much he loves his Tro. Then he would place a soft kiss on his lips

But then Troye would write an amazing song and serenade to Connor in front of all their friends or just them too and Connor would get all teary cause Troye just was amazing and he probably didn’t deserve him, but then Troye would finish his song and kiss Connor